Thursday, April 30, 2015

Now What ,,,,,,,,,,

So I came back from PA and mowed the yard! Hence the reason I haven't I posted anything this week. Nobody cares, they have there own yard to mow and we all know there is nothing exciting about that. So far I have slipped in a mountain bike ride at one of our local parks, Francis Beatty and a walk.

Nothing more! I did find 4 golf balls last night but that's nothing worth talking about. I will say Francis Beatty was packed. There where people every where! The park was packed, basketball tennis soccer, every field was full of people. The woods too, bikers hikers and the occasional lost person. I don't go there very often but it's a quick trip from the house and I always like a change every so often.

Today being Thursday I am already thinking about where I want to go this weekend. The wife is going with her mom to Kinston for her nephew's birthday and I am taking a pass on that. I have to tend to Chase Saturday, he wants to go to a concert and I am taking him and his girlfriend to it.

Sunday I am in the clear so I am thinking a mountain trip is in order. I haven't ridden up there since last fall so it's looking good. If I get up fairly early I could be there and riding by 10. DuPont State Forest is looking like my trail of choice...

Monday, April 27, 2015

One Body ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You know the last comment in the post below, the one about me having a lot to talk about. Yep I will and guess what story I can tell now.

Next time someone asks about my high-tech Bushtec motorcycle trailer I can tell them, "yep" "it can hold "One Body" easily!  Here's how I figured that out..

As I also said below, I rode the Gold Wing to Pennsylvania Friday to see my kid. I ended up riding a little over 1000 miles by the time I got home yesterday. I left Blairsville PA about 10:30 yesterday and while the kid and I were eating breakfast I checked the weather. I knew if I was gonna get rained on it would be on the return trip so I was checking things out.

As all the weather predictors where saying the rain was south of us down around Morgantown WVA and down toward Bluefield. I have been thinking about trying a different route home and that was all it took to push me that way. Knowing the new way was gonna take about an hour longer I took off. I went east to Altoona PA and then headed south.

Once I got to Bedford PA I went east again on the PA turnpike. I haven't been on the turnpike in 15 years and it was kinda neat then I got off at Breezewood PA and then started working my way south down interstate 81. Once in Roanoke VA, down 220 and into NC home by 7pm.

Back to the turnpike! I am in the left lane keeping up with the traffic and rolling right along. As I round a turn I stroll right by 3 Hells Angels bikers in the right lane. I am running along about 75-80 and they where going more along the lines of the speed limit, 70. So I go right by and don't think twice about it. I even give them a little wave and get the ol' biker nod as I go by.

Maybe 15 miles later I come up on a travel plaza and I decide to go ahead and get fuel. Plus I just wanted to stop and go inside. I always liked the travel plaza's and figured it was my chance to stop. I pull up to the pumps and am getting fuel when here they come. The real bikers! They pull up beside me and get off to get fuel. We say hi to each other and that's about it. I go in and come back out and one of them is checking out my trailer.

I know I haven't put any pictures on here in a long time but I got a hell of a damn setup when it comes to my Gold Wing. Not only are Gold Wings bad ass but my trailer is a match also. They look good when they are hooked up and I am traveling! I walk up and say hi, and we start talking. He likes my bike! LOL...

He has all his stuff on his back seat strapped down and here I am with a trailer and all my stuff nice and cozy! Dry also! I could only imagine what the people walking by are thinking! Here he is all dressed in his vest and he looks rough! I am riding a Gold Wing and I am dressed nice and neat and yet we are standing in the parking lot of a Pennsylvania travel plaza talking about motorcycles.

So he asks if he can look inside the trailer, see how much it can hold. I say sure and open the trailer, he takes a look and then the other 2 guys who were standing there not saying much both walk over and take a look. One of them takes a look and says "huh" "you could fit "One Body" in there! That kinda stunned me, and they got the biggest laugh I think they had in a long time!

He was joking and just trying to get a response out of me. Stunned silence was just what he was looking for! I turned red of course and then I caught on.. It was pretty funny. So then we wrapped it up and we all took off again. I know for a fact all 3 of them where smiling as they rode off.....

