Friday, September 28, 2012

Times Closing In !!!!!!!!!!

I am supposed to go to the mountains this weekend and ride Pisgah. I want to go, I would like to go, but I might not go.... Why.. I love Pisgah and jump at every chance I get to go! Yet I am seriously thinking about skipping it!

Again why?

Because Poplar closes on Monday and I really do hate to see the place go! Now that it's time for it to close I want to get in as many rides as possible there. Last night we meet Scott there for a night ride and Cody managed to flat a mile in. I wanted to ride with him! Now I feel like we need to go back and finish the ride. Scott and I got in a good lap, but no Cody.

He went to the store and hung out in the parking lot while we rode. Yes the place was packed again and I imagine it will be all weekend. That makes it even more fun! Hell I think I am gonna hit it Sunday night, and really be like the last person to ride there! Just me and the boy.

The wife would be a little happier with me considering she has been home from work most of the week sick! I could get away with going at least 2 more times. Not counting Sunday night.

I stole this picture from by boy Muddiman. This is one sad sign!

I know I have already said this but I was riding here when it was only 3 miles long! And had no bridges or features! You waded or plowed thru the creeks! I swear I hope the local trail building club took a lot of notes from this place. It is old school riding at it's best.

If the Andrew boys had been contracted to build Sherman Branch we would have a 30 mile trail there instead of 11 short miles. It would have been a more fun trail and less of a speedway. Sherman is nice don't get me wrong but it could have been a lot more!

So anyway last night was fun, Scott and I blasted around in the dark for an hour and had a good time.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gonna Get dark..........

Tonight we meet at 7 and it's gonna get dark! I am actually pretty excited, this will be the first night ride of the year! Every fall when the day light starts dwindling it's time to get the lights out. You can feel the change in the air and it's just fun! I like night riding, it gives you a new perspective of the trail.

I don't know why we always wait till fall to start night riding we could do it year round but it just seems that's when it starts. If you want to ride during the week when the daylight starts going early you better get out the lights. Poplar is our place tonight, it's one of the few places you can ride at night, and we are losing it Monday.

So it's kinda of a good bye night ride. I plan on taking my time and getting a few pictures, and Cody is going with my. Scott is meeting us there it should be fun.

Full report tomorrow.........

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost Over....................

20 plus years of riding and it's almost over. Poplar Tent "Beach Springs" mtn bike park will officially close on Monday October 1st. When I started riding there it was 1991. You used to park and go across the street to pay, you would leave your 2 dollars in a tool box on the front porch.

Now they have a covered kiosk and info center at the parking lot. The fee is 3 dollars now. Well worth it! The Andrews family originally used the trail for there own training. Both of the brothers Mike and Larry raced motocross for years. Then when mtn biking took off they opened it up for everybody to use.

Back then the trail was only 3 miles long, it was the best 3 miles in town! We used to ride there back before they had bridges and all the other stuff. We used to crash right thru the creeks. One time we went there when it was pouring rain and had to wade the creeks, believe it or not the water was damn near 3ft deep! Up to our waist, it was a ball that day.

Again that was back when nobody cried about riding after a rain shower. I still don't like the 24 hour rule. What a joke! Anyway, now the trail is almost 11 miles long and fun as hell! It is by far the most technical trail in the Charlotte area, the local mtn bike club should really take notes from the place. They made more use of land than any other spot in Charlotte.

Monday evening Scott and I made a trip out there  and had a ball. It was a fast ride so no I didn't get any pictures. But we are meeting there tomorrow night for a night ride. The last one! Cody is going and it's gonna be fun.

I swear I am gonna miss the place. Times change and things change, it just sucks to loose such a wonderful trail. It's hard to believe I used to ride there before I even had kids and now I ride there with my kid!!!!!!

I am gonna get there early enough I can get a few pics tomorrow night and I will probably get back there again before Monday.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Then We Had Sunday............

So after my "surprise fun day" at the Lazy 5 I really wanted to make the most of my time Sunday. So after I got home from church I loaded up my pockets and hit the road, on my road bike. I wanted the most bang for my buck time wise so loading up and heading down the road in a car to go ride was out of the question. That's always been my one complaint about riding mtn bikes. You have to load up to go ride. Seems like you cancel out any good carbon killing by driving the car to do it.

Oh well, we do it for fun not to be green! 

