Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oh Yea''''''''

Yes I have ridden! The week before Christmas I had a 115 miles and the week of I had 90. Today is Sunday and it's a repeat of last Sunday. It's raining and supposed to rain all day. I am off all week so lets see how many I can come up with.

I kind of like being able to ride in the middle of the day. The traffic is like none and the roads are clear. At least out here in the country...........

Time To Catch Up ,,,,,,,,,,,,

So it's been almost a week since I last posted. I worked last Monday the 23rd, that was the last post. Then it was out the door and on to Christmas. We enjoyed time with the family and ate some good food. James and Eve came in from Kinston with the boys and stayed for a few days.

It's always fun to see them, it seems like they grow 5 inches every time we see them. but then again we only see them a couple times a year. We need to work on that. Before you know it they are gonna be grown.

Yes I gave Karen her big surprise Christmas gift. Back before Thanksgiving I bought her a car! As long as we have been married she has always wanted a Mazda Miata. You know the little two seat sports car. The one that made no since with 2 kids! Well now our kids are growing up and Cody drives and we already have 3 other cars.

I figured why not! She had no ideal what I had done. I had left it at the dealership until Christmas eve and then we went and got it. I brought it home and hid it in the garage. We have a detached garage so I wasn't to worried about keeping her out of there for one day.

The kids and I had went and had our picture taken with the car a few weeks ago and had that framed. Christmas morning she unwrapped the picture and kind of sat there looking at it. She wasn't sure what to think at first. Then I threw her the keys and she liked to flipped out.

I told her she might want to check the garage and she was gone! Twenty eight degrees and barefoot she was out the door! It was great! As I said she had no ideal! Just getting to see her reaction was the best gift I have gotten in years!

The kids also had a great Christmas! Overall It was great, on to the next one! Now we move on to New Years and the  next year. Speaking of that it's gonna be a big year. Cody graduates and Chase finishes up grade school. He starts high school next year and Cody starts college...

Damn I am getting old.......................... 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Break Time,,,,,

Equals ride time! After today I have until the 6th before I return to work. We have a short trip to the mountains planned but besides that. It's just gonna be relaxing! Karen is off all next week but has to work this week. We are on the down side of the Christmas count down. So tomorrow is the big start!

Tomorrow we do my moms and then we do our thing Christmas morning. Followed by Karen's family get together on Christmas day. So the next 2 days are pretty full. Then the break comes, I plan to ride and then ride some more. I have my new buddy "Strava". We are gonna lay down some miles.

The highlight of the next few days will occur Christmas morning. I can finally let the cat out of the bag and tell everyone what I did for the wife. I keep telling her I have purchased the worlds greatest Christmas gift and she is the recipient. I can't, it's gonna be a great Christmas.

Followed by the time off and I might even stay awake for the ball drop new years eve. I have slept through that the last few years. Going out and partying on new years is for the amature's! The pros stay home and out of the way! I learned that several years ago. Stay home and stay out of trouble!!

Yes I did ride Saturday, I got 40 miles in and then sat home yesterday and watched it rain. That makes for a long day! Then to top it off it's still raining! It's a good thing I am on a road bike kick because it's gonna be days before we can get in the woods again.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Not sure why the first paragraph turned out black but it is what it is.................

Getting Closer,,,,

We have the weekend and then two days. Then Christmas!!! I have a few stocking stuffers to buy and that's gonna be it. I think I am as excited about this year as I have ever been. Maybe I am growing up (at 45) or just learning to be a better person. 

But I can't wait for this year it's gonna be great! Next week I will finally tell everyone what happened Christmas day. I think I am gonna start putting pictures back up here just because I want to share this one with everyone. Guess what it's not about me either!

This year I have asked for nothing and really don't want anything. As an adult I usually just get what I want, of course I usually ask for something but this year is different. I want nothing!!

Really, I mean it "nothing"!

My present this year will be the joy other people get out of my gifts! As cheesy as that sounds it's true. For the first time in my life I swear I am as giddy as a ten year old, just not for the same reasons I was when I was ten. It's gonna be fun that's all I can say for now.........

For the weekend I have a road ride planned for tomorrow, I got a new phone. It's "smarter" than I am, get it it's a smart phone! "Strava" is gonna be my new toy! If you have time check it out, it's a website and an app for tracking your rides. They, my friends tell me it works great on the road but not so well in the woods. Unless you have a garmin with cadence, which I don't.

As long as you are on the road and out from under the tree canopy the phone will work great. It will tell you all kind of neat stuff about your ride. Once I figure out what I am doing with it I will start posting my routes and the info on here. So stay tuned. Once again I am on the road bike kick again.

It's just fun to head out the end of the driveway and cover so much ground..........

Have a good weekend......

Wise Words ,,,,,,,,,,,,

I read this the other day and it seemed to really stick in my head. Something to think about..........

                                       "The trouble is,

                          you think you

                             have time"


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Count Down !!!!!!!!!!!

So I put up a small post Tuesday as I was heading out the door and then I was off yesterday. So now I am back! But not for long. I work today and tomorrow, then Monday and then it's break time. I have vacation days I have to use so that's what I am doing.

I will be off from Christmas eve till January 6th. Almost two full weeks. By using the holidays and 4 vacation days I can make it for two weeks. Plus I had yesterday. I rode then and I will ride while I am off! Yesterday I met up with Scott and Kelly and we knocked out 37 miles. At least that's what I had, I got lazy at the end and I turned left while they went straight.

From where we were it worked out about the same. They might have had a few more miles than I did but not much. It was a good ride. We rode from Unionville over to Wingate and then across behind Marshville. My only complaint about yesterday is the fact it was on the cold side. I usually dress pretty much right where I need to be. Yesterday I missed the mark.

Big time!! I like to froze, I haven't been that cold in a long time! By the time I got home I was ready for a hot shower. That was after I stood in front of the garage heater for 10 minutes. I had the kerosene kicking! I was cold. Then I retired to the couch and it seemed like ten minutes later the kids where home and my day off was over.

You know what's funny? Yesterday when I had the day I tried to sleep in, didn't work. I was so awake at 6am I got up and went and got breakfast for everybody. Then today at 6am I am so asleep it's all I can do to get up! Life is a funny thing sometimes.............

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wow !!!!!!!

Honestly it has been the single busiest day off the entire year! Sorry I never got around to posting but what the hell sometimes work comes first.

I am off tomorrow, we can't carry days over to the next year so I am gonna be off tomorrow. We have a big road ride planned. So if I don't get on here early am it will be late in the day.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Half Is Bettter Than Nothing ,,,,,,,,

Yep half a weekend is better than none! As I did what everybody else did Saturday. I sat at home and watched it rain all day. So yesterday I was glad to get out. I waited till about noon and then headed out. Two hours and nineteen minutes later I was back at the house.

Forty miles of therapy and I felt like I was back in the game. I left the house and went to Wingate first and then made a big loop through the country back to Unionville and then toward Porter Ridge. The weather was about as good as it gets for a mid December day. It's funny how a good ride will help, just like my post Friday said. A good dose of sun and being outdoors does wonders for the way you feel.

Like I said, you don't have to be a kid to understand that. Although the kids at Wingate College sure understand. When I pedalled through the campus they were every where. I guess they all had cabin fever too. It must rub off on the adults in town too. I went out the back side of town and passed alot of adults out walking and moving about.

Then it was back through the country, over all it was a good ride. Except the part where I had to turn around and climb a hill I had just came down. I took a chance and ignored the sign that said road closed. They are always replacing bridges out in the country and usually you can kinda weave your way through some heavy equipment and keep going. Not this time!

I was standing on the rim looking at a big hole with no way to cross! So turn around and head back the same way was the only option. Of course that meant straight back up the hill I had came down. Lesson learned....

Probably not but it sounds like I learned...........

Friday, December 13, 2013

Yea' That Makes Sense !!!!!!!!!!

“You hear so many cyclists gushing about their daily rides that it might be a bit bewildering to imagine how biking could make so many people so happy. As it turns out, the reasons why are firmly grounded in science. Many people don’t realize that happiness emerges from the state of the body as a whole – how well we sleep, our energy levels, the stress hormones coursing throughout our systems all play a role in determining how happy we feel. So how does cycling affect all these different areas of life?”

Last night I met Scott and Kelly right after work. At ten till five we were headed into the woods, yes it was cold and yes it was a little slick. Of course by the time we came out of the woods it was way dark! We rode chatted, talked and had a good time. I haven't seen Scott in awhile so it was good to catch up.

After that I headed home and Karen had dinner ready. I ate and then pitched up on the couch with her for awhile to watch TV. As I was laying there I just felt good. It's hard to explain, I was tired but not beat. More relaxed than anything, it's a state of mind. If you exercise on a regular basis you probably understand. It's not just about pushing yourself till you hurt it's just the fact that you are out and about and living!

I could go on and on, I always feel better and more relaxed after a ride. I get the same feeling when I run too! I just choose not to run very often. My knees can't take it, but when I do it feels great. Last night as I watched TV I was thinking about this and how it's hard to explain. Then I went to bed and slept like a baby, I woke up this morning and still felt great. Now I need another ride!

It's like a drug, I just can't get enough!