Hell I was too! It's funny how most people who walked by didn't even want to really look their way yet I actually enjoyed the conversation. They were actually nice guys.....

Friday, April 24, 2015

It's Time ,,,,,,,,,,

Today I head north! On the bike! The motorbike! Yep I have checked the weather, more than once. It looks about the same every time so I decided to stop looking. If I get caught in the rain I guess I get caught in the rain. It's really a pretty simple process.

Kinda like 1+1. I do care but I am not gonna cancel my trip because some dude who is wrong more than he is right is predicting what I do. Think about it, if you based every thing you do on the weather forecast you would do a lot of sitting around looking at a nice day.

Monday I'll be back and it will be a distant memory. I like memories, like they say! "When your old and sitting around are you gonna say" "I wish I did" or "Remember that time"...

                                                  I am gonna have a lot to talk about!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Try Again,,,,,,,,

Trying to pack that is. Last night I got home and ended up working on my motorcycle for a little while. Then I took the dog to the golf course and came home. Dinner and it was bed time.

I better get in a hurry tonight and get it done. Nothing like waiting till the last minute........

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Made Myself !!!!!!!!!!!!

And I enjoyed every minute of it! Yes I know your not supposed to start a sentence with "And". But it applied this time.

I got home yesterday and I told myself, "Self" "if you don't ride your bicycle today, it will be next week before you go again". Being gone all weekend will kill your riding for a few days. Anyway "self replied". "But it's windy", self don't like to ride in the wind. Before I knew it I was putting on my riding socks.

I was out the door 10 minutes later and the first corner I went around and I was going straight into the wind. What did I do? I went to the end of that road and went the other way! From there I headed downtown Monroe and just worked my way around town. I figured if I stayed in town I would be out of the wind.

Ten minutes later I had made a lap of downtown Monroe, it ain't that big. So I headed out of town and made a lap toward Wingate and then back to the house. 30 miles later I was home and felt great, thankful I went ahead and rode.

Now tonight I will start packing the Gold Wing for my ride! A ride I am rather excited about. This will be the longest trip I have ever taken on a motorcycle. 500 miles one way, most trips are around the 2-3 hundred mile mark. Plus it's still on the cool side in Pennsylvania, the morning low's are still at the 30 degree mark. That means I am going from a 75-80 degree area to a 30-50 degree area.

Once you get used to the higher the lower sucks! But honestly can't wait I am excited!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boat Anyone????????

If you live in the greater southern corner of the  states you need a damn boat about now! We have had rain for so long I thought about taking a picture of the sun this morning. It's out and shinning like I swear it's shone before! Not true, but that's how long it's been since it's been out.

Of course my riding has sucked lately but everybody is in the same "boat" as I am. I have slipped out a few times here and there but over all not much. I got a 25 mile road ride in Saturday and then I took the 46 mile drive to Cheraw and slipped in a ride on Sunday. While everybody else was at home watching the rain drop I was in the woods.

The middle of a rain storm is the best time to ride Cheraw. Although they didn't get the same rain we had in Monroe. Nobody believes that when I tell them but it's true. I had to drive about 5 miles an hour to get out of the state but about the time I crossed the state line the sky closed and stopped raining. It misted a little bit but I rode for the better part of 2 hours and had a great time.

I might get out today but we'll see. My mind is starting to shift gears into travel mode! I dropped off the Gold Wing Saturday and they already had it ready yesterday. I picked it up and got it home before the rain storm came. I swear I have looked at the radar 20 times in the last few days hoping to see my "window" of opportunity to ride to PA this weekend.

I keep watching all the big cities I go through between here and there. I need 3 full days or at least a good Friday and a good Sunday with no rain to travel. So far it's looking pretty good! It's gonna be kinda cold in the mornings but that's not a big deal. Plus I have pretty much made my mind up that I am going! Going on the bike!

I could come up with 10 reasons not to ride if I tried very hard or I can just ride. The weather is always gonna be the weather. Suck it up and enjoy the ride.. I am excited and plan to put some miles down this year.

