Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midnight in Monroe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

                         What where you doing at midnight last night?????

I was standing in the parking lot of Game Stop! If you read this very often you realize I talk a lot about my oldest son Cody. Well I have a younger son too. Of course I mention him to but right now with Cody being a senior and all the stuff he has been up to it seems like sometimes I don't mention him very often.

Well Chase likes to play video games and he likes to write programs on his computer. He is our go to guy when it comes to the computers around the house. So when he wanted to be there at midnight for the release of Battlefield 4 I decided to take him!

I went ahead and made him go to bed early, believe me I did too. At 11pm I got up and he did too. Out the door we went! At the stroke of midnight they started passing out the new games. We where back home and in bed at 12:30. Now he is at school this morning and he can say did you get Battlefield 4 yet? NO! Why not I did....

Call me a bad parent whatever you want! My kid won't forget the time he and I stood outside at midnight on a school night waiting for the release of his new game! That was the most important part of the whole night. Have you seen the new Chevrolet commercial where they inficise the dad's that take more pride in being a good dad or friend or husband than they do worrying about working....

That's me baby,,,,, work sucks, life is fun..... If you let it be...............

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