I came to work and flipped on the computer and started strolling through a couple of blogs then found the above statement. I thought "damn, that's true", no wonder I love to ride! Point is I wish everybody would get out and ride a bike, run, walk anything! Think about how much better everyone would feel, and because they feel better they would have better attitudes! 

As I have said before, just because the sun goes down at 6pm doesn't mean the day is over. Unless you've faced your fear of the dark and learned to enjoy it your missing out! You never feel so alive until you are in the middle of the woods in the dark with a head light flying down a trail and you pass a set of eyes that catch your light! Or you startle a deer and he jumps up and takes off crashing through the woods.

That's why it's so relaxing when you get home and finally breath in and take a break............

Go play this weekend, remember how much fun it was to ride your bike as a kid. Just because you grow up doesn't mean your to old to play......

Thursday, December 12, 2013

That's Right !!!!!!!!!!!

I am gonna head to the hills! You waited all day and night to find out what my big plans are for next year and now you know. I can't spill all the beans but I am in the process of acquiring another car, one that gets over 30 miles to the gallon. Once this has been done I plan to start making more trips to the hills.

I seem to have the most fun when that is my destination, so why not use my time more wisely. I own all the camping gear anyone could ever need and after using all of it I have come to find that you really don't need all of it. Unless the wife comes along. But when she does the camper comes anyway, she's done with the camping on the ground thing. It ain't happening any more.

But I can! With a car that will get 30 plus and a tent, that's all you need. I have come to find that when it's just me and the guys I can get by with very little! I don't need all the extras, a chair and a sleeping bag with the tent and I am good to go. So why not spend more time in the hills. There are so many miles of trail it's not even funny! Miles I haven't seen!

For what I pay in entry fee's I can go about twice a month. There ya go, that's my plan, I will probably still ride a few events just like I did this year but I am not gonna do any series or any weekly type deals just the one off races and several trips to the hills.

It's gonna be a good year! I know that all ready because I have already made my mind up. The last few years I have even gotten a little stressed out trying to decide what I wanted to do with the coming year and then I didn't even make any races to begin with. So this year my new plan is to just enjoy what comes and ride my bike.

Sounds like a great plan to me............

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So, Now what ,,,,,,,,,,

If you write a blog you usually read a lot of them too. Of course your gonna read blogs that are of your interest. I mean why would I read a blog about knitting when I don't knit. You get my drift. Point is everybody I read is talking about there "plans" for next year.

Thing is, I have no plans! Race plans anyway, last year I did a race in Columbia S.C. right about this time last year. Then I did the Jerrdon Mountain Challenge in July and that was it. Guess what I had a good year! I rode like 900 times and raced twice. Both times I had fun and was no way in contention for any type of medal but hell it was fun.

I got to ride in the mountain a few times and I played on the road bike in Asheville twice. That was a good year! I have come to realize I enjoy riding more than racing. I am beginning to think I am happy right where I am as far as fitness goes. The last time I rode with my buddy Kelly we talked about this. It's funny because he just couldn't understand what I was trying to say.

I like riding hard and fast and I enjoy being competitive. But as far as putting in the "training" to get back up front. I just don't feel like it. There's a fine line you have to cross to get there and I don't plan to race enough to really justify that. Last year I talked about the year coming and I wanted to do this and that and "it" never really happened.

I had more fun on my trips to the mountains riding than I would have if I had raced. I know I have said it before but since the kids aren't racing it's hard for me to find the motivation.

Point is, "So,Now What".

Tomorrow I will let ya in on my new plans............

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Slow ,,,,,,,,,

Here we are sitting around again and it's rained for forty days and forty nights. When your job depends on the weather and you wait for the phone to ring it can seem like that long when 2 solid days go by and your staring at rain and overcast sky's. It feels like we moved to Michigan!

No wonder everybody rides the fat bikes up there. It stays so wet and soft that's the only thing that can stay on top of the ground. If the weather will break at least I will hit the road bike. But until that happens it looks like I am grounded. The good old days of going mud riding seem to be over.

So that's about all I have to say today. Trails are wet and it's still raining....

Plus I need a fat bike......................

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ooop's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Maybe I shouldn't have bragged about being able to see the sunshine, that was Friday. After that the rain came and it's been sukey every since! My knee has been killing me so it came at a good time, I needed the rest. But damn it puts me in a foul mood. I may not be able to pedal because of my knee but I still like options.

I sat around all day Saturday and accomplished nothing. I say that but I did go to the bike shop and got brakes to fix my 29er, it's back in action. We did go to a nice Christmas program Saturday night and then out to eat. We had the grandmas along and it was fun. It was at a local church and I had no ideal what to expect. Turns out it was really nice, I look forward to next year.

Then I finally snapped yesterday and headed to Steve's trail for a lap. It was in great shape, I got my ride in before the rain came. I didn't kill it but at least I got out for one ride. I talked to Kelly last night and we are planning a night road ride in the next day or two. It doesn't look like the woods are gonna be an option for a few days. If we get the rain today and tomorrow like they are calling for it's gonna be the weekend before the trails dry.

I would like to get back over to Uhwarrie so this might give me a good reason to travel come Saturday. That might be the only option to ride. Although the mountains aren't to far away! Something to think about.

Not that I am counting but Christmas is coming..............

Friday, December 6, 2013

I Can See Again ,,,,,,,,

From my desk I have a full glass window to lookout. It just happens to face du-east, so I get the sunrise every morning this time of year. For the last several days it's been rainy and cloudy all day. So to look up and see the sun today is great! A perfect way to start the weekend. They are calling for the temps to drop a lot over the next day so it's gonna be windy tomorrow.

That means it's time to ride the mountain bike. The road sucks if the wind is kicking, so the woods will work. Only problem is I need to fix one of them. One has a flat and the other needs brakes. So a little maintenance is in order before we go play. My main riding partner is stuck out of town so it will probably be me only.

We did most of our shopping last weekend so that's not gonna happen. We do need to do the grocery shopping but that's all the shopping I have planned. Besides we now have 19 days until Christmas. There's a little time left, why have all the fun now, we need to spread it out.

Since I am kinda all over the place, let's talk about last night. No I didn't make the meeting for our local club. Yes I am gonna join I just live so far from where they have the meeting I didn't go. It was raining and it doesn't start until 7:30. It would take me every bit of an hour to get there and then I wouldn't have gotten home until like 10pm. So I passed on this one. Hopefully I can make the next one.

Or I could always just join over the website.. You don't have to be there to join, I would just like to go and see what it's all about.

Again moving on, I made a lot of progress on the garage this week. It's amazing how much crap you keep and why would you keep some of the stuff you do keep. More than once I have stood there staring at something and wondered why I kept it. Plus I have tried to use the old adage, "if you haven't used it in the last year, chunk it"! That helps clear space fast.

Another week of this and I should have it really nice.............

Thursday, December 5, 2013

That Was Weird ???????????

So they where handing out free haircut coupons at the last high school football game we went to. "Sport Clips" Well I needed a haircut and so did the kid, so we went. What the hell happened to the regular barber shop! I usually still go to a regular shop so I know the answer to that question but after sitting there and watching that place make a spectacle out of getting a haircut I had to shake my head and laugh.

As far as the guys who go to these type of hair places for guys, I now wonder about them. I sat there and watched several of them who obviously think they are more important than they are go through the process. I came home and told the wife about what I saw and she tells me the type of man that goes there would probably fall under the "metro sexual" tag.

My tag for them would be more like, "bunch of pansies". I guess "metro sexual" sounds better than "bunch of pansies". In this day and time you have to watch what you say. You have to be politically correct on everything. All I can say is some things just ain't right!

Be a man, you get a haircut you go to the damn barber shop! You sit down and get a haircut and then get up and leave. You get out of the way so the next "man" can get his cut and get on with his day. You don't sit down and get a cut and then a shampoo with a hot towel wrapped around your stupid face. Then follow that with a sit down again, check the mirror again, dry the hair and shoulder massage!

For the massage they use this little lame ass hand held vibrator thing. What kinda of "man" will sit through all that. Oh yea, a "metro sexual one". When it was my turn she said with the free cut you are automatically upgraded to the premium cut. I said, with a glance to the dude sitting beside me getting his massage, "I think I'll pass, I have stuff to do".

As I kinda laughed and shook my head. I still don't know what to say...........

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Limbo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So yesterday you tuned into hear me give half ass trail reviews and that was about it. After re-reading my post today I thought it made me sound kinda whinny. Hear I am in an area with no fewer than 10 different places to ride and I come across sounding ungrateful. Everyone of the trails are really pretty damn nice when it comes down to it. Plus the fact that they all where built and maintained by a good group of people.

Most of whom I happen to know. Several of them probably read this once in awhile and if they did yesterday they are thinking, "why the hell would he whine, he doesn't even help". Guess what they are right! Over the last 20 years I have sat on the outside and watched all the work happen. Then I go and enjoy the fruits of everybody else's labor. Labor that comes in the form of time and money.

Sitting on the outside looking in and not being apart of it (the club) it's easy to second guess what they do. Maybe if I joined up and went to some of the meetings I would understand the process a little better. Then at least I can voice my opionon without being a hypocrite!

