Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Limbo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So yesterday you tuned into hear me give half ass trail reviews and that was about it. After re-reading my post today I thought it made me sound kinda whinny. Hear I am in an area with no fewer than 10 different places to ride and I come across sounding ungrateful. Everyone of the trails are really pretty damn nice when it comes down to it. Plus the fact that they all where built and maintained by a good group of people.

Most of whom I happen to know. Several of them probably read this once in awhile and if they did yesterday they are thinking, "why the hell would he whine, he doesn't even help". Guess what they are right! Over the last 20 years I have sat on the outside and watched all the work happen. Then I go and enjoy the fruits of everybody else's labor. Labor that comes in the form of time and money.

Sitting on the outside looking in and not being apart of it (the club) it's easy to second guess what they do. Maybe if I joined up and went to some of the meetings I would understand the process a little better. Then at least I can voice my opionon without being a hypocrite!

What I am trying to say here is it's time. Time to step up! I may not be the most active member but I am gonna join! I guess that's gonna be my so called "new years" resolution. Step up, they have the monthly meeting tomorrow night and I am gonna be there. I think you can join at the meeting so that's the plan.

The only other thing I have going on right now is a massive garage cleaning! After standing around out there last week and hiding while the wife did the winter cleaning. I decided that would be my job this week. So far it's going good. How I accumulated so much stuff I will never know....

Maybe one day the wife will be able to park a car in there........

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