Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Time,,,,

Frank, that's his name! Unless the governor of North Carolina calls and gives him a pardon his ass is headed to the oven! Every year I name my turkey and this one is Frank! I started doing this when the kids were really young, it used to make them squirm. They didn't like the thought that we were eating a turkey with a "name".

Now they get into it! Cody even asked the other night what his name was. The other night every time Chase opened the fridge he was talking to Frank. Karen just shakes her head and I am still immature enough that I laugh every time. thanks giving is great!

The best part is the 4 days off. Not sure what I plan to do yet but it will involve bikes and running shoes. For some reason I have an urge to ride bikes down in the Pageland area. I used to go down there with the kid all the time. Since he went to school and then headed to Georgia I just don't really ride the road bike that much.

I just like the area and the hills. With my mountain trip coming up week after this week. I feel like I need to climb some hills to get my legs ready. One ride won't make them perfect but in my head it will work.

                                                Enjoy your holiday be back next week..

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Yep, I'm Hungry Too ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I know I have been a little slack lately with the blog. With Cody down south I've had a few busy weekends for sure. Plenty to talk about but just haven't made the time. But we are still here!

First of all I am still running! Love it too! It's really neat to see all our local trails in a different light. When I trail run I always go the opposite direction of the bikes. For safety and it gives you a whole different look. One thing I have noticed is a little bit of an attitude from my fellow mountain bike riders. Without going into to a rant bikes need to do a little better job of yielding to the walker/runner.

I will throw myself in there to. Until I started running regular I was guilty of the same thing! As a biker you don't realize how fast you are actually going. At least when you are passing someone who is coming the other direction and running. Also as a runner it's not my job to stop and let you go by. It's on both of us.

Ok done with that. The weather is finally getting a little better and I am able to ride more. I know they are predicting a wet winter so I have no ideal how long it will last. But the trails are fun right now. I do have a mountain trip coming up the week after Thanksgiving so I will be hitting the infamous "Pisgah". Looking forward to that!

                                       Enjoy your turkey and day and see ya later........

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

And Then I Ran Again !!!!

That makes 3 runs in 4 days. I had a walk on my off day. I have ran so much lately I don't even get sore now, tired maybe sore no. I did 3 miles Saturday and 2 miles Monday. Followed by 3 miles yesterday. I don't see a marathon in my future but I do plan to continue. I want to get down a few pounds and do some trail runs.

I know I need to get my endurance up before I head to the woods. I want to able to enjoy it not just suffer. One is more fun than the other. We do have the sun shinning again, it's been so long for that everybody here at work is in a better mood.

The bike has been patiently waiting to come out of the corner but I think it's still a few days away. I want to rest today, that means walk. Tomorrow the woods will be a little drier and I can then head to the woods. I still don't know what I plan to do with my new fitness plan but I am enjoying the process.

In the back of my mind I think about running a few races next year. Plus every year about this time I start thinking about the Southern Classic Series for the mountain bike. It's just hard to commit to the series with the kids no longer racing. Traveling and training by yourself all the time just isn't as fun.

                                        I miss that part more than the actual racing!

Monday, November 9, 2015

It Rained I Ran...

As crazy as this may sound, I am kinda digging running right now! A few years ago I ran a few 5k's and I did the Cooper River Bridge Run, then I stopped running. No reason just did. With the weather being so wet lately and no where to ride but Cheraw or Uhwarrie I just haven't felt the urge to load up and go.

So I found myself running the other day when the dog and I went to the country club. Before I realized it I was enjoying it. Then I went to the local trail the other day and did some trail running. All of a sudden I have been running about 5 times lately. Saturday I woke up and even had that for a plan!

Put my shoes on and headed to the golf course. To my surprise the course was actually closed and I had the whole place to myself. Golfers are as crazy as cyclist, they play no matter what. If you walk the nature trail around the back 9 at Monroe Country Club it's a mile and a half. If you do the cart path for that side it's two and a half miles.

I ran the cart path, got a good run in and was still home in no time at all. Today I found myself bringing shoes and shorts to work, with a plan to run right after work. We have a nature trail here in Matthews and the out and back totals 4 miles.

One of these days I might find myself back on the bike, but right now the trails are so wet it's gonna be a month before we can ride in the woods again..

Monday, November 2, 2015

Progress ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I spent last week sick and feeling really crappy. I finally slide out the door and got in a walk on Thursday and that was the highlight for the week. Saturday came around and I wanted to get out and do a ride but was really kinda scared too.

I have just started to feel good again and didn't want to ruin it. Of course I went anyway and took it easy. Although I only did a lap 4 minutes slower than usual. What is surprising is how much fun I had going just a little slower. I got through and I could have easily ridden another lap at that pace. Instead of killing myself for one lap I could have a lot more fun riding 2 laps!

the things that make you go Hummmm. After that I sat around Sunday for just a little while and then decided to head to the golf course. Rain or no rain I ended up running for 3 miles and had a great time. I was soaked when I got done but who cares, I had a great time and didn't have to spend the day at home doing nothing. I got out and played!

It was so much fun I am planning on going again today. Life's to short to sit on the couch. Besides the dog doesn't care, why should I. Plus it's always neat to see the people driving by looking down on the parking lot. They stare the whole way by. You know they are thinking "look at that idiot, he ain't got enough sense to get out of the rain."

To me the jokes on them, they are riding in a car going some where and scared they might get wet. I might be wet but damn I am having fun! Plus I got my exercise in for the day.