What I am trying to say here is it's time. Time to step up! I may not be the most active member but I am gonna join! I guess that's gonna be my so called "new years" resolution. Step up, they have the monthly meeting tomorrow night and I am gonna be there. I think you can join at the meeting so that's the plan.

The only other thing I have going on right now is a massive garage cleaning! After standing around out there last week and hiding while the wife did the winter cleaning. I decided that would be my job this week. So far it's going good. How I accumulated so much stuff I will never know....

Maybe one day the wife will be able to park a car in there........

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ride .........

That was my plan for the four days. Everyday ride, and enjoy the time off. The plan worked except on Thanksgiving day, I didn't quit make it out the door. No big deal though, I got to ride the rest of the time. I hit Uhwarrie, Sherman Branch and Anne Springs.

Now for my reviews: Let's start with Uhwarrie.

I haven't been over there in a few months (8 to be exact) and I knew the storms we had several months ago had really done some damage. How much I had no ideal, I was surprised! There where a lot of trees down, tons! Once again the local club really stepped up and did a great job clearing everything. That one bottom area really was a mess.

As I said it's been awhile since I was over there. About 2 years ago is when they did the big trail building remodel. Uhwarrie has always had the rep for being real rocky. After they redid everything it was really smooth. Of course with wear it's gonna go back to what it was. I just thought it might have taken longer. No I am not complaining, I like it we have enough green way trails in this area. We need tough trails.

Of course the place is awesome! You get way back in the back and it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. It's like you went to the mountains but didn't drive 3 hours to get there. You get the climbs on the local level. Now I just need to get over there for a camp trip.

Then I hit Sherman on Saturday and did a few laps. Without selling Sherman short I just don't have much to say. It's close to the house and it's always there. It's a great trail and has a great layout, it works good for a cross-country training course. I have just ridden it 9 million times and have come to loath the place. I like it's close and it beats not riding at all. I am just tired of it....

Lately Anne Springs and Cane Creek have been my go to trails. Cane Creek was closed all weekend for the holidays so I hit Anne Springs. I haven't spent a lot of time down there until recently and I love it. The place is fantastic, I just about know all the trails now and can ride for hours. Which is exactly what I did, I finished my holiday weekend with 3 hours at Anne Springs.. The place rocks! At least it does right now, sooner or later I will get tired of it.........

Monday, December 2, 2013

22 Days ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Not that I am counting, but it's "22 Days" until the big day. Of course you all know what day I am talking about.


Yep, I love this time of year. You know the saying, "the older you get the faster the years fly by". It's true and so far that's the highlight as far as I am concerned. Christmas comes faster every year! About the time we finish the weekend of Thanksgiving and go back to work on Monday I am excited. I started counting down yesterday! I told the wife how many days we had last night and again this morning!

We went out shopping Saturday night and took care of all the kids. Meaning niece's and nephew's. My boys are old enough now that they are pretty easy. Of course I can't tell ya what they are getting but they are easy. I will need to finish the stocking suffers between now and then but that's not hard. If anything I wish I had more stuff to get.

I do have the greatest present of all already purchased. I took care of the wife last week. Of course I can't tell ya what it is yet. There's no way I am gonna blow this one. You'll just have to wait like she is. Although she doesn't know she's waiting. Stay tuned in "22 Days" everybody will know..

Yes, I rode 3 out of the 4 days we were off. I had a great time on the bike. We can cover that tomorrow............

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Friday !!!!!!!

In theory!!!! I love short weeks when we get 2 Friday's, we get today the end of the work week and then we get the real Friday. All total it's like a mini vacation. Four full days of food and fun. The wife finally finished all her cleaning so I can finally come out of hiding.

I've been in the garage for the last 3 days! I ran out of beer and I am tired of playing with the dog. Tonight I plan on sitting on my couch. (if she let's me)...

Since the weather is straighting up it looks like I will get my turkey ride in tomorrow. Then the rest of the weekend is up in the air. I will try to post up something over the next few days but no promises. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and eat all you want. You only get a few days a year you can eat like a pig and get away with it.

Take advantage of it............

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Forever !!!!!!!!!

That's about how long I will be stuck here today! Being in the construction supply business when mother nature gives us a day like today it's slow!!!!! Really slow.........

Well anyway Thanksgiving is coming, it's like a day away. We went to the store last night and finished all our shopping. Karen made contact with everybody and they know what to bring. Every year I worry we aren't gonna have enough food and we end up with way to much. This year I decided to not worry about it. It always works out. When you end up with 15 plus people you think you need more than you do, and I have better things to worry about.

My favorite part of the holiday is the fact I get 2 days out of work. I know I will slip out Thursday morning for a short ride and then I have all day Friday. I know for a stone cold fact I will not be out shopping on Friday. They could be giving away stuff and give me a guarantee I would receive mine if I showed up and I would still take a pass! Besides with every store opening on Thursday it seems like they are trying to ruin the holiday's anyway.

Can we not have 2 days a year Wal-mart closes!! Now they only close on Christmas.....

Monday, November 25, 2013

Short Week ...........

First off, I forgot all about posting Friday. We were busy here at work and it just slipped my mind. Sometimes it happens, I do have a simple mind ya' know.

Yes we rode last Thursday night, we did Steve's again. The place kicks my ass! Every time, although we did ride it faster Thursday night compared to Wednesday. It still whips me every time, the climbs are relentless! The weather was perfect though, I think it was in the high 50's. Compared to the night before when my feet actually got cold!

Then Friday night we went to Concord for the playoff game. It wasn't that cold but it did rain on us. Between the cold Wednesday night and the warm Thursday night and the rain Friday night you'd think I would be sick by now. But so far so good. I guess just being out and about everyday helps keep you used to it.

As far as the game Friday night we lost! Football season is over! I won't go into all the details but there needs to be a rule about "dad's" coaching their sons team. It might work in pee wee football but once you get to the high school level it's not fair to the rest of the team. For that very reason the coaches of Piedmont High School owe the whole team an apology! They could have won that game if not for "daddy ball". Enough said...

Then Saturday rolled around and I did a road ride with Kelly and Chris, they also brought another guy who was really strong. I met them in Unionville and we rode over to Stanfield, that was about as far as I could hang. You see Kelly is really strong and Chris is a pro mountain biker, there buddy was no slouch either! At there pace I hung on for 20 miles and then made a left for the house. When I made my left I still had 20 more miles to get home. My total for the ride was 42 and they stayed with it for 72.

Here's the kicker! Chris doesn't even have a road bike right now! He is riding a 29in mountain bike! He locked out the fork and pumped up the tires. It is amazing how strong he is! It's at least twice as hard to ride a mountain bike at 20 miles an hour than a rode bike and he was kicking it! I couldn't believe how strong he rode. Needless to say when I made my left I was ready to ease up and do my pace.

Plus the whole time I rode with them we had a headwind right in our face. When I turned it was amazing how easy it was with the wind to my side. By the time I made the next left to come home I had the wind to my back. My pace clicked up to 21-22mph with no effort at all.

After I got back in my groove and was headed toward the house I couldn't help but realize how it was a perfect day! The weather was spot on, not to hot not to cold. I had the wind to my back and it was overcast. I hadn't been on the road bike in several weeks and I had forgotten just how enjoyable it can be.

Some times you just have those perfect days......

Thursday, November 21, 2013

That's Why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was my official first night ride of the year! I met Kelly at 4:30, we started in the day light and finished in the dark. It was cool and crisp, but not to cold. Jerry had been there earlier in the day and done a little leaf blowing, he hit the majority of the trail so it was sweet. We where at Rocky River trail, aka Steve's and yes the climbs are still there, and no there no easier than the last time I was there.

If  everything goes right I plan to be back there tonight. Yes it's dark and can be cold. But learning to enjoy the dark instead of being scared by it is so rewarding. It seems like a whole different world! It took me a long time to finally get used to it and just within the last couple years have I started to go out by myself. For a long time I would never have went riding without someone else. Now I will go all by my lonesome!

Even at 45 I will admit I was (still am somewhat) scared of the dark. It's the "unknown" that makes it so much fun. You learn to go with it, life is to short to worry about what's hiding in the dark. As I said yesterday, just because the sun goes down doesn't mean the day is over! It was pitch dark at 6pm last night. By the time I went home unpacked and repacked had a shower ate and sat down it was 9pm.

After I relaxed for a few it was bed time, the usual 10:30. Not to be to cliche' but hell you can sleep when your dead! I sure as hell ain't gonna be 90 talking about I wish I would have slept more when I was capable of being outside and playing!

Point is, you better enjoy it while you can. That old saying, "a body in motion tends to stay in motion", is a fact jack.

                                 "That's Why"....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Storm Is Over ,,,,,,,,,,,

The 2013 fall house cleaning extravaganza! It's over! At least stage one anyway. I know she'll have a touch up day right before the big day. Again I'll hide in the garage. Point is I know how to make this process as easy as possible. It ain't my first rodeo. The best part is we do this once a year and then it's over. Christmas is at both grandma's houses so I don't have to deal with that.

She will go over and help her mom, but I skip that. We have a holiday routine just like everybody else with family's, I know how the "season" is gonna go every year. Hell I know how next year is gonna go all ready. Although every once in awhile we change it up and go north to my brothers house. But not this year.

