Friday, March 29, 2013


The week is over, I have a new record! Including Saturday I have swam a total of 8750 yards! Not bad! No I didn't run this week but I did ride the mountain bike 3 times. So overall it's been a good week.

I have been busy this week and then this morning here at work. Then to top it off we have inventory here at work. Easter weekend and we have inventory! So for that reason I am gonna have to keep it short today. Yes we are gonna ride tomorrow and it's gonna be nice this weekend.

So go outside and play!!!!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Why does the first 3-4 hundred yards swimming always suck? It seems like after I reach that point I find my groove and can keep going as long as I want. So that's my "Why" question of the day.

Next up is the fact that it's damn near a job to be active! Why do I say that? Well last night the kids went to church and Karen and I went out for dinner. When we got home I packed up my clothes and bag for swimming this morning and then went in to sit down.

About that time it dawned on me I was planning to ride the mountain bike after work today. So I got up and packed up my mtn. bike clothes and got the bike ready. Another 20 minutes before I was done and ready to sit back down. When I finally did I thought damn this exercise is a lot of work!

I also hit the motorcycle shop on the way home and got the rest of Chase's parts. Tonight when I finally get home I will finish it and we will be a little closer to the trails. So besides taking the wife out for dinner last night my whole evening pretty much revolved around my activities.

Packing and prepping.... I have a tough life......

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Riding Again,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I swam yesterday am and rode last night. I met Scott and Kelly at Steve's trail right after work. This was my first ride on the new frame and I was kinda looking forward to it.

So Kelly got there before we did and rode a lap by himself. Scott and I went in the woods backwards so we would run into him, we did. Then back out and around we went. I stayed with them through the first c2 climbs and most of the lap. Then all of a sudden I had no shifting? I was like, damn I would have thought they changed my cables when they rebuilt my bike?

Like what the hell! So I started walking. All I had was the front 3 sprockets and they hardest gear in the back. After a short walk I decided to take a look at the problem. Guess what! When he routed the new cable for the rear derailleur he missed putting it through the little guide hole, the cable had just slipped off! So I put it back on and took off again.

Only problem was now my buds where out of sight. So I ended up riding the rest of the lap by myself. No big deal, and the cable slipped off a few more times. So I would have held them up anyway. But it did kinda kill my rhythm.

Then it was to the house in time for supper and the day was done. After we ate I fixed the bike and I was happy, now I am looking forward to the next ride. That will be tomorrow night. I plan on 2 laps then.

Yes, I swam this morning and life is good!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


$9.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we are back in action! Ten minutes on the Autozone web-site and one phone call later, we are hooked up! They held the part till I got there on the way home from work. I stopped, picked it up, 9.99 plus tax and on the way I went.

One flat head screwdriver and my Blazer was fixed! I love it when a plan comes together. You always assume the worst when something goes wrong with your car. At least I do. So when you get off that easy it's always nice.

In the process of looking for the part I came across the manual for for my vehicle. The one that shows you how to do anything you need to do. $26.95! I went ahead and ordered that. I plan on keeping the Blazer and you know you will have a problem sooner or later. With instructions you can fix anything.

Besides I like fixing cars. It's kinda fun to work on your own stuff. Why pay someone else when you can do it yourself, I have the tools and the garage so it works out. When I was 16 I wanted to be a mechanic at one point. Because of that I have a hell of a tool set. Plus my dad used to do most of his own stuff and I learned from him. The last thing I am gonna do is pay someone to change my oil..

One last thing, I did swim this morning and I have the bike loaded for Steve's place this afternoon......

Monday, March 25, 2013

That's Weird............

So yesterday was a total waste, I went to bed thinking "it's gonna get better". Then this morning I get up and my interior light is stuck on. Yesterday I saw it was on and I turned it off. Then this morning it's on again.

So it wouldn't be that big of deal except it's raining and cold and 5am. I am trying to get to the pool and now my car won't start. So I have to find the jumper cables and get Karen's keys and pull her car into position, I do all that and then I am late for my swim.