First of all I want to brag about my road bike a little. I really like this bike, after I had Cody build it and I finally got everything dialed in it really is as smooth as silk. No it's not carbon, yes it has a dent in the top tube and a few scratches here and there, it's a 20 year old frame by god! But it's steel!! That makes the difference! If you haven't ridden a steel frame in awhile you ought to try one. Yes it's a little heavier but so what. The weight on my bike as built is 20 pounds.

Last but not least I haven't talked about my Brooks seat in some time. I have had it about 2 years now and I love it even more every time I ride it. Yes it has an old school look most people think it's heavy, NOT, but the ride it provides is second to none! By far the best 75 bucks I ever spent. I rode for 3 hours Sunday and the seat is as comfy as it gets!

The best part of my bike is people don't know what to think of it. Cycling is a fickle sport! Bike shops stay in business selling people stuff they absolutely don't need,  much less can use to the level it is designed for, yet people have to have the latest and greatest no matter what it is. Don't get me wrong I have carbon cranks all Ultegra shifter bits and Cane Creek brakes. With XRP wheels and Vuluta hubs. Yep it's pretty sweet!

But when they see the Bridgestone on the down tube they aren't sure if it's an exotic or a POS. Bridgestone quit making bicycles 20 years ago. I like that, the last thing I want to do is fit in with everybody else!!!!!!

I like the road less traveled..... That's where I was heading Sunday!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Surprise !!!!!!

I had a pleasant surprise Saturday, we went to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville NC. it was one of those company trips. The hospital where the wife works had a family day with lunch and all. So far everyone we have been to have been pretty fun.

For some reason I had it in my head that this one was gonna suck! I guess because I had been a little sick last week and was finally feeling better I really wanted to spend the day riding and not at the Lazy 5. BUT low and behold I had a great time! The kids really enjoyed it and I did too. We stopped for ice cream on the way home and generally made a full day of it.

baby giraffes......pretty cool.....
Emma standing on the wagon bench 14ft fence
I think the kids kinda felt the same way I did, so it was neat seeing them enjoy them selves also. Emma got feed the giraffes, she loves them so that was neat. They even had 2 baby giraffes that where only 2 weeks old, and already 6ft tall!

now he wants a goat!!!!!!!
Karen feeding the Lama......
Chase liked the baby goats (kids)! He liked petting them. No we aren't gonna add a goat to the Markland farm. So overall it was a good day, no I didn't get to ride but the world is still turning. It's nice to do something different once and awhile....

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Day Count ????????????

OK, here we go! Last week I said I would tell you about the "Day Count" at the bottom of the page. Well it's Friday and I haven't said anything yet so why not finish the week with it.

For what it's worth I will start with some of my accomplishment over the last few years. First off I got off the couch 4 years ago and started riding again after a 14 year hiatus away from bicycles. You see we got married and my wife went back to school (this is 95) and I went trucking.

At the same time we had Cody and life was good. I honestly thought I was gonna drive a truck for myself the rest of my life! Well the next 5 years went by and I was driving and Karen had finished school and was now a full time RN, she got her nursing license. Then we had Chase (2000) and Cody was 5. Well about this time Karen was kinda tired of me being gone 3-4 nights every week and she was making some money do it wasn't as important that I work so hard.

So I sold out and got a regular job. I was glad! Cody had gotten to the point he used to pitch a fit every time I went to leave so it was time to quit trucking.

Fast forward to 2008 and Cody started wanting to race bicycles. Mountain bikes to be exact! He had a buddy at school who raced and he wanted too. At first my fat ass was like, yea OK we will. Then never did! Finally I took him to the first Southern Classic Race of the year(08). He had a blast!

So did I!!!!!!!

Being there and seeing all the new bikes and just the race vib, I wanted in! I came home and pulled a bike out from under the house I had bought in 94. A Proflex356 full suspension. Totally out of date and way behind the "new curve". I had it rebuilt and started riding and racing shortly after that.

"Charlotte Summer Series" of that same year. Well I spent a few weeks in the back of the pack and then started moving toward the front. Before the end of the year I had a few medals and helped a team finish 2nd in the fall 12 hour Tree Shake Race here in Charlotte. Then that fall I did really good in the fall series at Harrisburg.

The next spring I moved up to sport class and got a new bike. Then I promptly started winning races and always finishing in the top 3! I was really doing good. The next year I even got the chance to race the 24 Hour Burn with a team and we finished 2nd in our class. Matter of fact one of my team mates from that race was Chris Wyserck my buddy who just got his pro license!