So now back to me, my favorite subject. As a good hubby I did my part the last few days so now it's play time. I have my lights charging and a ride planned. We are gonna start in the day light and finish in the dark. I will get home around 8, this will pretty much be my first night ride of the year. It's always fun the first time. It's gonna be a perfect clear cool night, it doesn't get any better than that.

Now if I can just get the kids out and about. I am even trying to get the wife out for a night hike! We have lights, we can damn near light the woods up like a car. It's just fun! Besides just because the sun went down doesn't mean the day is over. In the summer time people will play outside until 9 pm, because it's still day light. Then the same people will go home and be ready for bed at 6;30 because it's dark. I just don't understand that.

I had to teach the wife this same principal years ago. I used to go out and play till dark in the summer time and then come winter she would be mad when I didn't come home till 9 pm. No difference, it's just dark sooner... Now she knows what to expect. All's good. Plus I work around her schedule, got to play the game both ways. She just let's me think I am the boss!

I have friends who fall under that same statement. They can ride in the summer and head home at 7 or 8 and then in the fall and winter they damn near beg their wife to go night ride. Guess what they still get home around 7 or 8. Just doesn't make sense.

Glad I got the crazy house cleaning wife who knows I am the boss!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Staying Clear ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Of the wife! OK so next week is Thanksgiving, no big deal right. Well maybe it's not if you go to your relatives house and just show up and eat. Then your biggest worry is being on time and not forgetting the one crummy dish you made. So here's my take on it.

I am the relative! Yea, I am the husband of the relative whose house everybody goes to! That's right everybody comes to our house! Don't get me wrong I am glad to see everybody, especially the little dudes. My complaint is the way my wife handles this. It started over the weekend, house cleaning! She started Sunday and it's been on since. When she started I looked around and thought "hell it looks fine to me".

The house looks clean and is clean! At least in my eyes, what she sees is another story. She starts moving shit and cleaning places nobody is gonna look anyway! My sister in law isn't gonna move the couch and look before she lets the little one crawl on the floor. So why do we need to clean behind there? Same thing in the dinning room and our room and every room in the house.

What the hell, it ain't spring! That's when your supposed to do all this!

Like any good respectable husband I have been doing my part!

Hiding in the garage..................................... Nuff' said..............

Monday, November 18, 2013

If Ya Don't Like The Weather ,,,,,,,,,,,

Wait 5 minutes! If your from the mid-west or any mountainous area you've heard that before. Right now it seems to be the new norm for Charlotte-Monroe. Last week I had my long johns on one day and was wearing 3 layers of clothes on the street bike. Yesterday it was about as humid as it can get without raining.

I will get out this week and ride. I don't mind the temps being in the50's to 60's. I just turn into a big-ass wuss when the temps get below 40. Right now it's about right.

So Saturday I headed down to Cane Creek. Kelly was riding but our schedules just didn't match. So I went down there and spent the morning. I rode everything twice and some of it 3 times. Everything on the campground side got the triple ride. If my figuring is right I had about 30 miles total. Not a bad way to start the weekend. I also met the park ranger while I was there. He rides mountain bikes also, I knew the guy was working there but that's the first time I had meet him. Nice guy. He does the night ride at Beatty every Wednesday night.

Back to Cane Creek, of course I never saw another cyclist and I only ran into 2 horses. When I came through the horse trailer parking area there must have been 10 trailers there. But I only saw 2, kinda weird. Especially since I rode everything 2 and 3 times. Sometimes I will see the same people 2 and 3 times when I do loops like that. Then some days are like Saturday, I see nobody. It's like I have my own personal playground.

Yesterday I got up early and headed to Anne Springs down in Ft. Mill. I was meeting a few people there and was looking forward to it. I get there and we realize Rob had forgotten his riding shoes. Round trip back to his house is gonna take him an hour so off I went. Lap one will be by myself.

So I am riding and feeling good, the miles are going by. When all off a sudden I am going over the bars head first! Somehow I managed to catch a vine that was hanging down with the left side handlebars! Guess what, that's the side with the front brakes! Of course the next thought going through my head is the mental check list of all my needed body parts.

As I get up I realize nothing is broken! That's always a relief, then the bonus. Nothing is bleeding, even better! After the initial high from realizing I have no broken bones and no visible blood I start to realize I am gonna be hurting later. I have a bruised and swollen thigh. I guess I got tangled up with the handlebars as I went sailing.

Of course I did what any good mountain biker does. I got right back on and took off. I knew the swelling was gonna come and the nice purple and blue spot would grow but I knew that would come later. I still had a lot of riding to go. As I predicted Rob got back about the time I finished lap one. Lap 2 was a little slower, not that I minded. My leg needed a break!

By the time I spent 30 minutes sitting behind the wheel driving home it was all I could do to get out of the car! A nice hot shower and a nap and I was ready for football. I knew when I went to bed last night I would wake up with a sore side but the tossing and turning all night from the throbbing was a bonus! Of course I have a limp today, but it rained last night so I have a good excuse for not riding today.

I might need at least a day off the bike...... Tomorrow is another story.....

Friday, November 15, 2013

Mind Made Up ............

OK I did it, I made my mind up. When you walk out in the garage and see 2 street bikes sitting there looking at you it kinda helps with the decision. I have the Gold Wing and the VTX, both are as nice as they can be. The VTX has everything you can put on it and the Gold Wing is the same. I can only ride 1 bike at a time and Cody isn't gonna ride everyday.

He can ride the VTX for now. I still have Karen's car to payoff and if I try real hard I could possibly get that done by this time next year. That would be about 2 years ahead of schedule. Besides Chase will be 14 in the spring so it's not gonna be long before I buy him something. Plus Cody starting school next fall, as you can see I have a hundred reasons why!

Sometimes it just takes me a few days to get my head right. Besides I like vacations, I can always use another hundred there.

So with that decision out of the way I can now concentrate on what matters! PLAY TIME! I guess with the bike on my mind it's seemed like a long week. I haven't even ridden this week. I can't remember the last time I didn't ride at all during the week. Karen has been on the sick side all week and with the funny weather and the cold I just couldn't find my way out the door.

We might get a shower this afternoon so it's kinda wait and see as far as the woods go. I haven't been on the road bike in awhile so will see how it plays out. I did ask the wife about a ride on the motorcycle, she didn't seem to interested. With being sick all week. I really can't blame her.

I do have Chase thinking about a run tomorrow. It would be nice to get him out of the house, besides what could be bad about a run in the woods............

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It Takes Time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

When it's 23 degrees outside it takes time to get dressed. At least it takes time to put on 3 layers of riding clothes if your gonna ride a motorcycle to work. This not being my first rodeo I even set the alarm for 10 minutes sooner because I knew this. You have to pace yourself!

You start with the legs and then work your way up. If you try to rush it you start sweating, that doesn't work when you are fixing to move along at 60 miles an hour and it in the 20's. Do the math, at 60 it feels like it's 30-40 below! That damn wind chill shit is real..

I actually start the night before, I bring all my riding gear in the house so it's not bone cold when I put it on. I put on the leather chaps and then carry the rest outside to the garage. Next is the base layer (sweatshirt) on top of my dress shirt and tee shirt. Followed by the head wear then the winter ski coat. Take my word for it leather coats don't work as good as a high end ski coat. Then the helmet before the gloves.

My gloves are so thick there's no way to fix the chin strap for the helmet after you put them on. Once it's all on your good to go. Believe it or not with all the stuff on you stay warm! Nobody really believes that, but it's true.

So anyway, no I haven't bought the new bike yet. I have given myself 2 days to make a decision. Counting yesterday I have 1 day left! The pressure is on, the kid wants it, but what the hell he's a kid! Of course he wants it, what kid wouldn't! I am gonna take him the first of next week to get his license (permit).

It would be nice to have a small bike to ride back and forth to work. No I don't have a car payment so I can always say I have a bike payment instead of a car payment. Blah, Blah, Blah.....

I need to make my mind up!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sometimes """""""""

Sometimes life gets in the way, and that sucks! I still have all my stuff in the car and I am ready to ride. It just didn't workout that way last night. I finally realized it was gonna be cold as hell and I still needed to get the pool running. When it's below freezing you have to run the pump at night. If you don't it will freeze and bust.

When you spend as much time outside as I do you tend to try ignoring the current temp. It always sounds worse than it is. In your head when someone says it's 35 degrees you think damn it's cold! If you went outside and didn't know how cold it was you would think it's warmer than it is. But if you know you will be cold.

It's all in your head!

Back to the pool. I had to go home and clean it, that way nothing would block the pump. So home I went, pool cleaned and daylight done. Tonight we have the soccer banquet so that rules out today. My only hope for the week is tomorrow night! Until then the bike rides in the back.

So yes we had snow last night, at least a little. Then by the weekend it's gonna be in the high 60's. What a weird start to the season. I can't remember ever having snow this early in the year. I can remember it being cold this early but never snow.

It must be time to shut up! If all I have to talk about is the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11-12-13 ,,,,,,,,,,,

When will you be able to use a title like that again! Someone pointed that out to me awhile ago. If they hadn't said anything I would have never noticed. It's cool though....

