Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11-12-13 ,,,,,,,,,,,

When will you be able to use a title like that again! Someone pointed that out to me awhile ago. If they hadn't said anything I would have never noticed. It's cool though....

So I spent the whole night dreaming about motorcycles! No kidding I went to bed thinking about that Sportster and if I really want that one or another one they have sitting right beside it that is bigger! Bigger is always better, why would anybody buy a small drink at McDonald's when you can buy the 2 liter cup for a dollar more! Besides the bigger bike is only a thousand more.

How can I pass that up!

So with that on my mind I am heading back over there during lunch to take another look at the other bike. I hadn't given it much thought until last night. I kinda had my mind on the smaller bike. The other one already has after market pipes and it comes with an alarm system. It's flat black, not my favorite but it's worth another look.

Plus it has spoke wheels!!!!! I like spoke wheels, you don't see them very often anymore.

In the mean time if it doesn't rain this afternoon I will hit the woods for a ride. I brought all my stuff so I hope that works out. Then I can ride around and think about which bike I want. I have to look at it that way because I already came to the conclusion I really don't need another one!

I need to sell some dirt bikes!

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