So things where good. All that happened in 08, 09, 10. Then the winter of 2010 is when I had my bad crash and really tore my leg apart. So my racing has kinda taken a back seat since that time but I still ride like crazy. I could have went back to racing full time this year but it didn't work out. It really took a full year to get my leg back right.

Fast forward to 2012. No racing plenty of riding........

Next year I plan on getting back at it full time and because of that we have had the "Day Count".


Because up until 39 days ago I have been smoking at least a pack to two packs of cigarettes a day! Yea, even with all my success racing and riding I have always hidden it at the races. That's the only reason anyone would have asked me to pull my leg in these team races. They didn't know!

If they had they wouldn't have even asked me. I would even sneak off at races and smoke a cig, that's how bad I had it!

Well a month ago, while we were at the beach I decided it was time to quit! I laid them down haven't touched a pack since!

Cold turkey!!!!

You know what, it hasn't been that hard. When your ready your ready!!!!

I am 44 years old and want to live to be a 110 so I better get right now. Living with a nurse you would think I would have a little more smarts but man those things are strong. It really is an addiction. You just have to get your head right. I picked them up when I would sit behind the wheel of that truck, for hours on end I had nothing to do.

Then when I quit driving I was hooked. I will miss them, especially when I have a beer. But I have already gotten over the urge to grab a pack so time moves on!!!!!!

I did always like the Marlboro race car......LOL.....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Off.......

Yep, my 80 percent estimate was a little high! It's more like 55%. I found this out last night. If I was 80 I would have felt a lot better. I tried to ride Sherman last night and couldn't even make it a full lap!

I pulled the plug about the time I hit the lake loop. I took the emergency exit back to the parking lot, slowly, very slowly......

I ran out of energy so bad it wasn't even funny. Then went home and went straight to the couch. Took a nap and made a pizza, then went straight to bed. I was sound asleep by 8:30! That hasn't happened in a long time.

I think tonight will be another rest night and maybe I will try again tomorrow night. We don't have any plans for Friday night so I might as well try to ride. I know I am ready for this to end that's for sure. Being sick ruined last weekend I sure hope it doesn't ruin this weekend.

I will say this much my fork is the bomb! I still am learning to love it, this was only the 2nd ride I've had on it. So I am still noticing things or actions I haven't noticed yet. I will say it again, the front stays planted like it's nailed down!!!! Makes me feel like I have a new bike.

One last thing I don't brag about my kids nearly enough. I usually talk about them when they come out and play. Not when they do something good. But both of them have made me very proud in the last few days. Chase and Cody both are doing really well in school this year, like a total turn around! Both have been slack the last few years and push it to the end of the year before they finish strong.

It gets on my nerves because both of them are smart and very capable they just don't pursue it like they should. BUT, both came home with fantastic progress reports this week! I am really proud of them for starting strong! I love my kids and they make proud! I made a point to tell both of them this over the last few days!

The kicker to all this is Cody had a try out for church band last night! He was accepted!!! For piano and guitar..... It's been a good week for the Markland kids.....Mom and I are very proud......

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

80% and Climbing................

Health wise I can say I am back to about 80%! That's better than the last few days. Yesterday I felt like I needed to puke as soon as I got out of bed and it never seemed to change, all day I felt the same way.

This morning I woke up and I actually feel good! Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I still don't feel like I have my full appetite back yet but it will come. One plus of this is the fact I always talk about changing my eating habits then do nothing about them. Well after the last few days of eating nothing but bland foods and watching the amount of my intake, I have found it really is easy to watch the amount you eat.

Now if I can stick to it I might make a difference. I got the new Bicycling magazine the other day and have been reading up on healthy snacks. I look forward to our next trip to the grocery store this weekend. I am gonna load up on the healthy snacks they recommend.

Now I started something last night I can't wait to finish! I down loaded the book"The Secret Race" by Tyler Hamilton. Oh yea it's time to find out the secrets of the Tour De France!!!!!

I will let yea know what I think about it when I get done with it! So far I am hooked! I didn't load it till about 9 last night and as soon as it was done I read 40 pages before I had to lay it down! Poor old Lance has been telling a lot of stories..................

Day 34..............

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Better,,,, Slowly.....

Yea I feel better, but not much! As I sit here and type I am making sure the trash can is near.