                                                               Dad would be proud!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

1 Down ,,,,,,,,,,,

1 to go! The week that is, now I have one more before I go see the kid. I always enjoy seeing him and I don't mind the travel. I guess that part of me comes from the truck driver in me. An 8 hour drive just isn't that bad to me. I load up and hit the road, simple as that.

Plus I always enjoy seeing other parts of the country. Especially this time of the year going north, they are about 3 weeks behind us as far as spring arriving, We have leaves and the pollen has dropped and people are planting the gardens now. Up north they are still getting ready to do what we have already done.

Just imagine how our trees looked 3 weeks ago and that's what they have now. It's neat to travel! You get so lost in your own world you tend to forget how life is the same struggle in other places. People are doing the same things you are just in different parts of the country. Everybody has a bill to pay and a job to do.

I hope Chase decides to go to a school a little closer so I can see him more often but at least Cody's school will be over before long. It's hard to believe he's been there for 5 months already. At the same time it's hard to believe Chase is almost done with the 9th grade. High school will be over before long and then college will be too. I hate to say it but I guess I wish the kids where still in elementary school........

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recovery and Play Time ,,,,,,,,

My goal for the weekend was to take it easy and try not to over due it. I made plans to meet a few friends Saturday down at Cane Creek park, I felt better when I got up Saturday so I went early and pre rode the trails. They showed up and I did it all again. I felt good and it seemed like a good ideal.

Sunday I got up and my good ideal didn't seem so good anymore I was tired! Karen was on call for the day and already had patients lined up so I decided to ride the motorcycle! I hadn't ridden it since last fall so I was kinda ready. Of course it was dead and wouldn't start so I had to put the battery charger on it for a few. Once it started I figured it would charge pretty quick and I would be ready to go.

Of course I had to stop for gas and guess what! It wouldn't start. Luckily this older guy saw me pushing the bike across the parking lot and asked what was wrong. I told him and he ended up giving me a ride to Advance Auto to buy another battery. I got it and borrowed the tools and headed back to the bike.

Of course I borrowed the wrong tools and stood there looking at the bike like a dumb ass for a few minutes before I started looking to see what I had. Low and behold I still had a few tools in the bottom of the side box that my dad had put in there. I had to laugh, he gave me that bike 9 years ago right before he passed away and I still find things he did that make my life easier.

I can't tell you how many times I started to take those tools out and wondered why he had them in there to begin with. Yet here I am 9 years later and I was damn glad he had put them there! Five minutes later and I was on the road again. Back to Advance to return their tools and I was good to go.

I ended up riding for about 3 hours and I got a new battery out of the deal. I enjoyed the ride so much I hope to ride it to Pennsylvania next weekend when I go up to see the kid. I had planned on that at some point this summer but hadn't really thought a lot about it. But now I have it clean and ready to ride I want to go.

          Now I just need a 3 day weather window, cool temps I don't mind but rain sucks.........

Friday, April 10, 2015

Bump In The Road..........

Monday evening's ride was great and then Tuesday I started the day just like any other. Then I had lunch! By 2'oclock, I was telling my buddy in the desk beside me that my stomach was rolling! I ended up leaving a little early and before I could get out of the car in the driveway I was hanging out the door throwing up...

                         That continued the rest of the evening and into the next morning.

                                                                Food poison!!!

It all started innocent enough, one of our suppliers brought hamburgers and hot-dogs in and wanted to treat the guys in the warehouse to lunch. He brought enough for damn near everybody here so we ended up having an impromptu lunchin'. Of course out of 25 people that ate I was the only one who managed to grab the bad burger.

I remember taking the first bit and thinking it had a funny flavor but I thought maybe it was just me. I looked at it and it was cooked through but a little moist. In other words it wasn't cooked fully! I spent Wednesday and Thursday eating nothing but saltine crackers and drinking nothing but ginger ale. I did work yesterday but not very hard and I still ended up leaving early again.

I finally slept last night and woke up feeling a lot better. I missed last nights ride and we get the rain today so it will be tomorrow before I get to pedal again but I still need the rest anyway. I can tell I am still weak but the weather is gonna be great. It may not be a fast ride but I'll get the seat time.

