Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sometimes """""""""

Sometimes life gets in the way, and that sucks! I still have all my stuff in the car and I am ready to ride. It just didn't workout that way last night. I finally realized it was gonna be cold as hell and I still needed to get the pool running. When it's below freezing you have to run the pump at night. If you don't it will freeze and bust.

When you spend as much time outside as I do you tend to try ignoring the current temp. It always sounds worse than it is. In your head when someone says it's 35 degrees you think damn it's cold! If you went outside and didn't know how cold it was you would think it's warmer than it is. But if you know you will be cold.

It's all in your head!

Back to the pool. I had to go home and clean it, that way nothing would block the pump. So home I went, pool cleaned and daylight done. Tonight we have the soccer banquet so that rules out today. My only hope for the week is tomorrow night! Until then the bike rides in the back.

So yes we had snow last night, at least a little. Then by the weekend it's gonna be in the high 60's. What a weird start to the season. I can't remember ever having snow this early in the year. I can remember it being cold this early but never snow.

It must be time to shut up! If all I have to talk about is the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!

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