Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday !!!!!!!!!!

Friday I tend to look at things as in "if it ain't done by now it's gonna be here on Monday". It's been that busy here lately and I just don't have it in me to kill it on Friday! I have done more special order projects lately than ever and I like to make sure all the loose ends are tied up on Friday.

Monday we'll start on the next week of projects. But this week is in the bag!

I have a road ride planned for tomorrow and then I might slide over to Uhwarrie for Sunday. I have two weeks to keep my legs in shape before the 4 hour race at Ann Springs. That's gonna be my next race. I used think I couldn't handle a 4 to 6 hour race by myself but after the Pisgah race I know I can do it! So I am gonna wait and see what the weather looks like and then go from there.

I could sign up early but then if it rains I would have to go. Plus it's only 10 more dollars to sign up the day of. So now it's time to do the longer stuff!

Plus we have my youngest son's birthday tomorrow! He's 14 years old, so as usual I have given thought to what was going on in my life 14 years ago. Damn things change.

                                                I like change.........

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Everyday I "Re-read" my post from the day before. Today I read yesterday's and the first thought that came to my mind was the fact that all the shit I just named is costing "Mucho Deniro"............

It's been a busy day here at work that's about all I  have time for.............

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


So last night was spent working on things. Bikes and pools and cars, basically everything in the yard. I fixed the flat on my mountain bike and got it ready to ride. I took the blazer to the shop to get it fixed and back on the road. Then we cleaned the pool.

The pool was pond green 2 days ago and now it's almost clear! It seems like it's been a process this year, I have had to change the sand in the filter and everything else to get it clean. But I am ready to swim so it's gonna be nice this weekend! We will finally be in the pool. Over the weekend I watched the neighbors use there pool, I want to use ours!

So now we have the bikes fixed and the car and motorcycle in the shop. Everything is coming together and summer is here.........

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I knew I was a few days behind but I didn't realize it had been since last Wednesday since I had written. I finally climbed back on the bike Thursday and put in the hardest 40 miles I have ridden in forever! I swear my legs were still shot, even though I had rested them for 3 days they hurt.

After doing a little investigation I found out I should have ridden at least a 20 mile crawl on Monday. Instead of waiting for 3 days I should have ridden and loosened up the legs. Next time I will remember that! Back to the week, I rode Thursday then I hit it Saturday Sunday and Monday!

I met Kelly yesterday and I finished the long weekend with a hard ride. We only did 40 miles but it was fast! My total for the weekend was 120 miles so my average is still up. Prior to the race I was averaging 120 plus and now it's kinda became part of my schedule. Just because the race has came and went doesn't mean I need to slack off now.

Besides there is a 4 hour race coming up in a few weeks and I think I am going to do it! So I need to keep the pace up! Before I did the mountain race I never even considered doing these. Now they sound fun!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Toll !!!!!!!!

On me, one bruised right knee, slightly swollen. A few miscellaneous scratches one bruised ego! The bike, it's another story! Last night I finally gave it a few looks and decided it needs a complete tear down.

The fork is leaking oil out of the top cap and the brakes are completely gone! The bottom bracket sounds like it's full of crud and the rear hub, that is not sealed but rolls so well I have refused to replace it. Sounds the same! The chain is shot and I need a new cassette.  Over all the bike was fantastic! The brakes where still working at the finish and nothing broke. When you just rode that far out in the woods and that far from help you appreciate that fact.

I had setup the tires tubeless and they worked flawlessly! Not one flat and no leaks that required sealing. I ran a set of Michelin tires I got from a friend last year and they were great! If you know how many rocks are in the Pisgah national forest you can see why I am happy with the tire choice. If you tried to run a thin light weight tire there you would pay the price!

This is the 3rd set of Michelin tires I have used on my mountain bikes and they all have been great. until someone is giving me tires I plan to stick with Michelin's, even then I would have to think about it. I like them that much!

Now for the most important part! My head! Remember my song, the one I talked about Friday before the race. Yes the doubt was there, I wondered if I could do it and guess what I did it. I swore I would never do that damn race again while I was walking up Laurel. Now I cherish the memory!