No problem, I usually don't swim on Monday so anything I do today is just a little extra. I still manage to swim a 1000 yards and get a shower and I am on time so no big lose. Until I go outside and find my interior light is on again! So I am thinking, please start, please start! It does, good deal.

Now I know for sure something is wrong with the switch. I get out the owners manual and figure out which fuse is the one I need to remove and head to work. I figure when I get here I can pull the fuse and it will be OK. At least it won't be killing my battery. That works for the first couple of miles then when I hit the brakes the inside light comes on! Not good, what the hell.

So I pull into a shopping center and find the fuse box pull the fuse and head to work. Now I have no interior lights and no horn but at least I won't be trying to find someone to jump start me this afternoon!

Still beats making car payments! I can pull the dash apart in about 10 minutes and change the switch in 5, put it back together and I will be back in action.....

Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Sucks.................

So I got my bike back yesterday and here I am sitting on the couch and not riding! I went for a swim yesterday and set a new personal record for myself. I swam a total of 2500 yards!

First time I have done that yet. Kelly meet me there and that's how much he did. So I am happy with that. Now if the weather would get right I could ride my "new frame".

It's still the same bike just a different frame........

Friday, March 22, 2013

Back On Track !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slept in yesterday and made up for it today! I swam a total of 1800 yards for today and a total of 4400 for the week.That's a low total for the week. I have been averaging a lot more, usually I am in the 5500 to 6000 plus yard area. So a 3 day swim week just ain't gonna cut it!

As I said yesterday I get my Cannondale back today and I am also picking up some parts for the RM65 for Chase to ride again. Once I get the bike square I need to get both of them new boots. Then maybe a few new clothes and we will be set. I am starting to get kinda of excited about this. It's been a few years since we have ridden the dirt bikes. It's gonna be fun!

Now if I can get the boat sold and the little KTM50 we are gonna get a new four wheeler, I even want one. Looks like we are gonna have a good summer. Even without racing the mtn bikes.

So as I always say, go outside and play!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Overslept and missed my swim! That's the first time I have done that since I started swimming. If I make plans I usually carry through with them. I had the car packed and the alarm set. Then I went back to sleep.

Wrong way to start the day. Now I have to find something to do when I get home. I hate that, that's one of the reason's I like going in the morning. You go and get it done and it's out of the way.

Tomorrow I finally get my Cannondale back. The new frame came in and they rebuilt it. If the weather is right this weekend I will be riding it. It's been in the shop for 3 weeks now.

Time to ride............

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life is Short,,,,,,,,,

Yesterday that was the finally thing I said in my post.

"Life is Short"

I thought about that last night. It seems like we just had the kids and now here we are almost finished with high school for one of them and the other getting closer everyday!

I am about to have my 18th anniversary, and I will be 45 this year. It really seems like it was 1995 just yesterday. I was 27 and thought I had forever in front of me. Truth is I did and still do! When I was that age though I would have thought you where like really old at 45. Now I feel the same as I did then just a little more sore when I really push it.

That comment "it's a shame youth is wasted on the young", is so true...

Cody has no ideal what he wants to do. Last night his mom and I where talking to him about college applications, he needs to start sending them off next fall. He ain't got a clue what he wants to do! It seemed to kinda over whelm him. About the only thing that made him smile was the fact I told him I still had no clue what I wanted to do when I grow up.

Honestly, I mean that. Not trying to be childish or anything else, but I honestly don't know. My take on life is my time with family is far more important than what I do for a living. I only work so I can afford to do more with the family.

I have a friend who I ran into yesterday on my way home from work and we got to chat for a few minutes. After the initial "hey how are you crap" He started telling me all about the new job he has and how much he is knocking down now! Then he asks if I am still doing the same thing. You know the "tone", like that must suck!

