Monday, December 16, 2013

Half Is Bettter Than Nothing ,,,,,,,,

Yep half a weekend is better than none! As I did what everybody else did Saturday. I sat at home and watched it rain all day. So yesterday I was glad to get out. I waited till about noon and then headed out. Two hours and nineteen minutes later I was back at the house.

Forty miles of therapy and I felt like I was back in the game. I left the house and went to Wingate first and then made a big loop through the country back to Unionville and then toward Porter Ridge. The weather was about as good as it gets for a mid December day. It's funny how a good ride will help, just like my post Friday said. A good dose of sun and being outdoors does wonders for the way you feel.

Like I said, you don't have to be a kid to understand that. Although the kids at Wingate College sure understand. When I pedalled through the campus they were every where. I guess they all had cabin fever too. It must rub off on the adults in town too. I went out the back side of town and passed alot of adults out walking and moving about.

Then it was back through the country, over all it was a good ride. Except the part where I had to turn around and climb a hill I had just came down. I took a chance and ignored the sign that said road closed. They are always replacing bridges out in the country and usually you can kinda weave your way through some heavy equipment and keep going. Not this time!

I was standing on the rim looking at a big hole with no way to cross! So turn around and head back the same way was the only option. Of course that meant straight back up the hill I had came down. Lesson learned....

Probably not but it sounds like I learned...........

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