Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yea I'm Here......

Although I just about forgot the blog today. I slept in and skipped the pool today. That's the first time in awhile I have done that. So tonight I am gonna run. It will be the first run in my new shoes. Looking forward to it.

Last night my man Brian came over and fixed my VTX motorcycle. It's now running like a champ! Now I need to get it clean and it will be ready to go.

Well that's about it now...... See ya tomorrow...........

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Middle Of The Week ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

At least it's all downhill from here. I did a mile swim this morning and ended up late for work. But I be damned if I am gonna get out of the pool when I only have  250 yards to go for a full mile! I am on the same schedule I had last week, now I can wind down and get ready for the weekend.

I continued on with the no fins training, I did the first 550 yards with nothing, then I used the float you use between your legs to swim the next 500 and I finished with the fins for 700 more yards. Total 1 mile!

One thing I haven't mentioned is the fact that our mtn. bike race season starts Sunday. We will be in Sumter SC Saturday night and Cody races at 9am on Sunday. I will go off at 10. So unless we go down Saturday we would have to get up and leave at 5 am. No thanks! Way to early...

Cody will race for 14 miles and I will run for 21 miles. We have this this weekend and then a 5k next weekend, followed by the 2nd series race. So for the next 3 weeks at least we will be on the go. I am kinda looking forward to this, in a way it feels like the summer starts this weekend.

Although it's supposed to be cold as hell....

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Still "Tuff"..........

Yesterday I talked about how "Tuff" it was to do nothing. Well after a 2nd day of swimming without fins it's just as tough to workout as it is to do nothing. Maybe worse...

So this morning I hit the pool and did my first 500 yards without fins. Then used the float thing to finish up for a total of a 1000 yards. All without fins! That is the first time I have done that yet, and it felt good! Now tomorrow I plan to do the first 500 without  and then the next 500 with the float and then I will finish out with the fins for my mile.

Thursday and Friday I will go back to nothing and swim a 1000 both days. That will give me around 6000 for the week. With the majority being done without fins! I should be completely done with the fins by the 15th. Which is only 2 more weeks.

I read something Henry Ford once said in a speech the other day. It made a lot of sense to me. Basically It's all in your head.......

"Weather you think you can or think you can't, your probably already right"

It's all in your head.....

Monday, February 25, 2013

It"s Tuff ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Some days, "It's Tuff"! Yesterday it was all I could do to do nothing. Yes I did ride my motorcycle and went exploring. I went over to Oakboro and just tried to get lost. I found a few new roads I had never been on and put together a new loop for the road bike.

If I head over and park in Oakboro I can put together a pretty neat route over to Norwood and back to the car. I like going out and and just seeing what I can find. You do it on the motorcycle first and cover a lot of ground. Then you go back and ride it on the bike and you get to see everything you missed.

Until you can compare the 2 ways of covering ground. You just don't know how much you miss going 55 miles an hour compared to 15 miles an hour. It's pretty amazing.

So after that I pretty much did nothing but chill the rest of the day. Then this morning I got up and headed to the pool. I started my new routine today. For me to do the triathlons I of course have to ditch the fins. I have been swimming with them since I started and now it's time to move on.

So last week I put in a new high for total yards and this week I am gonna start working on loosing the fins. Kelly said to swim without them to start and when my form gets bad use them to finish. So I did. The first 400 yards where without fins and then the rest was with them. I ended with a total of 1250 yards.

Tomorrow I will shoot for 500 without and 1500 total. Then I will do my mile Wednesday, and taper down from there. Just like last week. Now that I have decided I can do the running and I really want to do a tri. It's time to start a real training program. After I get my swimming down with no fins I am gonna start doing intervals and timed swims.

Plus I have a running program in mind so we'll see........

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hard Days............

For me the hardest days are the rest days! I know you need them and it's not good for to just keep going and going but it still sucks!

Sitting sucks.....

OK, now for yesterday.  We showed up and it was pouring! Yep we ran in the rain. 4 miles and we were soaked! If it hadn't been for my son Chase I probably would have skipped it. But he wanted to go so we went. 

He had a little bit of a bad day, it wasn't his best run but he hung in there. I am always proud of him. As I said I would have skipped it if it wasn't for him.

As far as my race goes. Ha, I surprised myself I finished 2nd in my age group! No kidding! I ran it in 39:52 and it was good enough for 2nd! Now I need another race!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Tomorrow (Saturday) am we go. My knee is killing me and im gonna knock it out one way or another.......