I say yea and tell him we are picking up and things. Then he tells me I need get a job with his company, the money is unbelievable. This time he starts telling me he has worked everyday for the last 15 straight including Sunday's. How he has managed to sell 3 houses and he isn't even in the sales end and how that bonus is gonna be sweet!

I let him carry on for a minute or two, then I explain how the last thing I would ever want would be a job that requires 15 straight days! He looks at me like I am crazy.......

Some people just don't get it. He has a kid at home and he's going around bragging about working for 15 straight days. What about the wife and kid. My wife might get tired of seeing me so much but she sure doesn't show it. The kids sure ain't bitching about it either. Wonder what his kid thinks about dad being gone all the time!!!!!!

"Life is Short".......... Don't forget it........

It's almost like I need a reminder her lately. With everything changing as far as our intrest, and Cody not wanting to race bikes any more. College coming and Chase starting his running. Things change, and you need to adjust fast. As I said yesterday I am not looking forward to riding by myself.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, Go Figure..........

You have Monday then you have Tuesday. Simple as that, "Go Figure". I got up and went swimming, tonight we are going to mom's for diner and then I plan to get in a run. I have been trying to take Monday off and see if it helps my recovery in some way. Every week I go as hard as I can and then when Saturday rolls around I go ride my mtn. bike and I have nothing in the tank!

The last 3 weeks have been like that. I am beginning to wonder if I need another day off some where in there. One out of seven doesn't seem to be enough. But then I think two also seems like to many days off. If I start taking Monday and Friday off that just seems like a lot! Yea I know recovery is important but it's hard to do.

If I run tonight and swim the rest of the week with a mtn. bike ride on Thursday, that's a lot of exercise! Yet I feel like I need to step it up!

Now to change subjects, I dug the little RM65 out of the shed last night. It needs a little bit of work and we are gonna get it ready to ride. The kids and I have decided it's time to start riding the motorcycles again. We haven't ridden in awhile and Chase loves it. So does Cody, and now that the bike racing seems to have taken a back seat we are gonna do something as a family!

I am flexible so now it's time to flex. As long as I am doing something with the kids, that's all I care about! Believe me I would much rather be racing and riding the bicycles but they are kids, they get tired of things.

They move on!

I could just say oh well and keep riding by myself. But there is gonna come a time when that happens anyway. I personally want to prolong that as long as possible. Cody is gonna head to college in another year or two and Chase is only four years behind him. So if I tell myself the truth I only have about 5-6 more years of being a part of their everyday life.

Actually that only applies to Chase. Cody will be moving to the college stage within the next 2 years. I personally don't look forward to riding by myself!!!!

Damn! Life is too short...........

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Again............

First, let's get this out of the way. As you can see from my background I am  a die hard Kentucky fan! This year has been a total loss! You never knew who was gonna get off the bus and play ball, every game was a guess. But now it's over. It's official, we won't be defending out national championship.


There's always next year!!!! Plus we are still playing ball in the NIT tournament. Yet we all know what that means.

Not In The Tournament!!

OK, let's now carry on. Saturday I thought hard about riding the road bike for the first time of the year. Then loaded up the mtn. bike and headed to Sherman Branch for a 2 lap ride. Then about halfway through it I realized I didn't even have a full lap in me. Much less 2 laps! So I slowed down and enjoyed the fantastic weather and when I got to the end of the loop I took off and busted out into the parking lot like I had just set some kind of new record!

Nobody else knew the difference! Then yesterday I finally did get the road bike out. First ride of the year! 34 miles and I was home. I actually enjoyed it, I haven't been on that bike since last year around August. You tend to forget just how fast you can roll on the road. I had a top speed of 28 and an average of 17.

For the first ride and just out for the enjoyment I was more than happy with it. Besides as I was leaving I went out the back way and found a friend and his wife and their neighbor fixing to leave. All of a sudden I have 3 new people with in a half mile of the house who are riding. That's a first!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Just About...........

Forgot! We have been busy all day here at work and now it's about time to go home. At least the day goes by fast when it's like this.

