Thursday, October 17, 2013

Maintenance ,,,,,,

And nothing else. That pretty much sums up my evening. I worked on a bicycle and a beer. Evening over, now I want to ride and because of that it's raining! Go figure, I wasted the evening last night and now my ride is in question. Maybe I should have paid a little more attention to the weather.

Since I had such a boring evening how bout I throw in a product review. The other day I was at the bike shop picking up a few items and I needed chain lube. They were out of the stuff I usually use. So I came home with a new product called "White Lightning", ya gotta love the name!

I used it on Saturday, 3 rides ago and the chain is still smooth as silk! I was surprised to find that. It works better than what I was using. Was being the key word, I now have a new product.

Find it, try it, you'll like it....

Nuff said,,,,,,,,,,

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