4 miles and 20 pounds...... I am gonna loose it one way or another...

Do It Again...............

Tomorrow 7:30am we will be at the start of our 3rd foot race. My 3rd Chase's 2nd, it's gonna be fun! This one is the 10/4 as I have already said. We are doing the 4 mile option. Even if it's raining, we will be there.

I finished the week with the most swimming I have yet. I started swimming 2 weeks before Christmas, it was all I could do to swim 750 yards and it would take me the better part of an hour. Now this week I have knocked out my first full mile and did it in 50 minutes. This morning I swam 1500 in 35 so that was a good finish for the week.

Total, 7000 yards. Not bad for my 2nd full month of swimming! Now I just want to get my running up. Riding is a little under the usual but usually that was all I was doing. So now I am doing a lot more and not so concerned with the riding. I still love the bike and the weekend is when I really look forward to riding it. But with both mountain bikes on the injured reserve list I am just kinda waiting.

Once time changes I will be able to get my rides back in so the bike will be rolling back around before long. But I want to get the running up to at least 10 miles a week. My new shoes should be here today so I do have that to look forward too.

Anyhow we race in the morning and hope to ride some this weekend. Have a good weekend...............

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hate It When That Happens...........

What happened? I guess my age was showing this morning I wanted to swim at least 1500 yds. I just didn't have it in me. Usually I get into a groove and just keep swimming. Today it seemed like I never found it! I couldn't get right for nothing.

Lap 3 or 4 is where I get going, today I couldn't breathe right or get my rhythm with my stroke. My butt was riding low, it just didn't work. Some days are like that. After knocking out my mile yesterday my shoulders were sore. That messed up my stroke which messed up my breathing, blah,blah,blah.

I just didn't have it. My goal for the week was to swim 6000yds and I am at 5500 as of today. So I know I will end up with more than I planned for the week so that's cool. I went from 4000yds a week to 6000 in one week. Not a bad improvement. Now I just need to maintain.

Next up it looks like I will be without a mountain bike this weekend. My parts are coming from California and they shipped FedEx ground. So far they are somewhere between Durango, Co. and here. The projected date for delivery is tomorrow so we'll see. If It shows up I can put it together and be ready, so now we wait.

To be honest I kinda want to ride the road bike. The last time I rode it it was 95 degrees! Obviously that's been awhile, I need to pump up the tires and I would be good to go.......

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We are a little slow today so why not post a second time.

"One Goal Down"

That was my first post today so that got me thinking what my next goal should be? I can ride my bike for extended periods so if any thing I have that part down pat. that just leaves running. Which is killing me!

I have new shoes coming and I am already entered in the race for this weekend. It might be raining but at least I am still gonna get to run. Yes my knees are killing me but they have to get better. Sooner or later? Believe me I wish they didn't hurt.

So now I guess I found my next goal!

They call it a "Sprint Triathlon", most of them are 3-4 hundred yards swimming and a 8 to 13 mile bike ride and a 3.1 mile run. I have already found about 7-8 of them in my area this summer. All leading up to the big one in Anderson SC. in Oct.

That will be the first one my buddies do there first half triathlon, if I can get my shit together by then I could do the Olympic distance. That requires you to swim .9 miles and bike 24.8 miles and run 6.2 miles. Again I know I have the biking down pat, now I need to get my knee straightened out and my confidence up to swim that far in open water and I would be good to go!


One Goal Down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I missed my chance to knock out my first full mile swim.

Today I didn't !!!

I got to the 1500 hundred mark and I had my doubts! I was a little tired and sore from yesterday. Up until yesterday I was only swimming an average of a 1000yds per day. Then Monday I bumped it up to 1250, Tuesday 1500, today 1800! Usually I skip Monday and take a break, then swim the rest of the week. Well after missing last Monday and Monday Tuesday the week before I am already at 3 days rest for the month. That was the amount I missed last month. If I miss one more, which is going to happen I will be at 4. Not what I want.

So at 1500 this morning I was ready to quit! But I had a thought. Yesterday a buddy of mine pointed out "that the mind will quit a hundred times before the body will". So with that thought I kept swimming! Before I knew it I had my first full mile swim under my belt!

Nuff' said........

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dammit !!!!!!!!!!!

As I was standing in the shower this morning it hit me! Why the hell didn't I just go ahead and swim a full mile! It would have been my first mile!!

I missed my chance! Or at least postponed it..

Yesterday I swam 1250 yards, today I decided I was gonna swim 1500 yards. I did. Then it dawned on me if I had swam another 260 yards I would have had my first mile swim! Damn! Damn! Damn!


