Thursday, July 28, 2016

Keep Moving..........

That's all ya can do! Yesterday I went riding, I waited till 7 hoping the heat would drop at least enough to feel like it dropped. Guess what! It was still hot! The difference between 100 and 97 ain't much!

But when you stop, the sweat rolls off! Like a fire hydrant, for the next 20 minutes you probably sweat as much as the whole ride. When the air stops it's like the heater comes on. I know that's probably an exaggeration but it does feel like it gets hotter.

I did enjoy the ride, I know I have ridden Sherman a thousand times and there are times I don't want to ride there. But then there times I like knowing where the fast line is. Knowing what's coming and what to expect. You get in that state of mind, I know where I can shave a second off and I know when I just lost a second.

Plus it's fun to see people ahead through the woods and know how far you are to catching them. Or seeing them behind you and knowing you better pick it up! Point is I had a good time riding last night. I like it when that happens, when you ride and have nothing else on your mind except what you are doing. Full concentration!

Tonight I think I might go to the golf course. The dog needs to travel too.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Have Ya' Noticed,,,,,,,,,,

It's hot! That's about all anyone wants to talk about, the heat! They act like this is the first time it's ever been hot. To me this makes me laugh, every year we go through this. Every summer it's hot and every winter it's cold. Nothing new here!

Guess what! You can either stay in the house and watch TV hiding from the world, and exercise. Or you can deal with it! If it's hot you sweat, if it's cold you add layers. Believe me I enjoy spring and fall too, but I deal with the rest. Of course I had to hear how crazy I was for riding after work last week.

This week will be the same. It's hot and life carries on, you can't stop and hide in the AC all summer. Well maybe some people can but I can't. You have to get outside and play. I feel sorry for those "people", that's what I call them. While they stay inside and look out windows I stay outside and look at windows as I ride by.

Saturday I meet my buddy Glen at Lake Norman State Park and we rode for a little over 2 hours, he-I and all the other outside people who had the parking lot packed! I swear I sweated the most I have yet this summer. Almost to the point that I need to start carrying more water on long rides like that. I ran out and could have really used a drink the last few miles. I was hurting!

Then yesterday I went to Sherman for a nice easy spin and then came home and got back to work. I know I have mentioned before that I hate to do yard work on a weekend, but sometimes ya got to do what ya got to do.

My brother and his family are flying in today and are here for the week. Of course I want my yard to look good! So yesterday after I got home I spent some time putting the final touches on it. Did the weed eater and mowed the driveway. The driveway Doesn't get mowed every time so it needed it.

Now we visit with them and then Friday I head back to Atlanta. Chase and I are going down to see Cody and a Braves game Saturday night. Looking forward to that. Karen has a wedding shower to go too and she will be busy with that. It's a boys weekend..........

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NO Wonder !!!!!!!!

So I looked at my truck the other day and thought it looked pretty rough. It sits in the drive way for months on end and hardly gets any love. Yet every time I want to pull the camper I jump in and go! With that thought I washed it.

Then I started the wax process! A process that lasted the better part of 2 nights! It was a hell of a job, a job I don't want to repeat anytime soon. I will stay on top of it from now on. For the simple reason it was such a job.

If I had kept it waxed to start with it wouldn't have been such a hard job. But I let it go so long I had to hand polish it before I could even wax it. By the time I did the wash, wax and detail I had 5 hours in it.

Now tonight I ride my bicycle. No more wash and wax. I am beat...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Perfect Day..........

Yesterday was a "Perfect Day" for a bike ride. As I said I hadn't ridden all week so it was time. The weather was hot but it was overcast so I headed out. I drove down to Rock Rest school and headed south. 37 miles later I was happy.

I love riding down in that area, no traffic quite roads, you can't beat it. The legs felt good for a week off and I enjoyed it. Then Sunday I headed out and thought I would do about the same. The only problem was my legs. They felt like crap!

I did a whoping 12 miles and turned around and went back home. Done! Hit the pool and that was it!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Easy !!!!!!!!!

Easy to get behind! Pedaling anyway! So last week I had a total of close to a hundred miles for the week. Pretty good, I felt like that would be an easy number to start maintaining. Fast forward to this week and it's now Wednesday and I haven't even turned over a pedal yet.

Monday was the rain all evening, Tuesday was yard work and last night was a baseball game. The triple A allstars game is in Charlotte and we went.

Now here it is Thursday and I haven't touched a bike. Then add in the fact it's 99 degrees here today and I am might rethink tonight's ride. The swimming pool is really calling my name! When you are this far into a week and nothing has been done why start. I know I need to, but there's always next week.