I did go swim this morning and I went to Steve's trail last night and got in a mtn. bike ride. Don't know what my plans are like for the weekend yet. I think I am actually gonna go swim in the morning. Then ride in the afternoon. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finding The Time,,,,,,,,,,

At least today! I have tried to get on here and write this post all day. We have been busy. All week has been like that but today is defiantly the busiest. That's a good thing! Being in the building business has been rough the last 4 years so I like the change.

Now for the post. I did swim this morning and no I didn't do a mile. Just didn't have it in me. Sometimes you just have a bad day, at least I felt like it was a bad day. I did run last night, I now have a route marked off. It's a total of 3.6 miles. It's got a climb and all, so now I will start running more.

I will go more just because I have a route with a set mileage. I like knowing exactly how far I have gone when I run. It requires so mush effort I want to know!

Then last but not least I brought my bike with me to ride after work. Now that time has changed I can start going after work. This is the first time I got all my riding stuff together the night before. Between getting my swim stuff and the biking stuff. I spent 30 minutes before the car was loaded.

Then this morning at 5am I was in the garage getting the bike and loading it. I locked it on the car and backed it in against the building at the aquatic center I have always kinda worried about it getting gone while I was swimming so this is a change for me. Besides the aquatic center is in a good area and nobody is there besides the other crazy people who come that early.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The date means nothing to me I just thought it was worth noting.

So I did swim again this morning, Kelly got back in town and he showed up. It's nice to have the company but every time he comes I end up sore! I have improved a lot over the last couple of months and it shows. My stroke needs a little tweaking and I will be good to go. So the exercises he gave me to help my stroke have me sore again.

I still swam 1500 yards today, yes I hate I didn't get to the mile mark 250 yards away but like I said already, I am sore and that soreness started before I was out of the pool. So tomorrow I will knockout my mile right on schedule, then finish the week.

Now back to bicycles. The 2nd race of the year is this week and I am not sure were going. Cody has hung in there and raced for the last 4 years but I think he is kinda burned out on it now. We talked about it last might and he isn't sure he wants to commit to the whole year just yet. He has so many other interest now he's growing up.

Then Chase has no interest either so I think this might be the end! At least for now. As I told Cody last night, he will come back to it when he is ready. If you don't want to commit and train there's no reason to go and spend the money. We can always load up and go ride the same trails at another time.

How do I feel about it?

Well believe it or not, as I told Cody it's not that big of deal. I like going and seeing all the people but I have kinda reached the point that I like to ride and like to ride long distances. Races are a commitment that require a training plan and a little more intensity than even I really want to put out at this point in time.

I could always go by myself. But why? The kids have always been the reason I started racing again and got in shape to race. If I never race again I would probably be OK with it. I started racing bicycles when I was 10 years old!

Like I told Cody, I too stopped racing when I was his age. Then I came back to race when I was around 20 and then here I am again in my 40's. Plus I have been doing the foot races and enjoy them. Then I have my plans for the triathlons so all is not lost.

It's just we might be changing directions!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Do ya' Do......

So we had a good weekend and right now I can say I think I avoided the crud. Karen is better and Chase is doing well so hopefully it's gone and Cody and I are safe. I haven't used any days yet this year and want to keep it that way.

My first day off will be the Friday before the Cooper River Bridge Run, then I have a week planned in June. I am being stingy with my days this year, at least for now. Something will come along and I will gladly use some. I don't think I have ever made the month of December with any left. It just ain't happening.

So anyhow I used yesterday as a rest day. Then hit the pool this morning. I only did 1250 yards. Last week I did a mile to start the week on Tuesday and it made my shoulders hurt. So this week I am gonna start slow and build up to my mile on Thursday. Then finish with 1250 on Friday. That might workout better.

I do plan to run tonight. Then when it dries out in another day or so I will hit the woods! Life is good right now and I want to take advantage of that. Summer is like a week away and I can't wait!