That was the most awesome race I have done in forever! I now know I can do a 6 hour race solo. I know I can deal with the weather better than I thought I could. I learned I am a lot tougher than I thought! I will be back and do more Pisgah!

The place is a love it or hate it type place! Defiantly not for the week, or the dirt roadies! Real mountain bikers ride shit like Pisgah. Not perfectly groomed single track with no challenge. Like most trails,,, don't get me wrong we need trails like that for the general masses. But old school is cool..............

Monday, May 19, 2014

Fine Print, Read It !!!!!!!!!!!!

                 That would be the lesson I learned yesterday! That or at least look at the finish times from last year!

As I stood at check in at 8:30 in the morning yesterday. I casually asked the guy checking me in how long this race usually takes. His reply defiantly got my attention! He told me the pros usually finish in about 4 and a half hours, and last year most people finished around 7 to 8. Then he tells me that the cutoff for the last rest stop is 6pm and if you leave there after 5:30 you must have lights on your bike!

I was dumb founded at that statement. I never even considered needing lights to finish a race that starts at 10am in the morning! Before the day was over I had my answer. That was the hardest freaking bike race I have ever done! Hands down! I walked I carried I damn near had to swim! Yes we had 4 river crossings that were way wider than I ever thought we would encounter.

The first one being the deepest and all of them being cold, really cold! Oh' did I mention it was raining and 45 degrees at the start. Although the rain stopped the cold never seemed to stop. At one time on top of one of the mountains it was still so foggy you could only see about 20ft in front of you!

When I hit the second rest station and I found out I was only at the halfway mark and I was 3 and a half hours in I just shook my head! Then to top the moment off the volunteer said I had about an hour and half climb in front of me followed by one bombing decent. Then the last mountain!

By the time I got to the last check point I was 6 and half hours into my day and about to croak! That my friends was the hardest bicycle race I have ever been apart of. I waded rivers, I about froze, I crashed over the bars twice and when I was done I said never again!

Then I had the worlds greatest burrito and a couple of beers, climbed into the car and the kid drove me home. We got home about 7:30 last night and I went to bed talking about how I would never do a race like that again. Then I woke up this morning and I swear it wasn't as bad as I thought yesterday.

It's amazing how time fixes things........... Next year will be here before you know it!!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Right now that could be my theme song! I assume you know the song I am talking about. The one by Eminem, as it says in the song.

                                       "I'm friends with the monsters beside of my bed"

                                        "I get along with the voices inside of my head".

I have my race this Sunday and now the weather is calling for RAIN. Rain and 40 degrees at the start. In my mind when I signed up for this I figured it was in the middle of May the sun would be shinning and it was gonna be one of those postcard mountain days! Instead I am now looking for my leg and arm warmers!

Then to top it off I found out the top finishers from last year took 5 hours to ride the course! I was thinking I would be able to knock it out in about 3-4! So I am looking at 5-6 hours riding in the cold rain in the mountains of NC. Once again, were back to my song!

All you can do is laugh, crying won't help and besides shit like this makes for great memories! Sunday will be spent riding and walking and climbing trails in the NC mountains. In the rain at 50 degrees! Sounds like a ball to me.......

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now I Feel Better ,,,,,,,,,,,

Not that I was worried but in a way my last ride kinda sucked! I went out Sunday and did a short 28 miles and it felt like it was a hundred miles. In the back of my mind that was a little worrisome, with the weekend coming up I knew I needed to get a good ride in. For my own sanity!!

Well last night I came home and took my 15 minute nap and hit the road. I didn't really have a route picked out but I had a few ideals. I ended up in Unionville and it was only 5:30, I decided to head toward Oakboro and do a few roads Kelly had taken me down. I knew it would be pushing it to get home by dark but I figured why not.

The whole route would come in at 40-45 so I headed that way. Out Love Mill Rd across the infamous Rock Hole Rd. It has a bunch of climbing! Then I went out Buster Rd toward Oakboro. That's when I made a wrong turn! No big deal but it cut out about 3 miles on a really good road I had wanted to ride. I hit 207 and it was pretty much 18 straight miles to the house.

