Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting It ,,,,,,,,,,

Saturday I went to Uhwarrie and knocked out a good loop and enjoyed a great day! Sunday came and I headed to Sherman for a lap, total for the week four rides. The weather is finally working in my favor! If I can keep up this pace I will be back in action and up to speed in no time.

Although last night my legs where tired so I went to the golf course, The dog and I knocked out 4 miles and I finished the night with a grilled chicken salad. Maybe tonight I will get the bike back out..

Friday, March 27, 2015

Now I Know !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went home and planned on doing nothing. Then I got home and decided that sucked so I loaded the bike and headed to the trails. With mowing the yard for the first time this year and the pollen starting to release my allergies have gone nuts! My throat is killing me and I can't sleep worth a damn.

Being outside and feeling like shit still sounded better than being inside and feeling like shit. So out I went! Thirty minutes later I got to Sherman Branch and headed in the woods. I had all the intentions in the world of taking my time and enjoying the ride. I even took my full suspension bike, the 26in because I wanted to ease along. Of course that lasted about the first 50 yards of the trail.

I saw another rider leave the truck and knew he was gonna be behind me so the first thought through my head was I don't want to be passed! Now keep in mind I have only ridden like 4 times in the last 6 weeks. With travel and the weather this winter my bike riding has really been way off. I usually ride right through the winter but not this year. As I have already said before I was coming off one of the best fall riding seasons I have had in a long time.

To loose all that fitness in a matter of weeks really sucked! Not complaining though I have spent a lot of quality time with the boys skiing this year. It's been fun, plus that's the reason I started riding again was time with the kids. This winter has been time with the kids, just a different type of time.

Back to what I know.... First off I am too competitive to try and ride easy at a busy trail. I hate to get passed and if someone is behind me I am gonna blow up before I let them pass. Second, I now know what kind of time I can lay down. I had a :59 minute lap, when I am totally kicking ass I will be down at the :53 minute mark. The climbs, that's where it's all lost! Right now I just don't have it in me, I get back to riding 3 days a week and I will be right back on it...

Third and most important thing! I had a blast last night! Even feeling bad it felt great to be in the woods and riding bikes. It's gonna be a great summer, maybe a slow winter riding and a break from riding was what I needed.................

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For The Next ,,,,,,,,,,,,

After re-reading my post from yesterday I realized I never got to the "Next" part. We have been going quite a bit lately and I enjoy looking forward to the next trip on the way home from the last. I realized on the way home from the beach that besides Cody coming home this weekend we don't have anything planned at the moment.

So now I make plans! Next weekend (the 3rd-4th) I am planning to go ride my bike in the mountains. I can load my tent and head to the campground and spend hardly anything. That way I can spend a full day riding and get a good nights sleep before I come home. Again I like the 40 miles to the gallon car.

It expands your playground by a lot! Plus when you go by yourself your options are a lot easier. I can grab a burrito and a six pack and dinner is done. With the wife in tow things don't work like that. She ain't as inclined as I am to rough it. So camp trip to the hills and a trip to Cane Creek park are the only things on the horizon for now.

Although if I want to enjoy the bike ride I better get riding! It seems like everyday here lately I have had something to do. Yesterday was the first yard mow of the year. Today I am paying for it too. My allergies have gone crazy! And I am only about halfway through with the yard. I still need to mow the driveway and trim the bushes. Then a trailer of mulch and the yard will be set for the summer..............

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Next ,,,,,,,,,,

We went to the beach, set up and killed a couple of days. About the only exercise I did was hooking and unhooking the camper. Although I did walk a little bit it was a great trip. Can't wait to go back again. Now that we have a new top I might as well us it more.

The dog did great, she only got out once or twice and came right when I called so she was a success. She kept me company when I took my afternoon nap in the sun. You stretch out in a lawn chair and it's like 60 and a slight breeze you can sleep like a rock! We had a good day Saturday and Sunday it was raining when we got up and cleared up by the time we got home.

Now we wait for Cody to come home this weekend! He will be home for a few days. You know how kids are, we might get to see him or not! You know he's got to see his friends too! Which is fine, we will be going back up in a few weeks. Then we have him all to our selves.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Like That it's Over ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Started the week with a ride and then did nothing the rest of the week. Tuesday I cleaned up my neglected truck, since we are using it this weekend I thought I might need to give it some love. Then Wednesday I had to go pick-up my camper from the shop and that managed to pretty much kill the afternoon.

Yesterday was spent packing the camper, plus it was raining so that pretty much did the week in. I plan to relax and do nothing this weekend! Next week is gonna be another story, I have to get back in gear. Although to be honest I have enjoyed my break! I love my bicycles and I am looking forward to getting back in gear but the break has really been nice.

I have still been doing a lot of walking and just a little (very little) running. I haven't totally been a couch potato! But it's been nice, when the weather finally gets right I will get back in the swing of it. For now, I like what I am up too!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I rolled out Friday at 12 and had dinner with the boy at 8pm. Spent all day touring motorcycle shops and checking out the large quantities of public game land in PA. Apparently Pennsylvania has a lot of hunting land open to the public. Most states don't have as much, as a matter of fact I can't even name any place besides Uhwarrie that is open to the public here in NC.

