Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Are you Thinkin''''''''

OK I really don't care what you are thinking but I have been giving a lot of thought to one such new subject. I haven't mentioned anything on here but I've been thinking.

I want another motorcycle!

Yep, I already have two street bikes and probably don't really need another but I want one! Besides Cody is now 18 and Chase will be right behind him here shortly. Plus Chase wants a street bike when he turns 16. I need to get Cody riding and then Karen won't be so against Chase riding when he turns 16.

So 2 kids and me equal the need for a third bike. Simple logic really, if you give it any thought you will agree with me. Anyway I have been taking my time slowly mentioning it to the wife, kinda "letting her know" what's on my mind. So far so good! She hasn't said no and she hasn't said yes.

We all know that means "yes."

Anyhow I want something to ride back and forth to work that doesn't require much. Much as in cleaning and maintenance. I want an inexpensive, meaning under 8 grand regular no chrome street bike. Something i can ride and park and once in awhile clean. Right now I have a Gold Wing all chromed out and a VTX 1300 all chromed out. It seems like I spend a lot of time cleaning them.

I want a small bike something, easy to get around with and easy to handle. Something the kids can get used to riding.

I want a Harley 883 Iron, it's a sportster. It comes all black with no chrome! Just what I want!

Just what "we" need.............

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