So close, and now I have to wait till tomorrow to do it. I was so pumped I had just swam 1500 I didn't even think about it.

Till I was in the shower.

Tomorrow I will swim my first mile, even if I am late to work!

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Wonder ??????????????

So now I am wondering if I can up grade to a carbon frame for a few more dollars? I don't care if they have a pink frame some where they can't seem to sell! If they do and we can get right on the price I am all in! Now to get the wife on board...

Last night when I brought this up with the wife she didn't seem to interested. Her first reply was, you seem to break a lot of bicycles why is that? We pay for all these expensive bikes and you don't take care of them.

That stunned me!!

What the hell does that me?  It means to her that all she sees is the broken stuff. She doesn't pat attention to the fact that I have been riding this frame for 2 years now. It gets ridden hard to, we don't play around when we ride and these bikes get pushed hard. Yes I have broken a few frames but that's what happens.

When I started back riding in '08 I bought a frame off of EBay. I built it up and went back to riding and riding hard! Yes I broke it 3 times and had it fixed twice, The 3rd time I snapped it I figured I was pushing my luck so I scrapped it and bought a new bike. Then I gave it to Cody and bought another one.

After riding it for 3 years I did crack it, again warranty took care of that. Just like warranty will take care of this one. If you use her angle of thought and you were a runner, your shoes would never wear out!!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

You Only Live Once..........

While you might be comfortable laying on the couch and watching it snow/rain, I was not! I loaded up the bike and headed to Uhwarrie, 34 degrees and snowing. At least it was when I left here.

When I got over there all it was doing was raining. But not to be deterred, I got my clothes on and headed out. I rode for 3 solid hours and rode everything twice and climbed all the hills. By the time I was back to the car my hands were pretty much frozen!

I literally had to use all my fingers to make the brakes work! My insulated gloves had long since gotten soaked and were worthless. The rest of my body was fine, my feet where soaked all the way through but they weren't cold, just wet.

Overall it was a great ride! I saw two other cyclist and a group of scouts but that was it. When I got home it was another story! As I was riding I kept hearing a noise that I chalked up to the seat post needed some grease.

Wrong!! When I got home and cleaned the bike I found the frame is cracked almost all the way through! Right at the seat post. The top tube is cracked right where it meets the seat post, and behind the post. Now I have to take it to the shop and get a new frame! Don't know how long that will take.

But I got a feeling I am about to find out!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

I Liked That...............

First off I tried the "Pose" method of running last night. It feels kinda weird right now but I like it. I can see where it's gonna relieve my knees. That's a good thing. I only did a mile on the road by the house and it seems to work. I kinda feel like a spaz but if it works I am all for it!

I went ahead and signed Chase and I up for our next foot race. Next Saturday the 23rd. Mcmullen Creek Green way Charlotte 10/4. It has a ten mile option and a four mile option. We of course are going to do the four miler. He might be ready for a 10 but I am not!

Lately my blog has gotten a little of track. The title implies we do a lot of riding, here lately I am doing a lot of everything else. We do have the racing season coming up and I plan to do the whole series. But I am not gonna kill myself if I miss a few. Right now I am just concentrating on getting in the best shape possible!

Why? I really don't know. People keep asking me if I am training for a triathlon, really I am not. Maybe in the back of my mind I would like to do one but in the front of my mind I am thinking there is no way I am ready for one! Yet I keep upping the anty as far as my exercise level.

It feels great too!!!

I am swimming 4 days a week and riding at least 2 sometimes 3 and wish I was riding more. I have now started the running and have knocked out 2 races so far. Six months ago I would have laughed at you if you would have told me I was going to be running now. Much less already signed up for a fourth race!

So now it seems my daily blog has turned into a dairy of my new exercise program, or weight lose program. Whatever you want to call it. I wasn't really that heavy but I can guarantee you I had 20 to loose, and now I just want to get to the "ultra fit" level.

One of my biggest fears in life is getting fat and loosing out on all the fun stuff you can do when you are fit. I want to run and play like a little kid all my life!

My newest goal is a long term one.

I am 44 and when I hit 50 I promise you I will be in the best shape of my entire life! When I got out of high school I weighed a hundred and sixty five pounds. I am at two hundred now and have lost 17-18 already. Thirty five more pounds is not out of the question.