I hear the mountains calling my name!!!!!  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Time Change.....

That's what I am gonna blame the lack of a post so far today on. In my mind it's still early. It's only noon. The one bright side to time change is the fact the day will go by really fast. Now I can do some more bike riding. I won't be fighting darkness.

The weekend came and went. I got in a ride everyday and I am still not sick. Karen's been sick for the last few days and I keep waiting for it to catch me. So far so good.

Saturday I went to Beatty and rode. I was 3 laps into it and about as far as I could have been from the car when I get the chain caught between the sprocket and the spokes. No matter how hard I tried it wouldn't come out! So then I was all the way in the back and the wheel won't even turn. I had to carry the bike for about 2 miles.

Then once I got back to the parking lot I caught a ride with some kids and they took me back to the tennis courts where I had parked. If I hadn't found them I would have walked another 2 miles! So over all it worked out good. I came home and fixed it.

Then yesterday I went back over to Steve's and rode a loop. It was a rather slow ride, I kinda felt like I was sick. But I enjoyed it, that place is hands down the hardest trail in this area! Now I just need to spend more time there.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Strong Finish........

I took Monday morning off and didn't do anything Monday evening. That was the start to the week. Then Tuesday I swam a mile and came home for a 3mile run. Wednesday I swam 1250 yards and washed the car. Thursday I swam 1250 yards and went night riding with Charles.

Then this morning I swam another mile to finish the week. With riding last night and getting home at 8:15. I had enough time to repack my clothes for the gym, eat a hamburger and take a shower. Then straight to bed.

I am ready for the weekend. Although I haven't decided if I want to run the trail race in the morning yet. If I don't, I know some of my friends are riding mtn. bikes so I will do something. Then we have Sunday and it's still wide open, I do want to get a run in this weekend. As I have already said I still can't believe I am saying that.

Why am I doing all this?

Because that's who I am and what I do.

Besides I don't own a Lazy-Boy............Never will!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lights Out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I am typing this every light I have is charging away. That would be 5, if you are wondering. Two for me, two for the kid and one extra. Ya' never know! With the time change this weekend this could possibly be the last one for the year.

Next week it will be day light till 7:20 instead of 6:20. That means I can drag the road bike out and start slipping in a few rides from the house. Last time I used that bike it was 95 degrees. Maybe it will spark some interest, I haven't had the slightest urge to ride the road in a long time.

I did get in my swim this morning. I only swam 1250 yards because I jerked around and was late to the pool. The alarm went of and I said not to day. Then rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. When that didn't work I felt guilty and went ahead and got up. So all that did was put me behind by 20 minutes. So I had to cut it short.

I am still over 4000 yards for the week so I need to finish with a big day tomorrow. I want to get as close to 6000 as I can. I hope to get in a good ride tonight and that will give me a good reason to drink a beer tomorrow night. I have swam and ran and gonna ride. All in one week......

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Run Baby Run............

So I am not sure if this is a sign but last night I was out for a run and I am moving along and I realize. I am thinking about other things than what I am doing. That to me is a good sign! I wasn't thinking about how hard it was or how my knees where feeling, I was just moving along, covering ground.

That's the first time that's ever happened before. Usually I am thinking about getting my foot strike down just right and keeping good form. Making sure I am trying to "run soft". I read that somewhere and that's what I try to keep in my mind as I run. So for me to drift off and just keep getting it is a good sign. Makes me want to go again.

Yesterday I swam a mile and then ran last night. Today I have done the swimming and I hope to get in a run when I get home. It still kinda depends on my knees, they are a little sore. But if they feel a little better by the time I get home I will go. I want to get up to 2 workouts a day. One of these days I will be able to ride the mountain bike again.

We had rain again last night so I am not sure if the trails will be dry enough to ride yet. 

Besides, I actually want to run.... Never thought I would say that.....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Yep, it's Tuesday and I have a mile swim down. I went to the pool thinking I am tired and I might take a short day. Next thing I know I am halfway through it and feeling good. I kinda did things different today. Usually I start without fins or any thing and go till I am tired.

