Sunday, December 29, 2013

Time To Catch Up ,,,,,,,,,,,,

So it's been almost a week since I last posted. I worked last Monday the 23rd, that was the last post. Then it was out the door and on to Christmas. We enjoyed time with the family and ate some good food. James and Eve came in from Kinston with the boys and stayed for a few days.

It's always fun to see them, it seems like they grow 5 inches every time we see them. but then again we only see them a couple times a year. We need to work on that. Before you know it they are gonna be grown.

Yes I gave Karen her big surprise Christmas gift. Back before Thanksgiving I bought her a car! As long as we have been married she has always wanted a Mazda Miata. You know the little two seat sports car. The one that made no since with 2 kids! Well now our kids are growing up and Cody drives and we already have 3 other cars.

I figured why not! She had no ideal what I had done. I had left it at the dealership until Christmas eve and then we went and got it. I brought it home and hid it in the garage. We have a detached garage so I wasn't to worried about keeping her out of there for one day.

The kids and I had went and had our picture taken with the car a few weeks ago and had that framed. Christmas morning she unwrapped the picture and kind of sat there looking at it. She wasn't sure what to think at first. Then I threw her the keys and she liked to flipped out.

I told her she might want to check the garage and she was gone! Twenty eight degrees and barefoot she was out the door! It was great! As I said she had no ideal! Just getting to see her reaction was the best gift I have gotten in years!

The kids also had a great Christmas! Overall It was great, on to the next one! Now we move on to New Years and the  next year. Speaking of that it's gonna be a big year. Cody graduates and Chase finishes up grade school. He starts high school next year and Cody starts college...

Damn I am getting old.......................... 

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