I did sleep good last night and I ate good, but I think I ate to much. After not eating for a solid 24 hours when it finally hit me, I thought I was really ready to eat! Maybe not so much!

Do I hold Cracker Barrel responsible? Yes and no.....

You see I waited tables at TGIF Friday's about 20 years ago, and from that moment forward I have never set foot in the place again! Are they any different than Cracker Barrel, nope!

I have this theory, if you saw how food was handled at any restaurant you probably wouldn't eat there! They are all the same and it happens. I honestly can't remember the last time I had food poisoning, from anywhere! 

Yea it's there fault I got sick from eating there. But it happens. Will I eat there again?

Not for a long time!!!!!!!!!!! I might not totally hold them responsible but I ain't stupid!!!!    LOL....

Anyhow enough  of my rambling. Last night Cody had the turkey out.

Yep he's growing! Stanley just hangs out and eats from your hand. Stupid bird......

Monday, September 17, 2012

That Sucked.....

The worst part is it ain't over yet! What am I talking about, well I got a good case of food poison!

OK so Cody and I went out and rode Thursday evening and that went well. Then Saturday morning he wanted to go with me again. I thought great, I finally have my kid riding again.

I also got my Epic (26in) back from the bike shop. I had Ultimate Bikes rebuild the fork. I have had the bike for 3 years and never have given it really any type of maintenance. Beyond the usual, chain lube and cleaning.

Well the last time I rode it the fork lockout quit working. So I figured why not get it fixed and serviced. Ultimate just started doing fork work and that's where I do my shopping these days so that's where it went.

Wow what a difference! The front end is riding so much better it is unbelievable! I should have done this a long time ago! I can't even begin to tell you how much better it is. I also put a new set of bars on it and new brake pads.

So yes I had a good day!

Then it hit! Saturday night Karen and I went to Cracker Barrel, it was great as usual. About 2 am I woke up and it was on! I will spare you the details but but it sucks to be me right now.

I haven't had anything more than 2 crackers and one soft pretzel since Saturday night. I can keep coke down but haven't been brave enough to try anything else yet. Although my belly hasn't asked for anything yet. Not even one grumble.

So bottom line is I had one great day and one crappy day! What a waste of a weekend. I haven't watched that much football in 20 years, I went outside one time!!! One time!!! That was it....

Day 32....

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet 16.......

Last night I came home and was gonna go ride. Cody was sitting on the couch doing nothind so I asked him if he wanted to go. Yes was his reply!

It's been a year since he tore his knee apart, he rides sometimes and it will hurt. I have tried to tell him it's gonna hurt until he gets used to using it. I know at his age it's hard for him to understand, he had never had a major injury until now so it's been a long process.

coming up the driveway
He's been trying a little harder lately so I am always glad to have him along. Off we went! "Sweet 16" That's all we rode but it was fun.

He hasn't figured out how to take his time and ease back into it. We go and it's wide open, we come home with a 18.5 average speed .

Damn son take it easy! If he would learn to slow down and go at about it a little easier it would help.

out in the country

cutting the know it's the end of summer when the corn comes down
It was a good ride though we talked and had a good time. I miss riding with my boy. I hope he gets back into it...

Also when I got home the wife wanted to go walking . I got this shot of the sunset when we were out... I like sunsets..... 

Today is day 30..... Next week I plan on explaining the count!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ya Gotta Love It.........

One of my customers came in wearing this shirt this morning!

Ya gotta love it.......

Day 29...................

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Times Are Changing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got home and talked to the wife for a few, said hi to my mom and hit the road. Almost immediately I could feel the change in the air. Yes I was sweating and it was humid but you can feel the change coming.

Fall is right around the corner! It's time to start pulling out the fall gear. So I was pedaling along and enjoying the ride. Then without warning pow! Pizzzzzzzz, and the front tire was flat.

The funny part of it is at that given moment I was thinking about the fact that I was still running the same tube in the front tire that came with the bike! No kidding, the other day I was tuning it up and realized I still had the same tube that came with the bike in there.

5 years and it was still holding air! When I realized that the other day I put together a pack to put under my seat. As I have said before, I am kinda slack on carrying tools. The ride gods must have been looking out for me!

I did have a good view while I was changing it. It blew out on a hill so I was looking at the valley. Now for the funny part.

Believe it or not I have never had to use one of those C02 canisters before. Anytime I have had a flat I always had a pump or something! Yesterday was the first time and it worked perfect! I was rather impressed!

