Friday, November 4, 2016


                                                               Another post!

In the last couple months, while I wasn't blogging. I managed to break the frame again on my Cannondale, no surprise this makes the 3rd time. Yes every time the warranty kicks in and they send me a new frame. Then I have to pay a 100 bucks to the bike shop to rebuild it and it will last another year.

Not a bad deal, unless it's your 100 bucks and it's the 3rd time! And once again, I have a 6 year old Specialized that I am riding "again". Will I ever buy another Cannondale? Nope! Not gonna happen! I now regret buying the road bike from them. I wish I had purchased something else. No it hasn't given me any problems but the mountain bike has given me enough that I just feel that way.

The Specialized has been bullet proof. You think Cannondale could build a bike that would be just as reliable.

Yes I can do the frame rebuild myself, but to keep the warranty in tack I have to let a bike shop do it.                                                                Total BS!

So anyway I have spent so much time in the mountains riding this year that it's kinda killed the mood to ride around the house. The local trails are just not the same, I like the mountains. Sometimes I get to the trails here and I have to make myself get out of the car and go. The only reason I do it is to stay in shape to go back to the hills.

I have ridden the Olympic course in Conyers several times lately, I like it a lot too. Forks Area Trails in Augusta GA are ok. I have been there several times but besides having a lot of mileage they are kinda boring. Every trail there looks and rides the same. It's nice to have as an option but I seem to drive right by it a lot.

Now that it's November time will change soon and night riding will start! Looking forward to that..