Although I do get my 10000 steps everyday. I keep up with that. Not really sure why I do but I do have a decent watch. A watch with a bunch of info, I guess it keeps me motivated. Although tech stuff kinda goes over my head. Some how or another I am supposed to link it to my phone so I can see who calls or texts me.

                                                           Will ever use that? No ideal.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Clicking Along,,,,,,,,,

I guess it's the new normal, Charlotte for a few weeks and then a trip to Atlanta. I have been riding a lot and I even hit up Augusta on the way home Sunday. It was hot and I had the place to myself, there were a few cars in the lot but overall I was by myself.

Forks Area Trail System is the bomb! I know I said that last time I stopped and I will probably say it again but it's true. I got 14 miles and I still haven't ridden but half the place. I was a little pushed for time and I knew how long the one section would take so I stuck with it. Next time I plan to ride the rest of the trails.

I have been riding the road bike more and trying to get a few more miles in. So far it's working, even with the heat. Yes it's been hot, really hot too! I don't really mind it too much but of course I would rather it was fall. Although the older I get the more I am trying to enjoy the moment or season. Not trying to rush through to the next.

It's only heat, drink lots of water and deal with it. If you wait for the perfect temps you would waste half the year sitting inside. That's not cool!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Has Arrived !!!!!

                        You know why? I had my first tomato sandwich today! It's summer time!

Monday, July 4, 2016


So this morning I went out for a ride and planned to do about 30-40. Everything was going great and I was enjoying the ride, I was about 25-30 into it when I had to cross back over Hwy 74. No problem right, wait for the light to change and get back to it.

Well that's exactly the way it happened and I took off again. As I was pedaling along I thought "damn my legs are tired for such a short ride". Then I thought "well I did do a run 2 days ago". Then kept pedaling. As I got o the final 7-8 miles I was even cursing my legs thinking this is pathetic! I have nothing left in the tank and I am on a 30 freaking mile ride!

Well I get home and and lean the bike against the wall and head in the house. Still thinking I suck! Why do I even ride if I can't even ride 30 miles any more. I was really kinda mad! Then I get out of the pool awhile ago and decide to put the bike up and the first thing I notice is how hard it is to push!

A road bike rolls like so easy it takes no effort to pedal much less push! I look and damn if the rear brake isn't pushing against one side of the wheel. I get to thinking and remember how when I was at the light to cross 74 the bike shifted between my legs and almost fell over. I must have managed to hit the back brake with my leg. Pinning the brake against the wheel!

      Now I know why the last 10-15 miles where so hard! Maybe I don't suck as bad I thought!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gonna Take Awhile,,,,,,,,,,

Yes we got home her Thursday and yes she is worn out! She needs about 3 more weeks before she will be back to any sort of normal, and it will be that long before she goes back to work. On top of that you ought to see the amount of medical equipment we have in the living room! She still has to do her breathing treatments and I think we cleaned out the local Walgreen's Pharmacy!

She has so many pills to take a day that it's crazy! All that aside, it's great to have her home. Believe me when I say nobody is happier than she is. Cody even came up from Atlanta to spend the weekend with us and to see her. He worries about his mom. We all do.

Speaking of Cody he and I spent the day today checking out motorcycle shops. He wants a motorcycle and I wouldn't mind having a new one myself. I used to have a sport bike and I still miss it. That was the bike I took to Sturgis with dad in 2004. I didn't care about all the Harley's I wanted to ride my sport bike.

Anyway, we went to Matthews Fun Machines first and then hit the Harley shop before we headed to the other side of Charlotte and went to Charlotte Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki. Of course the Harley shop was just for the heck of it and the fact we were riding right by it. I will say through it wouldn't hurt for the sales staff to brush up on their customer service skills!

If your gonna charge way to much for your over priced slow ass bikes it wouldn't hurt to say hi and offer to help someone. We where there for a total of 30 minutes and not one single person even acknowledged out presence. The other two shops said hi and offered help as soon as we walked in the door. Both shops were very helpful and the sales reps we dealt with were very friendly and knew what they were talking about.

Also the Harley dealership wasn't even busy. The other two shops were really busy! I do like a few of the Harley's and would have liked to known what the prices where on those bikes but nobody cared enough to even say hi. Of all the Harley dealers I have been too Charlotte is the worst one. The most friendly ones we have ever been in where all in Pennsylvania with North Myrtle Beach being right there with them.

Also we learned that between the two Kawasaki dealers there was a 3000 dollar difference between the 2 on the same bike. Next we will check out a few different shops in Atlanta.We like motorcycles!