Monday, October 28, 2013

Things Change !!!!!!!

I swear I use that title a lot. At least once a week I get on here and talk about my plans and what we are gonna do. Then the next day I use the above title and talk about how everything changed, guess what! Things changed! I thought we had a plan and within 10 minutes it all changed. We got home Friday night after the game and all of a sudden nobody wanted to ride to the mountains.

It's to cold! After sitting in the bleachers all evening everybody decided they just didn't want to go to a place that was even colder than were we where. It was about 38 degrees Friday night and it was gonna be 28 when we got to the mountains. Just like that plans changed.

We ended up going out for a nice lunch yesterday and that was about it. The kids came and went all weekend and I rode. Karen had a good birthday and we changed up our plans for the mountains. In two weeks football will be over and we will be able to leave right after work. But as I say that it looks like they are gonna make the playoffs, if they win the last two games we will have home field advantage. Then Cody will have his mascot duties and we will probably delay the mountains again.

Point is with kids you better be flexible!

The only plus for me was the fact I got in a good ride Saturday. I went down to Anne Springs Park in Ft. Mill SC. I haven't been down there in a while. I will be going back, the place rocks! I rode 2 laps and had a good time..

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