It will take a commitment to get there but I am in it for the long haul!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Never New !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, "I Never New" running and swimming and just getting in shape could be so hard! Two months ago I would have said "yea I know how to run and swim", now I would answer the same, except I would have to say I don't know how to do it correctly though.

It took me about a week to figure out a new technique for swimming. My shoulders where hurting, so I changed my stroke. No longer did they hurt. I can now swim a 1000 yards faster than ever. I still have to concentrate on what I am doing but I have gotten better.

Now I am try to figure out how to run. It turns out the way I have been running all these years is hard on your knees. Hence the reason my knees are giving me such a fit. I spent the evening last night watching videos on the "Pose method" of running. From what I am learning it should help me get over my knee problems.

I hope after doing nothing but swimming yesterday I can try it tonight. I let my knees take a break so maybe they will work OK tonight. Nothing big just a few miles. I hope to get up to at least 10 miles a week before long.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Wonder If I Can Get There............

Not really, I am one hard headed S.O.B. so I know I will get where I want to go. I just never thought it would be this hard! Although it is my first time trying to get in tip top shape at 44 years old. Hell this is the first and only time I have been 44!

I don't like it!

But I will get there. Right now I am bouncing around at 200 pounds, that's about 17-18 pounds I have lost already. I swim 4-5 days a week and I am riding as much as the weather will allow. I wish I could ride more, but I am using a little of everything to make this happen. (biking,riding,running)

I got to the point I wasn't loosening any more weight just by riding and I am enjoying the new stuff so why not do it all. Yes cycling will get you in shape but if you ever notice there are a lot of older cyclist with a nice little belly. I want to loose the belly!

Plus I enjoy the atmosphere of any type racing venue so why not try running, and they do shirts and free stuff with food at all the running races. Bicycling promoters have gotten slack about just taking your money with minimal returns. Hell even if you win you end up with nothing more than a five dollar medal! Although it sure is fun to get them!!!

But anyway the reason I am talking about all this is the fact my knees are killing me! I don't know how long it takes to get used to running but right now my knees are about to explode! To the point I wonder if I need to see a doctor!

One of the guys at the gym says it's worth going to a running shoe company and get professionally fitted, we have one here in Charlotte and I am going to do that. The shoes will end up costing more but my knees are worth it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Yes, I got it back! I have been waiting for a week. That was about 4 days longer than I planned but at least I am rolling again. It works perfect! Doesn't kick in neutral or anything else. I didn't realize how bad it needed a new transmission till I got one. It was really bad I just didn't know it. So now I am good, I can go where ever I want and not worry about it.

Once I finally got home it wasn't much of a night. I cleaned the kitchen and made dinner, by then it was 8 o'clock and the night was done. Driving to the south end to pick up my blazer made me realize once again why I live in the country. It would be hard for me to go back to all that traffic. Even at 5 rush hour in Monroe I could go from one side of town to the other in 15 minutes.

In Charlotte it took me an hour to get home. That sucked! I know that's the life style now but it ain't for me. I like the open spaces, you could pack 30 houses or 150 condos on the field next to my house. Thank god they haven't! My kids would go crazy with no where to go.

I did get my swim in this morning so I am back on track. Yesterday my mom brought up the fact that if you start doing something and do it for a few weeks day in day out it becomes habit. Just like my swimming, at first it was a job but now I look forward to it. I think I am gonna start making myself run at least 3 days a week. If I can do it for a few weeks it will become habit!

It's all about the habits, they have to be good ones!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Good To Go...........

I will finally have my wheels back today! The kid is happy, he gets the truck back so all will be right again! It sucks going from 3 vehicles to 2. You don't realize how easy it is to get in your car and go until you have to schedule your trip around someone else.

So Saturday I met Dane and did a few laps at Steve's place. Well I did 2, he had to go so he only did one. Then yesterday we all got up and hit church for the early service. Once we got home I went and rode a lap at Sherman Branch then came home and went to the aquatic center.

I got a 1000 yards in. After that I went home and Cody and I cleaned the garage. Once all that was done I got to texting with Kelly and found out he had ran 4 miles before he went and rode so I decided I needed to run too. I got in 2 miles and decided now I deserved a beer! It was good too!!!!

About the only other thing I did this weekend was a trip to Rockhill, I had to get a brake lever for the KTM SX50. We are going to get it sold and that was the only thing it needed. Now for a little rant!

57 bucks for a brake lever! What the hell! Nobody makes an after market replacement for the little bike so I had to get one straight from KTM. Guess what, I will never-ever buy another product from them! That is nothing but a ripoff. They should be ashamed!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Remember The Blazer ?????????