                As far as the grill out back,,, If I had my choice I would throw it in the dumpster!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

That Was Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came to work yesterday with no plans to ride at all when I got home but that all changed with one text! A one word text, it simply said. "road"... I thought about it and decided why not, I hadn't seen Kelly in a few weeks and I am still trying to get going so I said yes. With one word..

We know each others schedule so that was all it took. I knew I needed to get home and out the door to Unionville for a 5'oclock meeting. Of course I made it and he was there, 40 miles later and a good conversation my legs were toast and I was home!

First road ride of the season is now under the belt. After my full weekend it really did put a hurting on me but it was worth it. I had forgotten how fast you roll on a road bike and how much ground you can cover. The weather was perfect, almost. The wind was a little strong but for the first ride it was awesome.

                                                        It's gonna be a good summer.....

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pacing ,,,,,,,,,,

That was my plan all weekend. I felt so bad Friday that I knew I would need to "Pace" all weekend if I wanted to enjoy and take advantage of the weather. It's supposed to start raining today and last all week. With that in the forecast I couldn't sit at home and do nothing.

Saturday I hit the end of the driveway with Uhwarrie and the White Water Center on my mind. At the last second I decided to head to the west side of town and ride all the trails at the WWC. Same distance but a little faster to get to. With 485 around Charlotte all I have to do is hit the freeway and set the cruise control.

I get there and pay my 5 bucks to park and then find a place to park. If that place ain't making money yet it's beyond me! It was packed, people everywhere, if you add up just the 5 bucks to pack they had to make 10 grand Saturday.

So I unload and head to the woods, I ride everything and then head to the new trail! The one I just learned about recently when I went by chance to the website and printed off a map. So as I am riding it I come to another fork in the trail and stumble on another new section! By the firmness of the ground it couldn't be over a few weeks old. As I plow around the trail I find myself laughing!

Overall if you ride every trail in Charlotte you gotta just about agree the White Water Center is about the best trail system in town! Yes I said "in town". In this "area" then the best trail would be Lake Norman State park. But White Water rocks! The place is awesome, trails people restaurant you name it.

I believe I am actually gonna break down and buy the parking pass. It's gonna be a great summer for riding. Now I just need to get the road bike out and get in a few more miles....

Friday, April 3, 2015

Not likin' This ,,,,,,,,,,

I felt it coming on all day yesterday and I tried to ignore it, last night it was hard to ignore. I feel like shit! I didn't sleep good and I can't breath! Today is Friday and the weekend is right around the corner.

I don't waste my weekends being sick! I might be sick, but I will tough it out all weekend. I am not gonna loose the little bit of speed I have managed to pick back up. I will drag my ass through the woods all weekend. It might hurt but what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Just More Fun ,,,,,,,,,,

And easier! Believe me, I have talked about this before but right now it's more evident than it has been in a long time. It's easier and more fun to go fast! As you know I have been whining about my sorry state of fitness for the last several weeks. I have even avoided riding with the fast boys lately because I knew how bad off my pace has been. But for the last 3 weeks I have been back on schedule riding at least 3-4 times a week.

It hurt at the start but now I am getting back into the groove. I know I still need to improve a good bit but last night I knocked out a 55 minute lap at my favorite testing trail. Sherman Branch! Yes I had 2 days rest in my legs, not counting a 4 mile walk the night before. But keep in mind last week it was all I could do to do an hour lap! At my best a 53 is the norm so I'll take a 55 right now for damn sure.

I rode Saturday at Uhwarrie trail and put in a lot of miles, hard climbing miles! I road for over 2 hours and I was beat! Sunday I went to Sherman and it was all I could do to get back to the car in an 1:15 minutes! I knew I was going slow but I never thought I would have taken that long. So yesterday when I came out of the woods and checked the timer I was stoked!

I knew I was rolling just by the way the trail was flowing. The climbs were coming pretty easy and the rhythm was there. Plus I was having fun! "It's Just More Fun" to go fast.

                                            Enough said!