Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So, Now what ,,,,,,,,,,

If you write a blog you usually read a lot of them too. Of course your gonna read blogs that are of your interest. I mean why would I read a blog about knitting when I don't knit. You get my drift. Point is everybody I read is talking about there "plans" for next year.

Thing is, I have no plans! Race plans anyway, last year I did a race in Columbia S.C. right about this time last year. Then I did the Jerrdon Mountain Challenge in July and that was it. Guess what I had a good year! I rode like 900 times and raced twice. Both times I had fun and was no way in contention for any type of medal but hell it was fun.

I got to ride in the mountain a few times and I played on the road bike in Asheville twice. That was a good year! I have come to realize I enjoy riding more than racing. I am beginning to think I am happy right where I am as far as fitness goes. The last time I rode with my buddy Kelly we talked about this. It's funny because he just couldn't understand what I was trying to say.

I like riding hard and fast and I enjoy being competitive. But as far as putting in the "training" to get back up front. I just don't feel like it. There's a fine line you have to cross to get there and I don't plan to race enough to really justify that. Last year I talked about the year coming and I wanted to do this and that and "it" never really happened.

I had more fun on my trips to the mountains riding than I would have if I had raced. I know I have said it before but since the kids aren't racing it's hard for me to find the motivation.

Point is, "So,Now What".

Tomorrow I will let ya in on my new plans............

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