Friday, November 1, 2013

Slow !!!!!!!!!!!!

At work and in life sometimes things slow down. We were so slow yesterday I started to write a spot 3 times and just didn't have the energy! I even had a break in the day with a trip to Chase's school to pick him up. They called and said he was sick and we needed to come pick him up. That took me 2 hours and the day still seemed to take forever!

Chase was glad to see me though, even though he was sick. That or he really wanted to go home! Either way our paths crossed! One thing I noticed yesterday, at 10 am there is no traffic out. I made it out to Unionville in no time flat. Then when I went home yesterday it took me 45 minutes with the traffic.

We do have senior night tonight. They will introduce the kids one more time. This could be the last home game of the football season. We don't know yet. If they win tonight and then the away game next week they would have a playoff game at Piedmont. Both teams they are playing are really tough. They are already in the playoffs but they still need to win at least one more game.

Now we are up to Saturday, I know I will ride but not sure where. I would like to get over to Uhwarrie but with hunting season in full swing I just don't really like the ideal of riding around in the woods with a bunch of trigger happy hunters sitting in the tree's. So if I head that way it will be on Sunday. When your not allowed to hunt!

Tomorrow I might make another trip down to Anne Springs Park in Ft.Mill. I had a good ride last week when I was there so why not go again. Some where in there I need new grips and I need to change my tires, stuff I should have done this week but didn't. I seem to put off working on my bikes until they absolutely need it. I need to break that habit before I break something. Something that will cost a lot to fix..

See Ya next week..............

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