So I spent the whole night dreaming about motorcycles! No kidding I went to bed thinking about that Sportster and if I really want that one or another one they have sitting right beside it that is bigger! Bigger is always better, why would anybody buy a small drink at McDonald's when you can buy the 2 liter cup for a dollar more! Besides the bigger bike is only a thousand more.

How can I pass that up!

So with that on my mind I am heading back over there during lunch to take another look at the other bike. I hadn't given it much thought until last night. I kinda had my mind on the smaller bike. The other one already has after market pipes and it comes with an alarm system. It's flat black, not my favorite but it's worth another look.

Plus it has spoke wheels!!!!! I like spoke wheels, you don't see them very often anymore.

In the mean time if it doesn't rain this afternoon I will hit the woods for a ride. I brought all my stuff so I hope that works out. Then I can ride around and think about which bike I want. I have to look at it that way because I already came to the conclusion I really don't need another one!

I need to sell some dirt bikes!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ten Things !!!!!!!!!!

That's about how many things I have on my mind this morning! I will try to stick with just a few and not bore you to much. Great weekend, yes. Test ride, yes. Mountain bike ride, yes. Now let's tie all three of those together and wrap this up!

Saturday AM, out the door at 8:30 and on the bike. I meet Trey and to the Harley dealer we went. I signed all the necessary paperwork saying if I kill myself on the test ride tough shit. So after that off I went! Harley 883 Sportster and I down the road we rode. We as in they won't let you just takeoff by yourself, they go with you. Me and my new best friend the sales rep. Surprisingly he let me kick pretty hard, I wanted to see if it had enough power to keep me happy and he let me try it out.

We kicked it pretty hard. So after a few miles on the main road it was a few low speed back roads and then back to the dealer. As I said it has good power, it being a v-twin all the power is in the mid-range you go through the gears pretty quick. As long as you ride it like that it's fun. It seemed to have no bottom end really, you can't just roll along at 40-45 in top gear. It won't pull it, you have to downshift.

I guess the Gold Wing has me spoiled when it comes to the range a motor will pull. I can drag it down to 30 miles an hour in top gear and just roll the throttle on and it never even burps! It really does have a perfect throttle map. The range is incredible.

Back to the sportster, It's been awhile since I rode a full naked bike. As in no windshield at all. It was a change for sure! I can see where it would be a fun bike. Back and forth to work is what I would use it for and that's pretty much what it's made for. Your not gonna climb on this bike and ride it all day. So overall I liked what it does.

Now the question is did I like it enough to buy it !!!!!!!!!

So then I came home and headed out the door. I went down and hung out with all the horse people at Cane Creek. I know I was the only bicycle hanging out and I passed a few hikers. But it must have been horse day. I passed more horses than I saw birds. I guess this time of year and the perfect weather had brought them all out.

The leaves have really dropped over the last few weeks, it's at the point that if you aren't sure of where the trail goes you could miss it in a few spots. They just don't get enough traffic to keep the trail clear. After the leaves fall it will wear back in, it just needs a few months....

It's gonna be a good fall..........

Friday, November 8, 2013

Try It Again ,,,,,,,,,,,

So last week I noticed my front chain ring had started to slip. It's worn out, time to change it. Of course me being kinda lazy I just kept riding it. That got me through last weekend and I thought it would get me through last night. Guess what it didn't. I damn near killed myself! It was slipping so bad I couldn't even ride it in the middle ring.

That screwed me up! I couldn't get my rhythm going at all. I ended up bailing out at the first place it was convenient. I then went home and raided the parts bin for a replacement. Now we are ready to try it again. Not sure where I plan to ride yet but it's the weekend so something is gonna happen. 

Again, we don't have any plans beyond making Cody happy this weekend. It's his 18th birthday!!! We have a custom cake coming home today and the grandma's coming over tomorrow afternoon. It's gonna be low key but at least he's gonna get a party and a good meal. Cody's pretty laid back it doesn't take much to make him happy. I am gonna take him to get his motorcycle permit next week.

He's all happy about that. I still have my test ride in the morning and then we have his deal tomorrow afternoon. We do have to wait for him to get home. He has an MRI scheduled for his knee tomorrow at 2:30. Keep your fingers crossed! He might have another torn ACL.

Not good!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend............

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Progress ,,,,,,,,,,

So now I have an appointment! Saturday 10am I am scheduled to test ride the sportster I am interested in. Trey and I are gonna meet at Charlotte Harley-Davidson. Test ride time! I am gonna find out weather or not I really want one. If it has enough power how it handles the whole nine yards. Who would have thought you could just call and schedule a ride.

As long as you have a motorcycle license and insurance you just call them and set it up. Most dealers don't have that option. So that's cool. Again I mentioned it to the wife when I told her I had the test ride scheduled, all she said was "don't come home with a new motorcycle", I just smiled. Then she said "I'm serious". To which I replied with another smile.

Cody likes the ideal, he wants to ride. Time to cook dinner! Score some more points...

Not that I am keeping score....

So last night I went ahead and serviced the bike and fixed the front tire. I loaded up clothes, bike and all. Now I am ready for a ride. I haven't ridin since Sunday and it's time. I charged the lights yesterday so now I have no excuses. I look forward to the weekend. My plan is to do my test ride Saturday morning and then head riding some where. I need a good long ride. It's fall and my camera is ready. I like taking a trip or two just for pictures.

I plan to try and ride Cane Creek again. I now know the phone number to call.......

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Are you Thinkin''''''''

OK I really don't care what you are thinking but I have been giving a lot of thought to one such new subject. I haven't mentioned anything on here but I've been thinking.

I want another motorcycle!

Yep, I already have two street bikes and probably don't really need another but I want one! Besides Cody is now 18 and Chase will be right behind him here shortly. Plus Chase wants a street bike when he turns 16. I need to get Cody riding and then Karen won't be so against Chase riding when he turns 16.

So 2 kids and me equal the need for a third bike. Simple logic really, if you give it any thought you will agree with me. Anyway I have been taking my time slowly mentioning it to the wife, kinda "letting her know" what's on my mind. So far so good! She hasn't said no and she hasn't said yes.

We all know that means "yes."

Anyhow I want something to ride back and forth to work that doesn't require much. Much as in cleaning and maintenance. I want an inexpensive, meaning under 8 grand regular no chrome street bike. Something i can ride and park and once in awhile clean. Right now I have a Gold Wing all chromed out and a VTX 1300 all chromed out. It seems like I spend a lot of time cleaning them.

I want a small bike something, easy to get around with and easy to handle. Something the kids can get used to riding.

I want a Harley 883 Iron, it's a sportster. It comes all black with no chrome! Just what I want!

Just what "we" need.............

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

That Was Yesterday ,,,,,

Today is today! Yesterday was then this is now. I could go on and on but what's the point. Sooner than later I would just confuse myself and the whole post would be pointless. Follow?

Good... Glad you can keep up!

OK, so I was mad I wasted my gas to go ride and then couldn't. Yes I ended up driving about 50 miles before it was said and done but at least I still got to ride. I could have driven around and never got a ride in. So I guess I learned a new lesson. "Call before you haul."

Now back to Friday night, we had senior night again. All the fall sports were escorted out on the field before the game and of course Karen and I where the escorts. (I wonder how she would feel about the escort reference with her name in the same sentence) At least she hardly reads this. If she does today oh well, she will laugh.

As you know Cody is the school mascot, so in reality we ended up walking a 7ft tall kid in a panther suit across the track. It was funny, everybody got a kick out of it. He did remove his "head" about halfway through it. Then he waved and flexed his panther arms and remounted his head. It was kinda of a "reveal of the mascot thing."

After that we ended up working the concession stand for half the game and now we are pretty much done with the home football season. If they don't win this week they won't have a home playoff game. Now we wait....

We had originally planned to go the mountains this weekend. To make up for the trip we cancelled a few weeks ago. Now that the time has come everybody is kinda ready to just stay home and relax. All fall we have been going and going now we can take a break!!!

Believe me I ain't arguing with anybody, home is just fine!!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Are You Kiddin """""""""""

So Saturday I loaded up and went down to Cane Creek park. I get there and they tell me the trails are closed, it rained the day before. What the hell!!! Every trail in Charlotte was open so why wasn't Cane Creek! Used to they never closed the trails you could ride there in the rain, now they close the trails when it sprinkles! That pissed me off...

Nobody even rides there anymore and they are gonna turn away one of the few people who even care about the stupid place! I was not a happy camper! From there I came home and had another lunch and then  felt guilty about not riding so I went ahead and went to Sherman. Once I was there and riding all was well. I got in 2 full laps and enjoyed the afternoon.

Sunday came around and the wife wasn't really feeling well so I went down to Ft. Mill and rode Ann Springs Park. We had planned to ride the street bike up to Statesville to the camping store. I need a few things for the camper and all I need is any reason really to spend the day on the bike. Maybe next week..

Although we have Cody's 18th birthday this Sunday. So not sure if I will get out or not. At least not out and gone all day. I know I will still ride just can't be gone all day. Besides I still can't believe he will be 18!

Anyway, we have been busy today and I just know found time to write. See ya tomorrow.....

Friday, November 1, 2013

Slow !!!!!!!!!!!!

