Thursday, November 7, 2013

Progress ,,,,,,,,,,

So now I have an appointment! Saturday 10am I am scheduled to test ride the sportster I am interested in. Trey and I are gonna meet at Charlotte Harley-Davidson. Test ride time! I am gonna find out weather or not I really want one. If it has enough power how it handles the whole nine yards. Who would have thought you could just call and schedule a ride.

As long as you have a motorcycle license and insurance you just call them and set it up. Most dealers don't have that option. So that's cool. Again I mentioned it to the wife when I told her I had the test ride scheduled, all she said was "don't come home with a new motorcycle", I just smiled. Then she said "I'm serious". To which I replied with another smile.

Cody likes the ideal, he wants to ride. Time to cook dinner! Score some more points...

Not that I am keeping score....

So last night I went ahead and serviced the bike and fixed the front tire. I loaded up clothes, bike and all. Now I am ready for a ride. I haven't ridin since Sunday and it's time. I charged the lights yesterday so now I have no excuses. I look forward to the weekend. My plan is to do my test ride Saturday morning and then head riding some where. I need a good long ride. It's fall and my camera is ready. I like taking a trip or two just for pictures.

I plan to try and ride Cane Creek again. I now know the phone number to call.......

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