So anyway by the time I got home the sun was getting way low.. I am already noticing the shorter days.

I got a few good shots though...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Check This Out.......

So as I said yesterday I went out Sunday and did 3 hours. Yesterday I did nothing! I came home and went with the wife to town. Chase is sick and we had to pick up his medicine.

I get home and start cleaning the garage. It's a several day process. As I am moving things around I grab my road bike and for some reason I check the computer.

Thought that was kinda neat. I sure didn't try to end up on so many 5's. Must be a sign of luck! Good luck! At least I am going to look at it like that. I can take a sign. I can't quit remember when I got this computer but it hasn't been that long! 5555 total miles...

I thought it was neat...

Then as I am going through old tool boxes I have laying around I come across this. This is an original!

20 years ago when a Rock Shock Mag21 was the only option in the world of suspension this was the only option in the world of night riding! Four double A batteries and strap this to the handlebar and you where in business!

I had 2! I was bad ass.....

Even with 2 you couldn't see what was coming. We used to sneak into Cane Creek and ride........ Damn I have been riding bikes way to long......

I have parts A LOT older than my kids!!!!!!!!!

Day 27..................

Monday, September 10, 2012

So It's Monday.....

And this is gonna be a long week! After taking off a few extra days last week and having a 5 day weekend I dread this week.

It's gonna be a full 5 days in the office and then we get another 2 days.

So after church yesterday I came home and got my shit together. We had a bunch of rain the night before so all the local trails were closed. i got my shit together and hit the road. I went out with no plan, just wanting to ride.

About 3 hours later I was home and happy. I finished the day cleaning the garage and enjoying the cool weather. I took off on the motorcycle for a quick spin and that was the day.

Fast forward to today and I come to work and my computer crashes! Hard drive failed.... Damn... I am finally back on line and hooked up! Brand new computer! I lost all my pictures but I had most of them backed up on cd's.

So today is gonna be a short and sweet post. I have been here all day and it feels like a week.......

Day 26.......

Sunday, September 9, 2012

OK Now What...................

Yesterday I was supposed to ride with Kelly, Charles and the gang at Sherman. I didn't go, my buddies who I ride with in Pisgah called and wanted to hit Cane Creek. I went with them.

I don't get to ride with them very often and we have our fall trip coming up so Cane Creek it was.

I don't want to get to far off on a tangent about the Creek so I will keep this short! It's like one of the original places to mountain bike in the area and at one time it would be full of riders on a given Saturday morning. Now it's not..... Nobody goes there....

Why? Because they don't want you there! They charge 4 dollars entry and 3 for trail use. So 7 dollars to ride trails that get absolutely no maintenance. Where the 3 dollars goes is any ones guess! What a shame....

OK back to my ride, I was enjoying the morning and having a good time! I decide to try an old trail that never gets ridden and was headed up this hill when a vine caught my skewer and released my rear wheel! Never had that happen before!

So the wheel pops out and takes the derailleur with it! So now I am standing there with the wheel in one hand and the frame in the other. Thinking "how the hell did that happen".

My buddies had went the easy way and where at the top of the hill waiting. I come walking up asking them to go get the truck when Robert says "why, we can fix it",and we do!

We get it back together, at least good enough I can ride back to the truck. You see I am bad about not carrying any tools, no tubes nothing! If I have a flat I usually just head to the truck and fix it when I get home. Robert, he rides in the mountains enough that he carries everything with him.

You get way up in the mountains you better have tools! So I come home and fix it right and I am good to go....

Maybe I need to gets some tools together?

Day 25...................

Friday, September 7, 2012

I am Ready For Cold weather !!! NOW......

Right now!!!!!!! Not later NOW.....


Because I hate snakes!!!!! This year has been the year for snakes. I have ridden for 20 years and I think I have seen maybe 10 snakes.

This year I have seen so many I lost count! Not just black snakes either, I am talking poisonous snakes!

Since last fall when I came across the rattlesnake up in Pisgah I have seen probably 20 copperheads! I hadn't seen 2 in the last 20 years!

Why is this the subject today, because last night I waited till after it rained and headed to Sherman Branch. I got there and it had hardly rained. At my house we got a down pour. So I am there with 2 other cars in the lot and I get ready.