When I got home I had a 17.5 average speed and about 1600 ft of climbing! I was happy again! I still felt good too, that was a big boost to my mental state. I had done a bunch of climbing and covered 40 plus miles by myself so having a 17 plus average was good. My last few rides had been around the 15 mark. That's OK when I am on a recovery ride but when I am trying to get the full benefit out of a ride I feel like I need a higher average.

So long story short, I had a great ride! I covered 41 miles and went all the way to Oakboro and back, on a mid week ride. That's pretty good if you ask me! The weather was nice and traffic was light. Now a short ride tomorrow night and it's of to the races Sunday.......

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Progress ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Last night I finally felt like I was making "Progress"! I got out the mountain bike that I never ride around the house and got it ready for this weekend. Got it ready to ride in the mountains. Cause that's the way you should ride a mountain bike.

                                         Make sense, good..........

Now I need to finally nail down who's going with me and I will be good to go! Cody seems to be the one that's gonna tag along so we really need to decide if we are gonna go up Saturday or Sunday am. Either way, he's driving! That's the best part of having kids.

So anyway it's coming. Tonight I plan to ride till dark and then I will slide in a short easy ride Friday and then go Sunday.

                                         Now to change the subject.....

Where I live in the country happens to be a well used cut through road from hwy 601 and hwy 200. Our house is on a flag lot meaning I am behind a couple of houses way back off the road. So the busyness of our road doesn't really bother us. Unless we are trying to pull out of the driveway and some dip shit will fly up behind you because you pulled out. Other wise we love our location.

Well they closed the road below the house and man it's nice! No noise and no traffic! Except the random moron who will drive around the sign and go by anyway. They always come back! The guy at the end of the road is so tired of cars turning around in his driveway that he put up cones and a sign. I walked down there last night and saw it, made me laugh.

Anyhow I look forward to the next 2 weeks and no cars...........

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Back Again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yep, it's been crazy here at work again. I didn't even get to read a blog yesterday much less write mine! But it is what it is, I got a job and I get to ride. Move on.......

So yes I pedaled over the weekend. Nothing really long, Saturday I just didn't have the time and Sunday I just wasn't feeling it. Sometimes you do sometimes you don't. I enjoyed it and I plan to ride tonight. Then I might ride on Thursday but that's gonna be it.

It's time to get my stuff ready. I haven't made my mind up yet if I am gonna go up Saturday night or Sunday AM. Either way I will be there Sunday for the start at 10 am. It's gonna be fun and I am excited! I think Cody is gonna go with me so that's a good reason to go Saturday night. Just another reason to spend time with my kid!

Anyway, short and sweet today I got stuff to do............

Friday, May 9, 2014


I hope this changes soon, I can't take it any longer! I figured if I was gonna do something stupid Wednesday night why not "Continue" and do something stupid on Thursday. My "something" yesterday happened to be drugs! Legal drugs anyway.

My allergy's have been crazy this spring and I know better than to take Benadryl but yesterday I was hurting so bad I went ahead and took it anyway. It might not bother some people but for me if I take it, I might as well take a sleeping pill! I took it yesterday about 2 pm and it was all I could do to drive the 30 minutes to get home! I swear I almost feel asleep at the wheel!

I had planned to ride last night and knew when I took it yesterday it was over. I just had to do something, I needed relief! So my evening was reduced to coming home changing clothes and hitting the couch! I got up long enough to eat dinner and then play with the dog for a little while. I did that just so I wouldn't go to bed before the sun went down!

                                Point is I can't take Benadryl, it's my kryptonite!

So now we are heading to the weekend and I need to get my long ride in tomorrow followed by my regular Sunday. I am now a week away from my mountain race and it's time to tapper down my riding. Again, I don't plan on being the winner. Especially with the field I am riding with, a few national champions are entered so the pace will be scorching! But I want to be comfortable. If I can finish in the top 3rd of the field I will feel like it was a success!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

That Was Stupid,,,,,,,,

I knew it was gonna be but I went ahead did it anyway! The whole time my little brain was telling me you'll pay for this. So I went ahead and did it anyway and of course I paid for it. The "it" being I made a slight few adjustments on Cody's carbon fiber road bike and decided I wanted to ride it last night!

