Monday, December 2, 2013

22 Days ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Not that I am counting, but it's "22 Days" until the big day. Of course you all know what day I am talking about.


Yep, I love this time of year. You know the saying, "the older you get the faster the years fly by". It's true and so far that's the highlight as far as I am concerned. Christmas comes faster every year! About the time we finish the weekend of Thanksgiving and go back to work on Monday I am excited. I started counting down yesterday! I told the wife how many days we had last night and again this morning!

We went out shopping Saturday night and took care of all the kids. Meaning niece's and nephew's. My boys are old enough now that they are pretty easy. Of course I can't tell ya what they are getting but they are easy. I will need to finish the stocking suffers between now and then but that's not hard. If anything I wish I had more stuff to get.

I do have the greatest present of all already purchased. I took care of the wife last week. Of course I can't tell ya what it is yet. There's no way I am gonna blow this one. You'll just have to wait like she is. Although she doesn't know she's waiting. Stay tuned in "22 Days" everybody will know..

Yes, I rode 3 out of the 4 days we were off. I had a great time on the bike. We can cover that tomorrow............

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