I want to get in the woods before the other 2 guys do. Why does that matter, because I know somebody will be riding clean up behind me. In other words I can haul ass and not worry about the consequences of a mistake!

Yes I think about that when I ride, if you have ever had a bad wreck and had to be hauled out of the woods by the EMT's you would think the same way. When I go to Uhwarrie I always try to keep it down a little not as many people ride over there and I damn sure don't want to spend a night in the woods wishing someone would find me.

Yes I have a phone but I don't always carry it. I do at Uhwarrie but it doesn't work everywhere over there.

Back to snakes! I am hauling ass and enjoying the ride when I have to slam on the brakes! Right in front of me is laying a big fat copperhead!


It needs to get cold and they need to head back into the ground for the winter!!!! I don't want to see another snake.....

I might ride the road bike for the rest of the fall................ NOT.......

Oh yea, I feel a little better.......

Day 23..............

Thursday, September 6, 2012

You Ever Get ill.........

Yep I mean sick, and grumpy all at once! Last night was one of those nights. I started feeling it come on Sunday, a sore throat. By last night it was killing me. Because of that I couldn't decide what to do.

Here it is 4:30 and I am home from work and have all afternoon, I can go ride or any other option. But I don't feel good..

I get my bottles ready and change into my riding clothes. Then I just don't want to go! I change my clothes again and it just pisses me off! Here I am a grown man and can't decide what I feel like doing!

So I go sit on the couch and surf the net for a few minutes while I think about what to do. The last thing I want to do is sit home all evening.

By now I have already gotten on my wife's nerves, she wants me out of the house! So I decide I will go for a ride on the street bike.

I change clothes for the third time and head out side, I get the bike out and head out the driveway. No plan just out. At the end of the road I have already made my mind up. Iron Horse Motorcycles it is. Why? Why not!

Plus the kids want a four wheeler so why not go look at a new one! I did, and on the way home I felt the chills coming on.

So now it's only 6:30 and I have changed clothes 3 times gotten on my wife's nerves and been to the motorcycle shop. Now what!

Since I didn't feel like riding a bike I decided to clean a bike. To the car wash I went. Still in my jeans and long shirt from riding the motorcycle. As I went by Farm Bureau the sign said 83 degrees, not good. Here I am driving down the road in jeans and a long sleeve shirt with the air condition turned off and it's 83 outside.

That ain't a good sign......... I knew before I went to bed today was gonna suck!!!!!

I washed the 29er and loaded all my clothes and bottles in the Blazer for today. At least I am optimistic!! I don't care how bad I feel today I am gonna ride. It just might be really slow.....

Day 22 and still counting.........

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don"t Text and Drive......

Let's start with that! I came to work this morning and this is what I found...

Right at the gate, and no kidding he was texting when he tried to turn around! Not to smart.....

So yea I am back at work, again! This time it looks like I will have to show up every day for awhile. I am out of days. From here on out I won't get paid to play. That sucks...

Yesterday I went for a ride, the damn over behind the house is flowing like crazy! We never see it like this, maybe once in the last 10 years has the lake been this full!

Speaking of the ride. I went out with no purpose and enjoyed it. I stayed in the big ring and covered some ground. I was on the bike for like 2 hours and it was hot. The sun stayed behind the clouds most of the day but it still got hot.

Last but not least I found these pictures of a hardware store in Saluda we went to. You got to love a store with so much character....

Day 21........

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Almost Forgot......

Today is day 20!!!!!!! Making progress.... I might talk about my day count before to long..........

Bak Again................

Yea I am still here. I took a few extra days for the Labor Day weekend. Got in a bunch of riding a little bit of church and a lot of sunshine. It's been hot an it rained so hard yesterday I thought I was gonna lose my driveway.

I have never had water going over the top like I did yesterday. Today (Tuesday ) is supposed to be the same thing.

Yes I have been riding the VTX, I think I have all the bugs worked out of it now. It cut off on me the other day and my neighbor had to help me push it home but a little carb cleaner and she is back in action!

Cody and I cleaned up the Tri-cross and have it on Craigslist for sale. It's time for it to get a new home. The kids want a new 4-wheeler so something has to go.

Yep that's it! If you know anyone who would like to have it let me know. The price is right. $900 negotiable....

Next on the block is a KTM Sx 50..... Chase has outgrown it and it needs to go. This thing is a little monster! It is capable of 50 miles an hour! Yea for a 6 year old! My kid could handle it so somebody else's can too.......