At work and in life sometimes things slow down. We were so slow yesterday I started to write a spot 3 times and just didn't have the energy! I even had a break in the day with a trip to Chase's school to pick him up. They called and said he was sick and we needed to come pick him up. That took me 2 hours and the day still seemed to take forever!

Chase was glad to see me though, even though he was sick. That or he really wanted to go home! Either way our paths crossed! One thing I noticed yesterday, at 10 am there is no traffic out. I made it out to Unionville in no time flat. Then when I went home yesterday it took me 45 minutes with the traffic.

We do have senior night tonight. They will introduce the kids one more time. This could be the last home game of the football season. We don't know yet. If they win tonight and then the away game next week they would have a playoff game at Piedmont. Both teams they are playing are really tough. They are already in the playoffs but they still need to win at least one more game.

Now we are up to Saturday, I know I will ride but not sure where. I would like to get over to Uhwarrie but with hunting season in full swing I just don't really like the ideal of riding around in the woods with a bunch of trigger happy hunters sitting in the tree's. So if I head that way it will be on Sunday. When your not allowed to hunt!

Tomorrow I might make another trip down to Anne Springs Park in Ft.Mill. I had a good ride last week when I was there so why not go again. Some where in there I need new grips and I need to change my tires, stuff I should have done this week but didn't. I seem to put off working on my bikes until they absolutely need it. I need to break that habit before I break something. Something that will cost a lot to fix..

See Ya next week..............

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Been Awhile ,,,,,,,,,

Awhile since I rode at Beatty Park. Yesterday I left work a little early, I had to meet a plumber service at the house. Long story short, the state of NC now feels that I should pay a plumbing company 250 bucks a year to inspect my septic system. I guess they feel I don't have enough sense to notice if I have sewage in my yard. If you ask me it's a total ripoff!

Anyway I thought I would end up with a nice free afternoon, not! The guy was there for almost 2 hours. By the time he left it was almost 5 pm. By the time I got to the trail and ready it was gonna be 5:30. So I went to Beatty, the closest place I could think of. I figured I would just go and ride a few easy laps and enjoy the evening. It seems like that philosophy has worked good lately.

One problem! I pull up and I see a guy I meet a few weeks ago. We have a mutual friend and we rode together then. So he comes over and says high! We get ready and my nice easy ride is out the window! We hit the woods and it's wide open, we knock out 3 laps really fast. A lot faster than I had planned! It's funny how fast you can change plans when the time arrives. When it was over I was glad I ran into him. I got in a lot better ride than I would have if I had been by myself. We even swapped numbers and plan to ride next week.

After that I headed home and slept like a baby last night! After my late night the night before I had no problem sleeping last night. Yes the kid played his new game and had a blast last night. He even said thank you again last night. I love my boys! Now we are getting ready for the tailgate party Friday and senior night at football.

I have Saturday and Sunday open so we'll see what happens then.......

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midnight in Monroe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

                         What where you doing at midnight last night?????

I was standing in the parking lot of Game Stop! If you read this very often you realize I talk a lot about my oldest son Cody. Well I have a younger son too. Of course I mention him to but right now with Cody being a senior and all the stuff he has been up to it seems like sometimes I don't mention him very often.

Well Chase likes to play video games and he likes to write programs on his computer. He is our go to guy when it comes to the computers around the house. So when he wanted to be there at midnight for the release of Battlefield 4 I decided to take him!

I went ahead and made him go to bed early, believe me I did too. At 11pm I got up and he did too. Out the door we went! At the stroke of midnight they started passing out the new games. We where back home and in bed at 12:30. Now he is at school this morning and he can say did you get Battlefield 4 yet? NO! Why not I did....

Call me a bad parent whatever you want! My kid won't forget the time he and I stood outside at midnight on a school night waiting for the release of his new game! That was the most important part of the whole night. Have you seen the new Chevrolet commercial where they inficise the dad's that take more pride in being a good dad or friend or husband than they do worrying about working....

That's me baby,,,,, work sucks, life is fun..... If you let it be...............

Monday, October 28, 2013

Things Change !!!!!!!

I swear I use that title a lot. At least once a week I get on here and talk about my plans and what we are gonna do. Then the next day I use the above title and talk about how everything changed, guess what! Things changed! I thought we had a plan and within 10 minutes it all changed. We got home Friday night after the game and all of a sudden nobody wanted to ride to the mountains.

It's to cold! After sitting in the bleachers all evening everybody decided they just didn't want to go to a place that was even colder than were we where. It was about 38 degrees Friday night and it was gonna be 28 when we got to the mountains. Just like that plans changed.

We ended up going out for a nice lunch yesterday and that was about it. The kids came and went all weekend and I rode. Karen had a good birthday and we changed up our plans for the mountains. In two weeks football will be over and we will be able to leave right after work. But as I say that it looks like they are gonna make the playoffs, if they win the last two games we will have home field advantage. Then Cody will have his mascot duties and we will probably delay the mountains again.

Point is with kids you better be flexible!

The only plus for me was the fact I got in a good ride Saturday. I went down to Anne Springs Park in Ft. Mill SC. I haven't been down there in a while. I will be going back, the place rocks! I rode 2 laps and had a good time..

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ready Set Go.........

She says were ready so I say let's go! I got my ride in last night and Cody had his last soccer game. Even though we are only gonna be gone for 2 days it's funny how much you look forward to it. We won't leave till around 11 tonight and won't get there till 1am or so. We only have tomorrow and half a day Sunday but I need this trip!

I am saving all my days until Christmas so it's been awhile since I had a day off so this is like a little vacation to me. It's funny how a day and a half out of town and out of your usual routine can seem like such a break! We humans are kinda funny when it comes to things like that. Just the "change" is all you need for a recharge of your batteries so to speak.

The kids are happy and excited so it's gonna be fun. I say "kids" but Chase has decided he wants to stay with grandma. She will spoil him all weekend, he knows that. Cody and Kayla will have fun. The best part of Saluda is the fact we are staying in town and the kids can walk to anything they want.

After a few good meals and a little bit of leaf looking I will be relaxed and ready for the stretch till Christmas. I can't wait for that two weeks off...........

Plus it's the wifes birthday this weekend so it's gonna be fun....

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sometimes ,,,,,,,,,,,

Sometimes nothing can be so exhausting. I got home yesterday and made myself walk to the mailbox. After all that excitement I went with the wife to her mom's for a few and then came home and pretty much hit the couch. Not sure why I was so tired but I was.

I managed to put down a good hour of sleep. Then I got up fixed Chase and I something for dinner and about the time we got through Karen and Cody walked in. She had stayed at her mom's all evening and Cody had been at soccer, he stopped by to pick her up on the way home. They ate and we ended up on the couch for the first few innings of the world series.

No ride no walk no nothin', that was the whole evening. I did manage to get the car packed and ready to ride after work today. I plan to ride on the way to Cody's last soccer game. We have to get everything packed tonight so we can leave from the game for the mountains tomorrow night. I say "we" like I am gonna help pack but actually I am gonna stay gone all evening and outta the way! I won't get home till around 8:30......

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

That Sucked !!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I have all my stuff loaded and plan to ride right after work. On my way I could already tell I just didn't feel like riding. I knew if I didn't go I would just be lazy and lay on the couch all night so I went. I hit the woods and was enjoying a nice easy ride, things were going good and I was getting through at a nice clip. I even found myself day dreaming a little bit, I though to myself "man this is nice".

"Bam", as I start to get up off the ground I am thinking what the hell just happened? Then I realize my mouth is filling with blood! Shit! I bit a hole in my tongue! No kidding, it bled and bled and bled! It wouldn't stop! I had to drive home 30 minutes so I was already thinking "how's this gonna work".

I didn't want to spit out the window all the way home so I didn't have many options. I ended up stopping about 5 times to spit and by the time I got home I was throwing up! Not fun..... Not fun at all!! By the way it had been about 45 minutes since it happened and it hadn't stopped at all. It was still bleeding just as bad as when I did it.

I went ahead and got cleaned up. Then I asked the wife what I should do, she is the nurse ya know. She tells me I have to options. Option one is wrap an ice cube in a rag and hold it on my tongue and see if that will stop the bleeding. If that doesn't work option two is go to the emergency room and have my tongue stitched up!!!!!

My reply to that was a whole line of expletives, all together they meant "that ain't happening"!!!

Back to the ice cube, apparently the ice cube constricts the blood vessels and that will stop the bleeding. I ended up walking around for about two more hours with a rag and ice cube hanging out of my mouth. I may have been sick the rest of the night but at least it finally quit bleeding!

That my friends made for a great night,,,,,,,,,,,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time Is Gonna Fly'''''''''

It seems like every time I turn around we have reached another hurdle. A point in time I really didn't want to reach, and each time something clicks by it makes me sad in some type of manner. Not really sad as in sad, sad. More of a sad as in I realize life is moving along.

That make sense??

Does to me!

Are you wondering where I am going with this? We had another senior thing last night at school, every time we do it just makes me realize again how close he is to graduating. Last night we had senior night for soccer. Karen and I went to the school for the afternoon early dinner with the kids and then they had a little ceremony at the start of the game for all 4 of the seniors.