The reason for this is the fact I bought it and he doesn't ride it right now. Plus I had never ridden a carbon fiber road bike! The problem is he is 6ft 2 and I am 5ft 9. He rides a bigger frame than I do and a few slight adjustments will not make the bike work for me. I knew this when I was making the adjustments and I knew it when I went out the end of the driveway.

Yet I kept going, about the time I got 10 miles into the ride I knew it was gonna be tough to finish the ride. By the time I hit 20 miles I was not going much harder than a casual ride. I was just hoping to make it home without calling someone to come get me!

I came home undid the adjustments I made, apologized to MY bicycle for leaving it in the corner. Then cleaned Cody's bike up and hung it right back where we had it. MY bike is ready for tonight and I can't wait to get back on it. What did I learn besides not to ride a bike that is to big for you.

Carbon is nice and responsive, it rode better than I thought it would. Although not as good as my aluminium Cannondale, but then again Cannondale seems to be on top of the aluminium tubing design. The roads are the good old chip seal rough pavement out around my house so they really make my Cannondale shine as far as being smooth. When I did hit the brand new pavement the BMC rolled like a dream.

It rolled fine on the rough stuff too, I am just spoiled with the aluminium bike.

One thing to end this on a laugh this morning. Last night I was rolling along when this lady pulls up beside me and rolls down the window. I slow up so I can hear her and she tells me my dog is gonna get hit! I look at her like she's crazy and tell her I don't have a dog when I look back and this big ass curly haired poodle type dog is trotting down the road following me! I stop and it comes right up to me a starts wagging his tail.

The lady drives off and now I am standing in the middle of a country road with someones dog and he wants to follow me! Luckily he has a tag and it has an address on it. After going the wrong way I figure out which direction to go and back track with this dog to find his house. About a half mile back I go to the door and knock, he owner comes to the door and thanks me and tells me he must have gotten out. She was really thankful and glad I brought him back.

So I pat his head and I am on my way...... Kinda funny really, that's one of my biggest fears is for someones dog to get hit by a car when they try to chase me. It's already happened once I don't want to see it again....... Made me feel really bad, like it was my fault......

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slow Down ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sometimes it's nice to just "Slow Down". Last night the wife and I sat down and had a great dinner. As I said yesterday, we took the time to talk about the previous 19 years. The fact that it seems like yesterday we got married. The fact that we better "Slow Down" and try to enjoy the next 19 even more.

Of course next year will be the big 20 so maybe we are starting a little early but it's never to soon to take it all in. We talked about the fact that before we know it we are gonna be sitting down and having our 40th anniversary. Life is short and the sooner you realize that the sooner you will enjoy the moment.

That's our new goal! My new goal! Instead of pushing through everything we need to appreciate the process! Not everything is as fun as you might like, but if you try to look at it different it might not be as hard as you think.

So now you know what we chatted about it, maybe it will make a difference to you. Maybe it won't, but at least you'll think about it.....

Now back to the bikes! My weekend race in the mountains is coming fast! Now it's time to make one more big push as far as training goes and then the tapper down. I am riding the road bike tonight and tomorrow night with a break Friday night then the weekend. I plan to do a really big ride Saturday and then a short easy ride Sunday. Next week I plan to do a few easy spins then the weekend.

I feel good about where I am now so things are gonna be fun. It looks like the wife is gonna ride up with me Saturday afternoon and we are gonna spend the night. I would like to catch the end of the big race on Saturday but we'll see. It's not a make or break for me. My priority is Sunday.

I am doing one thing different tonight. I readjusted everything I needed to ride the kids carbon fiber BMC tonight. Believe it or not I have never ridden a carbon bike before! Not even a mountain bike, I am looking forward to it! It should be interesting.........

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nineteen Years ''''''''''''''''

"Nineteen Years" ago today it was a Saturday and I was headed mountain biking! Then I went to the bar and drank a few beers and then headed to the church! That's right, it's my anniversary! Damn if time don't fly by!

Since that day I have had 2 kids, one of witch is about to graduate high school. I drove a truck for 5 years and then went to work for a trucking company dispatching. From there I went back into the lumber business where I still am today. We moved 3 times and have been through about 10 cars.