Today I started with nothing and swam for a 100 yards and decided this sucks, so I got the fins out and did 300 more. Then I went back to the leg float and did another 400. From there I went back to nothing and did 400 more. It wasn't as hard as the first time with nothing so maybe I need to try and warm up more often.

Lesson learned!

Next I found a trail race for this weekend. Chase and I are gonna do it. I asked him last night if he was interested and he said yes. So I guess we will be at Renaissance park in Charlotte Saturday AM. It's a 5k meaning it's 3.1miles. So far they only have about a 120 people entered. So that means it won't be so crowded.

Now for the funny part! I want to do it but I don't want to get my new shinny running shoes dirty. I swear I paid way to much for them to use them for what they are made for!

If that makes any sense..

Monday, March 4, 2013

First Race of 13''''''''''

So we loaded up went down Saturday, preroad the course and I knew it was gonna be tuff... I was expecting the old Killer 3 trail we raced 20 years ago (the same one they used last year)....NOT..

This year they cut in a brand new trail that started at the very bottom, at the lake. Then climbed for 3 and half miles 800ft. That's the same as Sherman has in 11 plus miles! Once the climbing was over we crossed a road and then had 4 miles of fire rd that was big ring haul ass!!!!!

So we start and I go into the woods in the top 10 shuffle back to about 15 and make it through the climbing to the fast stuff. We had 29 in the 40-49 sport class. About a half mile into the fire rd I have passed 3 and fixing to pass another. The road is wide but it has 2 lanes from car traffic that are solid, the middle is kinda soft and some sections only one lane is solid. As I go to pass the next guy I am hauling ASS and call out my pass. The guy moves over gets in the soft stuff and comes right back over on me! We go down in a heap!! Flipping and rolling in the sand and dirt!

I get up and take off again! Only now I have a bent derailleur hanger!! I have all three rings in the front and 3 gears in the back. That's all it will stay in without jumping all over the place! I make it through the 1st lap with a few guys on the single speeds and I push it through the climbing and knockout lap 2. The 3rd lap I am sucking wind with no easy gears and I suffer through it till the end. I end up about 20th out of 29 and glad it was over!!!!!

Cody raced the junior 17-18 and figured out he's gonna have to pick it up! I think he had it in his head he was gonna win hands down, only to figure out that age group ain't playing! Those kids were hauling ass... He ended up 5th for the day and about a minute back from the winner.

We both need to train a little harder before the next one. We will be in Sanford NC on the 17th. For round 2, only about 12 more to go. It's gonna be a fun summer!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Another One Gone......

Another week anyway. It seemed like a really long one but at least it's over. With it raining for a few days we sat around and watched that and then we got busy. When that plays out it seems like a long week.

As far as my exercise goes I think I did pretty good, I swam 4 days and ran once. Yes the run was last night, my new shoes worked out really good. My knees aren't hurting today and my feet don't hurt at all! That's saying something.

Then Cody and I are loading up tomorrow around noon and heading to Sumter SC for the race this weekend. It will be the first race of the Southern Classic Series. That should be fun, we are staying at the Quality Inn in Sumter so we don't have to get up at 5am to get there on time.

Being just Cody and I, we get some good father son time. Chase says he wants to stay home this time. He will keep Karen company. Next week he and I are gonna run another 5k. So that will be our time, Cody has no interest in running. Speaking of running we are now signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run the first week of April.

We are gonna stay with Paula and Ray in Mt. Pleasant. This will be my first 10k! It should be rather interesting, 6.2 miles. So far I have ran two 4 milers so I think I will be fine. I didn't really feel like I was hurting at the end so I am looking forward to it.

Six months ago I never would have believed I would be running now and enjoying it. When I loose about 20 more pounds I will be into it. Yesterday as I was running I was thinking about how much fun I used to have when I would go trail running. I want to get back to that..........