She and I got to walk him out on the field and the principal gave her a flower and shook my hand. Then we had photos and it was pretty much over. Because it was senior night we had about 10 times as many people show up for the game. That was nice usually it's the same 10 parents at every game. To have that many kids and parents there was really neat! I was surprised how many students showed up. It was a lot!

Over all it was a great night! It's just that every time we have something like this it just makes you realize how fast it's coming. We have one more soccer game Thursday and the season is over. We started playing a few days before school started and here we are at the end of October. Christmas break will be here before you know it and half the school year will be over.

If the first half came and went this fast you know the second half will do the same. Even he is starting to feel like it needs to slow down........

Monday, October 21, 2013

I Like Last Minute Plans ,,,,,,

This might not be totally last minute but it sure as hell was spur of the moment. The wife has a birthday coming up this weekend and I really hadn't made any plans beyond a dinner, card and flowers. But that all changed, I woke up yesterday and checked my banking account. I took inventory of the bills I have lined up for this weekend and decided we needed to do something.

Something besides the dinner flowers and a card. I had her do some inquiring about the mountain house we have access to and found out it's empty this weekend. Last year we went up and went horseback riding in the Pisgah National Forrest. This year we are gonna go up and go hiking in the Pisgah National Forrest! We have a few big items planned for Christmas so I have been watching the funds. That's the reason I had planned to take it easy for her birthday.

But when you sit down and figure out how much flowers a card and dinner all cost and the car gets 36 miles to the gallon. What the hell it's my story and I know she would rather go some where than stay here so we are going to the hills. Hiking is cheap (free) and I can cook dinner Saturday night. We can go out for breakfast Saturday am and lunch will be whatever we find while we are out. Sunday we will head home around 4 so we will do breakfast and lunch. Easy weekend and she's happy!!!

Saluda has a great little downtown and we can turn the kids loose and don't have to worry about what they are doing. The front porch has a great view and it's a quick and easy couple of days away. Plus I never got to take my usual fall mountain bike trip so I still have that money set aside. Might as well score some points around the house and take the wife and kids up for a few days...

Happy wife, happy life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekends ,,,,,

That's what I live for! Got the car loaded and ready for a quick lap after work and then we are going out for a few drinks with some friends tonight, then I have all weekend to ride. Not sure where I plan to go but I am looking forward to it.

This is week 2 we have an away game. So the kid has no mascot duties and we aren't going to Anson County for the game so it's a free night. Next week we will be back in action! We do have senior night Monday and the final soccer game on Thursday. As much as I hate it Cody will be done. He might still do track in the spring but that will be it. High school sports will be over!

Now if I could just get him back on the bicycle!

I hold out hope but so far no luck. I would love to have the kids back in the woods like they used to. Cody is in the woods but he's hunting not riding. Chase is old enough now he does his own thing. When he was younger all he wanted to do was whatever his brother was doing, he's over that! They grow up!

Sometimes faster than you want! I miss Cody being 10 years old. I wish they both could stay small.

Anyhow if you haven't noticed October is almost over, I used to look forward to it just because we went trick-or-treating. Now my kids both think they are to old to go. I always dressed up with them and planned to this year. But I can't get either one interested. Chase just asked if we would buy some candy he would be happy.

What the hell.... This growing up sucks!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Maintenance ,,,,,,

And nothing else. That pretty much sums up my evening. I worked on a bicycle and a beer. Evening over, now I want to ride and because of that it's raining! Go figure, I wasted the evening last night and now my ride is in question. Maybe I should have paid a little more attention to the weather.

Since I had such a boring evening how bout I throw in a product review. The other day I was at the bike shop picking up a few items and I needed chain lube. They were out of the stuff I usually use. So I came home with a new product called "White Lightning", ya gotta love the name!

I used it on Saturday, 3 rides ago and the chain is still smooth as silk! I was surprised to find that. It works better than what I was using. Was being the key word, I now have a new product.

Find it, try it, you'll like it....

Nuff said,,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

After Ride ,,,,, After Post ..........

I am on a roll with my titles this week. Pretty straight forward and to the point. Although it might become redundant by the weekend.

So yesterday I did exactly what I said I was gonna do. I hit the woods and didn't even look at the clock when I was ready to go. I left the computer in the truck and I even took my camera with me. Back when I used to post pictures on my blog I always had my camera with me, I never knew when I might need to take a picture. Maybe I need to start posting pictures again, that seemed to give me a reason to slow down.

I didn't stop to take any but at least I had it with me. Anyway I had a great ride and it felt like I was going fast. I passed at least 10 people and never got passed. Although the last person I passed made me work for it. But once I was by him and put a corner between us he fell of pace really quick. Yes I went to Sherman and did my super loop, all the options twice. I have ridden there so many times It just seems more fun instead of riding 2 full laps.

The point is though I had a great ride! I can't tell you when the last time was I took the camera and even thought about taking pictures. I know I got there by 4:20 so I can only guess I was ready in 10 minutes. I loaded up and was at the store at 6 so I figure I rode for an hour and half. That's how I am gonna start tracking my rides, by time. No miles, just time. And by time I mean yesterday counted for an hour and a half.

Not that I rode a "time of" an hour and a half for a lap at Sherman. I did my version of a loop not a regular loop. I "just spent" an hour and a half on my bike that's the way I am gonna look at it from now on. It's just fun, all for play. That's why we ride, enjoyment!

I don't see a pay check just because I ride a bike in my future So I better enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The After Post ,,,,,,,,,,

That would make this the post after the post, which was yesterdays post! Follow? Good! After I wrote yesterdays post and read it myself it made me think. First off I thought about how I needed to change the grammar in a few spots to make it read a little better and then I thought who cares, I write this blog because I want to not because I care about my grammar. Big deal if I screw up once in awhile. If you are a regular reader you come to expect crappy grammar and some times boring content!

That probably covers 50 percent of my readers, the other 50 just read this to verify there life is as boring as mine!

Now to the point. After seeing the kids Sunday and chatting with them it made me think about riding. My riding in general, how I beat myself up trying to go faster and then if I skip a day I feel like I missed out. Why, I don't know, I enjoy riding and always look forward to going. Why would I put pressure on myself when I do go to try to go even faster and then judge my ride based on what a clock says when I reach the end of my ride. I can't tell you how many times I have came out of the woods and looked at my computer and said "that was a crappy ride".

Even though I had a great time and a great ride. I make that comment on the fact my computer doesn't read what I want it to. I just spent an hour riding my bicycle that cost a couple of thousand dollars around in the woods and I base weather or not it was a good ride on the fact a 50 dollar computer doesn't read what I want it too....

How stupid is that!

Today I am gonna leave my computer in the truck and see if it makes a difference. Instead of basing how much fun I have on a computer, I am gonna base it on "how much fun I have"....

Makes sense to me............

Monday, October 14, 2013

It Made me Laugh,,,,,,

So yesterday I had said I was gonna hit the road bike. When the time came I just didn't have the gumption to hit the road. I decided to head to the woods for another mountain bike ride. I guess I am back in the habit of the woods.

Well I headed to the trail and started riding, I decided to do what I call the super loop. That means I ride the options twice. Sherman has a main loop and 2 options if you ride all the trail you end up with a little over eleven miles. If you do the options twice you end up with a total of about 16 miles. I prefer to do it that way instead of riding a full 2 laps. The middle section is just really boring to me.

So yesterday I am there and doing my thing. I have already done the first option twice and and I start the second option for my first lap of it. I get about a mile in and come upon two kids. They are probably around 12 or 13 years old. They say hi and I ask how they are doing, we exchange pleasantries and I head on.

It made me smile! They where there riding but they were not your regular cyclist type kids. They had on blue jeans and riding Wal-Mart type bicycles. Both of them had these big backpacks with the water in them. They did have helmets on but you could tell they had nobody in there family who rode. If they did who ever that might have been would never let them out looking like they did.

It was that obvious they were not cyclist.

So anyway it made me smile! So of course as I came around for my second loop I came upon them again. This time I decided to stop and chat a little. They had their mom drop them off and they try to come at least once a week. It takes them about 2 hours to ride a lap and they stop and take breaks and bring their own snacks and stuff. They were really good kids just having a good time riding their bikes.

So back to my comment about them not being cyclist. If anything they are probably the closest thing to real cyclist having a good time riding their bikes than I have seen in a long time. They have down to the simplest form of riding. They don't care how many breaks they take and they sure aren't trying to set any records. The sole purpose of their ride is to have a good time.

Nothing else!

Myself included, I think way to many of us forget about that part of cycling. In it's simplest form it's all about having fun and riding your bike.

Those two kids taught me a lot yesterday....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Slow We Go ................

Or at least slow I go. I got to Steve's trail yesterday am and met Mike B. and a few of his buddies. I knew I was under the weather but as I said Friday I still wanted to get a few miles in. So we meet and we start, someone says what pace do you guys want to do. The reply came of how about medium hard.

I think to myself "I should be able to handle that". Guess what about 5 minutes later I was all alone and riding really slow! Medium hard was just a little to hard for me. I don't know if I needed to warm up more or the fact I was just not feeling it. Either way I rode by myself and that was that!