No it's not ready! Am I mad, no I am not mad. Getting mad wouldn't do any good anyway. I called to see if it was ready yesterday and some how or another the older gentleman and I had a miss communication back on Monday morning.

When I dropped it off the main guy wasn't even in yet and an older gentleman took my info. Well I call yesterday and the main guy says he has called me twice and left a message. I said never got it, what's up? He tells me they ran all the tests and yes it needs rebuilt.

To which I reply " I thought I made it clear to go ahead and get it done"! Well it turns out dad miss understood me. Then dad wrote down the wrong phone number and they where wondering why I hadn't returned their phone calls! So my truck has sat there all week and nothing has been done!

So if I hadn't called nothing would have been done, ever! So the guy was really nice and said they would go ahead and get it torn apart yesterday and have it ready to pickup Tuesday morning.

Oh well, at least I got a kick out of it. Life is to short to get bent out of shape over something that's not that big of deal! Believe me, I am in sales and now that the housing industry has slowed down we are doing more and more sales with the general public. Before we had a sign at the front counter that even said "contractor sales only".

Now we sale to anybody. Yes I still have a job and am thankful for that, and joe schmo home owner has helped me stay employed so I am grateful. But I can tell you more than one person needs a reality check!

If these people act like they do when they come in here all the time! Their family should be embarrassed!

OK, let's change the subject I really try not to bring up my customers in my blog, or even talk about work. I could go on forever! This weekend I am going to slip in a run and it looks like I am going to Uhwarrie to ride tomorrow. The weather has been screwing up my riding lately so I am looking forward to it. Cody might even make it out......

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Still Waiting...........

On the Blazer anyway.. No big deal I just couldn't come up with a better title. I could have called it "late for work" or maybe "got up late". Something along those lines, point is I over slept.

So that put me behind all morning. I got to the pool late and in the water late and to get my full 1000 yards in I went over on time. So the snowball effect was in full force. Yes I could have cut my swim short and got back on schedule but that wasn't even an option. Where I work it's not that big of deal if you are 10-15minutes late. At least not if you don't take advantage of it every day.

So I was late. End of story, and the Blazer should be ready today.

After driving the F150 all week I have come to the conclusion that I am going to buy the little blue S-10 back and Cody is going to start driving it again. The big truck uses way to much gas for him to drive it every day. My wallet needs a break! I have put 50 bucks in the damn thing this week and I usually give him that much!

I can cut that figure in half! Besides I like that little truck, we need it back. I even called Charles last night and told him I plan on getting it in the next few weeks. I just have to get the transmission squared away first.

So now we are on to the weekend and I am ready for that, not sure what the plan is yet but I will come up with something. There is a foot race Saturday am, I just haven't made my mind up yet....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Going Fast !!!!!!!

This week seems to be going by really fast! Some weeks do, some don't I guess it has something to do with the fact I have my Blazer in the shop getting a new transmission. I look forward to getting it back but I dread the phone call when it's time to pay for it.

It should be ready today or tomorrow, so it's about time to pay up! Oh well, it still beats a car payment. Now with putting 2 grand in the transmission I plan on keeping it for awhile so now I am gonna have the hood repainted. While they do that they are gonna repaint all the black trim on it also. When they get it done it will look damn near new.

I will have a total of 5 grand in it and still no car payment. Sounds good to me!

So anyhow I swam again this morning and I am about back to a 100%. I feel great today. I guess the run Saturday AM in the 19 degree cold air kinda got me down a little. But I had no problem getting up and hitting the pool this morning. Now I need to get a ride in! I swear I haven't had time to ride, or when I have it's been crappy weather. Plus with the swimming and running, I don't let it kill me when I miss a day or two riding.

I did drop off a pile a lumber at Rocky River Trail yesterday. It was stuff we would have thrown away, so why not donate it to a good cause. Steve can put it to good use and I will get to ride on it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That"s Right.................

Well after running my race Saturday am I came home and got something to eat and kinda took a nap. Then when I got up I really felt pretty good considering I had just ran that race. Last time I ran I felt terrible and my legs where killing me.

So this time I felt so much better I decided the day was still young enough I should go ride my bike. So I loaded up and headed to the mountain bike park. The first 5 miles went great, the last 5 made my knees hurt like hell.

I should have never went riding! In my mind I was like "hell if I am ever going to do a triathlon I need to get used to it". WRONG.... All triathlons finish with the run, not with the bike. I think I figured out why!