Add a 4-wheel drive Jeep in and we had all the backwoods trails we wanted to explorer to ourselves! It rained all day so that killed out plans to ski so we had to find other options. A good dinner up in Indiana PA and a good breakfast Sunday before I came home and the trip was over before I knew it.

It's a long way to visit for a day and half but hey, it's my kid! If I could go every week I would! But luckily he is coming down next weekend so I don't have to worry about going back for a few weeks. After he heads home it might be a month before I go back. I already look forward to it!

Now for my being back! Yesterday I slipped out after work and headed to the woods. My riding has really suffered over the last few months with the weather and going back and forth to see the kid so much. Last night it really showed! I totally sucked!!!! Really, like the worst I have been on a bike in years!!!

I went to Sherman Branch, one of the more fast flowing trails in the Charlotte area and I struggled! I could have ridden all day but I just didn't have any speed or rhythm. I was all over the place and the smallest climbs that I usually shoot right up made my legs hurt! Until I get back in a steady routine it's gonna hurt.

As I rode home Sunday I was even entertaining thoughts of racing the Southern Classic Race series this year. It starts this coming weekend, after yesterday I think I might just go to the beach and wait for someone else to tell me about it!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Short and sweet ,,,,,,,,,,

My day! I am hanging around here till 12 and then out the door. I plan to be having dinner with my son at 8 tonight! Our ski plans may or may not workout. The weather will determine that, to me the skiing is the bonus! I go to see the kid, if we ski that's great! If not we find something else to do.

                        This will be like my 4th mini vacation so far this year. Life is good!!!!

       Plus I am boot legging him 3 cases of Cheerwine! He can't buy it up there he needs his fix!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

About Time...........

Yep, it's "About Time". It's been a month. I am heading back to Pennsylvania again! The kid and I are going skiing all day Saturday and then I come back home. The added bonus is it looks like he's gonna have a long weekend in 2 more weeks and will come home for a few days!

I still ain't sure how I feel about him driving back and forth by himself but I know he's capable. He's done really well in school and he's a good kid so it looks like he will be driving. Yes we did check into plane tickets but nothing worked for the time span he has.

The price was right but he had to leave at like 7am, when he would still be in school. Going back he would get back to Pittsburgh after 10pm with class at 7 the next morning, and he lives over an hour from the airport. So I guess he will be driving and the wife and I just have to get over it.

The fact he is capable should make me feel better! But it's still tough to think your 19 year old is driving 500 miles by himself! But he lives 500 miles away and is doing fine so I can deal with it.                                    

                                                   Now my wife isn't to thrilled at all.........

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Are We There Yet ?????????

After 2 days of fantastic weekend weather I went home yesterday to another evening of shorts and a t-shirt. I loaded up the dog and decided to go golf ball searching! I could say I went to walk but that's just a benefit of the search. Plus it makes time go faster and I walk farther when I am hunting golf balls.

I ended up walking for an hour and a half and found 5 golf balls. We walked all over the course, everybody was already done for the day and we had the place to our selves. The best part of the evening was the sight of a few wild flowers!

                                 To me that would be the first sign of spring!

The sooner the better! By the way I came home and grilled out and got to watch the sun go down over the field from my deck. That was a pretty good day.........

Monday, March 9, 2015

Old Is New Again !!!!!!!!!!!

I got my bike back, Saturday the weather finally got back to what we would call "seasonal". The trails are still soaked from all the rain we have had lately so my options were limited. But having a car now that gets 39 miles to the gallon I am more inclined to travel a little more to ride.

I loaded up and headed south, Cheraw State Park. 45 miles and I was there! Last time I was there the trails were in a little rough shape and I went with that thought in my mind. To my surprise and delight, someone had just recently done the maintenance. The trails were in awesome shape!

I had a 3 lap 21 mile ride and spent the better part of 2 hours enjoying the sunshine and 65 degree temps. I had so much fun I even went back down Sunday and did 2 more laps. After going 3 weeks without riding my legs are sore! Believe it or not since the week of Christmas, the last time I was down there only 29 people had signed the registry.

Although I did see 2 bikers Sunday who hadn't signed in and a jogger Saturday who didn't sign in. So I know the trails are getting use, they are just in a really rural area. Thank goodness they are there though. If they where closer they would get a lot of use.

Now for my bike! "Old Is New Again"! As I said last week I got it back and it's like riding a brand new bike again. With a full service tune up, all new cables and housings and a general going over it's awesome!

                                    Bicycle Sport Charlotte, NC..... The bomb!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Got Something To Say !!!!!!!!!

I got my bike back today! New frame new chain new cables and a rebuilt fork! Damn near a new bike, now if the weather gets right I can't wait to hit the trails. I love new stuff...........