Add about 10 bikes to that and nine million t-ball and baseball practices along with football and soccer it's been a busy life. Today is all about reflection! I have no problem remembering my anniversary every year, it just seems to be the one day that makes me reflect the most.

Not really sure why but to me that was a big change in my life. I moved out of my parents house and I started the trucking company all in a 6 month period of time. Then Cody came along and it just snow balled from there. Once Chase came into the picture it really seemed to pick up speed.

                                                  It being "life"....

As I said, Cody is about to graduate and Chase starts high school next year! Point is I like to sit back and look at things once and awhile. It's easy to second guess everything you have done in the past but I tend to look back and smile. Nobody's perfect and if you can't laugh at your own mistakes there ain't much gonna make you happy in the future.

Tonight the wife and I are gonna go out for dinner at Sullivan's Steak house and she will have a glass or two of wine and I will have a few beers! We will laugh and make plans for the big 20! Believe me we have already talked about it...........

Monday, May 5, 2014

Stayin' The Course ,,,,,,

Week 3 and I am still on course. For the last 3 weeks I have ridden over a hundred miles a week! I am now 2 weeks away from my race in the hills and feeling pretty strong. I plan to bump it up this week and then tapper it down next week. I have plans tomorrow so I need to ride tonight or do a back to back ride Wednesday and Thursday. Followed by my weekend double header and then I few easy spins next week.

Tomorrow is my anniversary! 19 years,,, Believe it or not! We are going out for dinner at Sullivan's Steakhouse, I already made reservations. Next year will be the big 20 and we are already planning on a trip to Key West for that. But this year is a nice dinner and then home to bed and work on Wednesday. Simple but good....

Now back to bikes, again all my riding over the weekend was on the road I am still stuck on the road bike. I look forward to riding the mountain bike in the mountains but around here, it still does nothing for me. I like being able to cover so much ground and go places. I'll get back in the local woods one of these days but for now it ain't happening.

Saturday I finally knocked out a ride that has been on my list for a long time! I have always wanted to ride all the way to Polkton and have even scouted out a route. I just never did the ride. Since I have been riding to Peachland lately I decided it was time. I left the house and rode to Peachland to Polkton back to Peachland and then out through the country back to Wingate.

From Wingate back to the house. It totaled 57 miles and 2800ft of climbing. I thought it would have been farther than that, that's one reason I took so long to do it. Now that I know I will be going that way more often. In my mind I am already planning a route that will take me from the house to Polkton to Ansonville back through Aquadale and Oakboro. That should end up being a huge route!

As I said, I like the road bike............

Friday, May 2, 2014

Good Feeling's ,,,,,,,,,,,,

"Good Feeling's", like when you pull out of the driveway and have no plan but to pedal. Like when you get home from a good ride and crack a beer! Like when you turn a corner and all of a sudden the wind is pushing you instead of pushing against you! Like when your bike works flawlessly.

I could go on and on! But last night the one feeling that stuck out the most to me and felt the best was when I came up the hill and realized I was gonna be home in less than 2 miles. I looked down and only had 20 miles! I needed more! I left the house and decided I was gonna do a shorter than usual Thursday night ride so I went and tried to find as many steep hills I could.

All the hills close to the house. Then about the time I topped the second big hill I realized I had already done two Strava segments and there were a couple close by. I did them and then headed toward a few more. After I had done those I started working my way home and that's when I realized how far I had gone.

It's a good feeling when you decide to turn and add at least 10 more miles when your only a mile from the house!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pedal Time ,,,,,,,,

I would've rode, I should've rode, I will ride! All week we have supposedly been waiting on the monster storm coming up from the south. They claimed we were gonna get like 5 inches of rain, it never came. Every evening this week it's been cloudy and looked like it could rain. Because of that I have skipped the riding.

Tonight I am gonna ride. It can rain if it wants but I plan to ride. I guess I am on a schedule of Thursday then Saturday and Sunday. It's working so far and I am averaging right at a 120 miles a week so why change it. That gives me all week to do my thing and still get in good miles.

I have about a week and a half before my race-ride in the mountains so I need to hit it good this week and next. By the 14th I will need to let the legs rest for a few days. Everything is coming along good so it's gonna be fun. This trip Sunday is just icing on the cake! I look forward to hitting the hills again!