So that ruined my Sunday! I couldn't run or ride, well I probably could have rode but at what cost? I really didn't want to find out. So I used the Super Bowl as an excuse to do nothing all day. Except eat and drink. So much for all my effort lately!

That's not entirely true, it doesn't kill you to take a day or two once in awhile and rest. I just feel like it does. So anyhow yesterday came and I had to take my Blazer to the shop to have a new transmission put in it. With that on my plate I skipped the pool and took care of that.

That was day two of nothing. Then this morning the alarm went off at 5 am and I seriously thought about staying in bed. My head has been a little stopped up since Saturday and I thought I could use that for an excuse.

But I got up and went! After a 1000 yard workout I got out of the pool and really felt good. Glad I went.....

Sometimes it's really easy to just say screw it......

You have to commit!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rewind ...............

So yesterday I came home and posted a quick shot. I told ya about the end but not the process. Yes I told ya how cold it was but that was it.

So, here we go. This being my second race I still am not sure how these things work. Two weeks ago we parked close enough to the start-finish that we could sit in the car and hear what the announcer was saying. This week  the parking area was a long way from the finish area. The start was in another place altogether.

Yes this was a 5k and a 10k, I just assumed they were starting at the same time, 7:30. So I stretched and got ready and was on the start line at 7:25.

Then they finally announce 10k starts at 7:30 followed 15 minutes later by the 5k! Not that big of deal BUT, one thing I learned two weeks ago was don't over dress.

Two weeks ago I did just that! I was so over dressed I was sweating like a pig and it was only 30 degrees! So this being race number two I figured I would apply some of my limited knowledge!

I promise I was not over dressed for this one and it was 19 degrees!

So that being said I sure wasn't ready to stand there for another 20 minutes before we got to go!

Back to the car I went! Dammit, that was not the start I was looking for!

Then 15minutes later I emerged again from my heated hideout and stretched again. By the way I am just doing what everybody else is doing when I say I was stretching.

I have no clue what I am doing!

Then they said 10 seconds! Yes this time I lined up farther toward the front. That was the other lesson I learned at the first race, I lined up way to far in the back! Not this time!

Well we take off and it's uphill for the first 2 or 3 hundred yards! Then we make a left and it's down hill for about the same before we turn and head up the road. So I find a rhythm and I am moving along.

By the time I find the 1 mile sign I am thinking that it sure seemed like it took a long time to get through the first mile! I am thinking about how quick a mile goes by on the bike. You tend to take it for granted, but 18-19 average speed on a bike is covering some ground!

So I feel like I am doing "OK". Well finally I get to the 2 mile sign, now I am in no man's land as far as I am concerned. Yes I did the 4 mile trail run, but I walked quit a bit of it! Partly because of the amount of people who were in the way and the fact I sucked.

Yes I have ran a few times between the two races so I felt like I was ready. But, I still hadn't ran a full 5k. But I felt good, so I kept my head down and kept on getting it.

Finally I could see the lights for the stadium where we were finishing. I knew I had it then! One lap around the track and I was finished!

Next one, the 23rd.............

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh Yea.............

Yep it was cold and I was ready! I did my first 5k road race this morning. 19 degrees at the start. 30:14 seconds!

Now I have a base line. I can only get better from here. Next one in 2 weeks!

Stay tuned................

I love saying that...................

Friday, February 1, 2013

Let's Do It Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been 2 weeks and I slipped a couple of runs in , so I should be good to go. At 7:30 tomorrow morning I will be doing my second foot race! This one a 5k! The last one was a 4 mile trail run so this one is all on the road and a little shorter. I am looking forward to setting some type of base for my timing.

The next one after this is a 10 miler on Feb. 23rd. Am I ready for a 10 nope, but I will try it. Yes it will be cold in the morning, right now they are showing 37 degrees at the start. Chase has been sick this week so I am not sure he will make it this time. Karen isn't so keen on him going at the moment. We'll see...

Next I finished the week with 4150 yards of swimming and only went 4 days. Last week I went everyday and had 25 more yards. So next week if I do a 1000 everyday I will finally have my first 5000 week. It seems to be getting easier! Believe it or not, so I am enjoying it more and more.

Then I still have the rest of the weekend to ride. I saw where a group is heading to Uhwarrie tomorrow, but I doubt I will have any legs for that after the race. So I think I will go Sunday I have been wanting to get back over there and this will be a good weekend to do it.

Last thing and I'll let ya go, I ended the month of January with only missing 3 days of exercise. Not to bad.....