Friday, July 24, 2015

Do I, Or Not............

I have two chances to just retire today! I bought two scratch off tickets on a whim this morning! Both where 5 bucks each and one is worth 4 million and the other worth 1 million. I can make either one of those numbers work.

See the best part about these tickets is the fact I haven't "scratched" them yet. In my mind I have all the possibilities of actually retiring today. I hold close to 5 million dollars in my hand! Think about that for a minute.

What you could accomplish with that! I know I would retire, that would be the first thing I did. Take a vacation, all kind of stuff.. That was the best 10 bucks I have spent in a long time! It's put me in a good mood it gave me something to talk about this morning. We here at work have had a good time talking about this.

                                            I think I might just leave them unscratched...........

Or at least wait till the end of the day. Option 1: I like it, I win and retire.. Option 2: I don't like this one. It's a dud and I don't win! Right now in my mind I am rich..................

                                                                 To scratch or not.............

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Damn A Week ,,,,,,,,,,,

Yep it's been a week! I got on here this morning and I had to stop and think for a second what my password was. That was a clue I need to get back to blogging! It's just been hard to find the time lately.

BUT,,, I did get out the door and made my way to PA last Thursday. My youngest son and I left about lunch Thursday and made it up about 8pm. We had a good dinner and then hit the hay. Friday Chase and I did a 25 mile rail trail while Cody was in school and that was fun. While it was freaking hot and humid here it was pretty much perfect weather up there. We hardly even broke a sweat!

To say I was proud of him would be an understatement! Chase hardly rides these days and to jump on a bike and knock out 25 miles is pretty awesome. We stopped in Indiana, PA and took a break at a motorcycle shop, that was fun. We also stopped and had a great lunch. Then a good nap and Cody was done with school.

Out to dinner and we slept good Friday night. Saturday we headed to Pittsburgh to tour a bicycle museum! "Bicycle Heaven" was the name of the shop and it was worth the trip. Although Pittsburgh has the absolute worst road system in the country! We still found it.

Yes it was worth the trip! That place was cool, you could go 10 times and never see everything they have. You walk out of one room to another and then back in and you would see something new every time. We ended up staying there for 2 hours looking around.

Going there makes me want to checkout the bicycle museum shop we have right up the road in Statesville NC. First Flight, I think is the name.

So after that we did a lunch and then headed to the trails. We spent the rest of the day doing a little four wheel driving. Now I want a jeep!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Time To Start ,,,,,,,,,,,,

But at least the car is clean! right now I am about a day away from heading back to PA and so far I have the car clean. Tomorrow I have to pack and have everything ready, we leave at lunch Thursday so tomorrow is it. I always wait till the last minute and it works out fine. This time I have to get the kid ready to so I feel like I need to pickup the pace.

Of course it always works out but it's one thing if it's just me who suffers for my lack of planning, another if the kid needs something. Being a father is a job. Just kidding, it's not that big of deal, it's not like we are going to a wedding or something. We are going to ride bikes and play for 3 days.

Not to hard to pack for that. Even I can handle it! So far the weather looks good for my plan that's cool. I have been looking forward to this since we took Cody up there last November. I wish I could spend several days up there and enjoy all of the trails but that ain't gonna happen..

I got a job down here and they seem to think I should be here 5 days a week. Life sucks, I need another lottery ticket. One of these days I am gonna hit the lotto and travel will be my job! Until them I work on Monday.

Not much else going on right now, I have been riding quit a bit. All in the woods, although I did finally fix my road bike and now it's ready for the next time I decide to ride it. When that will be I don't know. Right now I am back in that "mood" where I just don't want to ride on the road. I like the woods.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Plan 1 !!!!!!

I am heading back to PA next week. The "Plan" this time is take kid number 2 with me and go a day early. While kid number 1 is in school all day next Friday, number 2 and I are gonna ride a "rails to trails" type trail. I have been eyeing it since we started going up there last November.

From Blairsville to Indiana PA is the trail and it's like 15 miles one way. We can ride up and then have Cody pick us up. Of course we could ride both ways but Chase hasn't been on a bike in a while so I don't want to make the ride miserable for him. I know he can still ride 15 without a problem but if we turn around and have to go back it would take the fun out of it for him.

Plus this way we can ride up and mess around town. They have a great deli in downtown Indiana and Chase loves a good Rueben sandwich! After a 15 mile ride he'll be ready for it when we get there. I also want to hit the 2 local bike shops. I want to get a shirt from both of them. The point is I am gonna enjoy the day with Chase and then I have the rest of the weekend with both of them.

Yep it's a week away, but I am looking forward to it all ready!!!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Over The Hump ,,,,,,,,,,,,

OK, for me every year we have the forth of July and that is "The Hump". Midyear, it's all downhill from here type of feeling. I always look at it as "what have I done and do I want to do the rest of the year" type deal. Not sure why I feel this way but I do.

I have always felt like it has something to do with my birthday being in June. It's like I know every 6 months I get a present! Although the older I get the more I don't really care about the presents. I just remember being a kid and I always felt like I had the best time of the year for a birthday. It was perfect timing right in the middle of the year! Thanks mom!

Plus it was summer time and again the forth marks halfway through summer. I knew we had school coming and I better make the best of what we had left. Now I don't have school but I still get the same feeling. Plus every year for the last few years I knew I had my fall mountain bike trip coming and I always tried to step it up a little. I like being in great shape as to enjoy the ride.

I never wanted to show up and have anybody waiting on me. Although after last years trip and the total change toward more drinking than riding I doubt I'll make the trip with them this year. So that kinda opens up the fall for other endeavors.

Now I need to make plans!!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ready For The Weekend ,,,,,,,,,,,,

For a short week it's been on the long side but I can deal with it. We get three full days to enjoy with a parade thrown in for good measure! We hardly ever go but this year we are. I'll be in the big city of Unionville Saturday afternoon for the 75th annual parade! All the fire trucks and volunteer firemen you can shake a stick at.

It's fun every few years, might as well go this year and that way it's done for a while. Small town America! Gotta' love it. Tomorrow I am riding and going to Kings Mountain, the Indian Motorcyle dealership is my destination!

I cleaned the heck out of my Gold Wing motorcycle this week and it's looking good. But I sure would like to have a new Indian. It never hurts to look! Plus it gives me a reason to ride!!

Enjoy the 4th and see ya next week..