I even ended up skipping a section or two just cause I wasn't feeling it. There towards the end Mike came back and rode the rest of the trail with me just so we could chat. That was cool, he and I don't get to ride much together so that was alright. At first I thought this sucks having someone comeback for you. But then I said what the hell and enjoyed the company.

Today it looks like the road bike and a few miles around the house.

Friday, October 11, 2013

So I Feel Bad ,,,,,

Big deal, it is what it is. I accept it and now I will deal with it. I plan to ride all weekend, it might be slow but I am gonna ride. I need the miles and the fresh air. Maybe I will feel better.

I haven't ridden all week and sleep has been elusive! So I plan to hit it nice and slow tomorrow. Although I did sleep well last night I managed to mess that up this morning.

This morning the alarm went off and I got up got ready and headed out the door. I get to the store and all the lights are out and nobody is there! What the hell! I finally look at my clock and realize I got up an hour early! I set my alarm to go off an hour early.

Damn it! I had gotten up and never even looked at the clock, to go out the side door I walked by 3 different clocks and never even noticed. What a way to start the day. At least I was early to work.....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clicking Along ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Really nothing spectacular here lately, honestly a little bit of riding and a whole lot of running. When I reference running I ain't talking about with my feet either. Last night was a perfect example.

I got home and had about an hour break, just long enough to rest and not long enough to do anything. Then it was to the soccer game when that was over, at 7:50 it was a 35 minute ride to the church. I picked Chase up and home we went. We sat down for supper at 9:15 last night.

That pretty much sums up the usual for our days lately. I get to ride about 3 days a week and the rest we run. We still have football Friday night, since I am not going to the mountains we are gonna do the game. Then I have Saturday and Sunday to ride.  Then maybe I might get to the mountains next week.

Yep the guys are all talking about making that happen. It seems just about everybody can go that weekend. So now I have my fingers crossed. If it doesn't workout next week it ain't gonna happen. They close the campground for the winter at the trail head the end of the month and Karen's birthday is the last weekend of the month. So next weekend is it.

We either go or I am out....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No Answer Yet ??????????

I asked again last night and she isn't really responding. I take that as a "no she doesn't want to go the mountains" response. Not what I was looking for. So now it looks like I will be here all weekend. That sucks. You look forward to something and then it falls apart at the last minute.

Is what it is.... Move on and find something else to do. But we are gonna go, she just doesn't want to go now. So now I wait...

I did bring all my lights today, I have everything charging now. With the new temp change and it really feeling like fall now I am ready for a night ride. Yes it was 88 Saturday and Sunday but now we are in the mid 60's. Fall has arrived!!!

Not much else been going on we only have one soccer game this week and that's tonight. Chase has church and Cody has soccer. The schedule is Karen is gonna take Chase to church and I am gonna go to the soccer game. I will get to see the first half and a little of the second half. She will see a little of the first half and all of the second half.

Between the two of us the kids are covered!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Now What ??????????

Well I had a trip planned this weekend for the mountains, now it looks like it won't happen. Everybody has pretty much cancelled. It's down to me and one other guy. Me being me and not trying to be rude. I just don't really want to go and hang out with one other dude all weekend.

Plus he's slower than I am so riding together wouldn't work to well. I would end up sitting around a lot waiting. Not fun!

So as a backup plan I asked the wife if she wanted to go up for a night. She might, that's about all I got out of her. So right now I don't know what I am gonna do. That kinda pisses me off! I was all happy and ready to spend a few days riding in the mountains.

Oh well, I will still do something this fall, just not sure what.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Decisions ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ok, first off we had a great weekend with the football game and homecoming on Friday night. The place was packed, even though I didn't go to Piedmont High school I still ran into people I haven't seen since I walked out of high school 25 years ago.

It's always fun catching up.

Maybe tomorrow I will get to that a little more. Today we need to talk about my lazy ass style of riding lately! Yes I have been riding but no I haven't been pushing myself. I just go ride and that's it, I have even been avoiding riding with my fast buddies just cause I didn't want to ride that hard.

Well Kelly came to the game Friday night and I agreed to show up for the group ride Saturday morning. Now when he texts me and I agree that's one thing. I can skip it and not even think twice about it. But when I looked him in the eye and said, "ok I will be there" that changed things.

If I decided to bail, then I would have been lying when I said I would come. So I got up and went riding witht he fast guys! Did I keep up?

Nope! But I sure as hell had fun!

But now I need to make a "Decision", do I want to get back on the gas or just keep pedalling around for the hell of it. There is a big difference!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Ready For The Weekend !!!!!!

I rode one night this week and we had company one night, besides that I haven't had much motivation. In other words I didn't do shit last night. I just didn't feel like riding. So I did the next best thing.

I loaded the dog up and we went to the car wash. I washed the bike, it's been about 6 months since the last time I did that. Then it was home and I gave it a full service. Now it's shifting really well and I am ready to ride. Maybe that will be the motivation I need to get back out.

I do plan to ride this weekend but nothing nailed down. It's been awhile since I headed south so I might do that. I need the miles and I don't really want to get in a hurry. I just want to be out covering some ground.

Tonight is the homecoming game at the school and the kid has a full day of mascot duties. He will probably loose 5 pounds today with it being 88 degrees. It's been cooling down but that went out the window this week. Now it's hot again, this will probably be the last time it gets hot though so it won't be long before we are in the cool stages of fall.

I can't wait!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Got Company ,,,,,,,,,,

It was kinda last minute but who cares. That's what I signed up for! The phone rang Tuesday on my way home. It's kinda funny because I have been riding my motorcycle all week and I just happened to be at the store on my way home when the phone rang. I f I hadn't answered it then, I sure wouldn't have called the number back. I didn't recognize it.

Anyhow I answered and it was a couple who are pedaling through and needed a place to stay. So I said yes, they came through last night. They got to the house at 5 and we had a good evening.

They even cooked dinner for us. That was a first! Karen sat back to watch and she did the cooking. We had a few beers and the girls had some wine. It made for a nice evening. They left this morning and are headed to Chester SC. They made arrangements to stay with another couple tonight.

They started there trip in Richmond VA and are headed to Phoenix AZ for a total of 2425 miles! They plan to be there at the end of November and are gonna stay with his sister until they get jobs. She has taken a year off from college and he is doing about the same. Right now he is a welder and learning the trade.

When he gets a job he plans to take the test to become certified. He said he is waiting till he gets to Arizona because it will be easier to just get certified there than try to transfer his certification from Virginia. He plans to work in the shipyards around Virginia Beach in a few years. Once he gets his certifications and settles down a little bit. It pays really well..

It must be nice to be that young and have no bills or commitments. To just load a bike and take a year to travel and see what's happening on the other side of the country.

I keep telling my son..... You only live once!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Amazing !!!!!!!!!!

I got home got ready and headed out the door. It's been about a month since I have ridden the road bike. I actually walked out to the garage and had to look around to find the bike. I had forgotten I had hung it up in the rafters.

Then of course the tires were flat, or at least low.

I pumped things up and hit the road. I got to the end of the driveway with no plan and traffic was coming from one direction so I went the other direction. That ended up being the plan for my ride. No direction!

Anyway I ended up with 27 miles and had a great time. It's been awhile, you just roll along and the speeds are a lot faster! You ride in the woods and 10-15mph feels fast. You ride the rode bike and roll along at 18-20 and feel like your flying!

It's funny how you just need to change up once and awhile. What's old is what's new again..........    Amazing !!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's Ride ,,,,,,,,,,,

I might have mentioned that I was kinda burned out on the road bike lately but I am starting to get the urge again. Or I just don't feel like driving some where to ride. One of the two....

Point is I am gonna ride the road bike tonight and I am looking forward to it. I rode the motorcycle to work this morning so I didn't bring the bike or anything. The road is calling my name! Besides I need to work on my tan as long as I can, it won't be long till it's cold and you have no tan!

We did have a soccer game last night, got home about 8:30 so that pretty much killed the evening. We got home and nobody wanted to cook so it was hot dogs and chips for dinner. Then tomorrow night will be another soccer game. Before you know it the week is over........

Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm Back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We had inventory Friday and Saturday, things were busy! Closing early and counting makes for a long day. Then we have to come in Saturday for the final count and re-entering of everything so it's been a busy weekend.

Throw in the football game Friday night and the Miss Mint-Hill pageant Saturday night and we have had a busy weekend. I did get out on my mountain bike for a ride yesterday but that was it.

Of course I hit Cane Creek again for a 28 mile ride. As long as the trails are in such good shape I am gonna keep riding down there. It's just to sweet to pass on right now. I like the place. Plus I have been enough lately I have about figured out the schedule the horses are on. Most horse riders aren't gonna get up early enough to be there before 10 or 11 o'clock. So go early and you don't really have to worry about them.

Yesterday I did see a total of 8 horses, and when I came through the area they park there must have been 10 trucks and trailers! Now you want to talk about some money! The horse is probably the cheap part. The trucks and trailers they use are bad ass!!

Like I told one lady yesterday as she rode by on her horse. All I feed my bike is a little bit of chain lube. She said my bike looked expensive. So I pointed out that I ride it and leave it in the garage. She laughed!

So now this week we are back at it again. We have soccer Monday and Wednesday. Then the homecoming football game Friday night. No wonder I haven't had time to ride very much.........