Monday, November 11, 2013

Ten Things !!!!!!!!!!

That's about how many things I have on my mind this morning! I will try to stick with just a few and not bore you to much. Great weekend, yes. Test ride, yes. Mountain bike ride, yes. Now let's tie all three of those together and wrap this up!

Saturday AM, out the door at 8:30 and on the bike. I meet Trey and to the Harley dealer we went. I signed all the necessary paperwork saying if I kill myself on the test ride tough shit. So after that off I went! Harley 883 Sportster and I down the road we rode. We as in they won't let you just takeoff by yourself, they go with you. Me and my new best friend the sales rep. Surprisingly he let me kick pretty hard, I wanted to see if it had enough power to keep me happy and he let me try it out.

We kicked it pretty hard. So after a few miles on the main road it was a few low speed back roads and then back to the dealer. As I said it has good power, it being a v-twin all the power is in the mid-range you go through the gears pretty quick. As long as you ride it like that it's fun. It seemed to have no bottom end really, you can't just roll along at 40-45 in top gear. It won't pull it, you have to downshift.

I guess the Gold Wing has me spoiled when it comes to the range a motor will pull. I can drag it down to 30 miles an hour in top gear and just roll the throttle on and it never even burps! It really does have a perfect throttle map. The range is incredible.

Back to the sportster, It's been awhile since I rode a full naked bike. As in no windshield at all. It was a change for sure! I can see where it would be a fun bike. Back and forth to work is what I would use it for and that's pretty much what it's made for. Your not gonna climb on this bike and ride it all day. So overall I liked what it does.

Now the question is did I like it enough to buy it !!!!!!!!!

So then I came home and headed out the door. I went down and hung out with all the horse people at Cane Creek. I know I was the only bicycle hanging out and I passed a few hikers. But it must have been horse day. I passed more horses than I saw birds. I guess this time of year and the perfect weather had brought them all out.

The leaves have really dropped over the last few weeks, it's at the point that if you aren't sure of where the trail goes you could miss it in a few spots. They just don't get enough traffic to keep the trail clear. After the leaves fall it will wear back in, it just needs a few months....

It's gonna be a good fall..........

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