Sunday, October 13, 2013

Slow We Go ................

Or at least slow I go. I got to Steve's trail yesterday am and met Mike B. and a few of his buddies. I knew I was under the weather but as I said Friday I still wanted to get a few miles in. So we meet and we start, someone says what pace do you guys want to do. The reply came of how about medium hard.

I think to myself "I should be able to handle that". Guess what about 5 minutes later I was all alone and riding really slow! Medium hard was just a little to hard for me. I don't know if I needed to warm up more or the fact I was just not feeling it. Either way I rode by myself and that was that!

I even ended up skipping a section or two just cause I wasn't feeling it. There towards the end Mike came back and rode the rest of the trail with me just so we could chat. That was cool, he and I don't get to ride much together so that was alright. At first I thought this sucks having someone comeback for you. But then I said what the hell and enjoyed the company.

Today it looks like the road bike and a few miles around the house.

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