Monday, November 4, 2013

Are You Kiddin """""""""""

So Saturday I loaded up and went down to Cane Creek park. I get there and they tell me the trails are closed, it rained the day before. What the hell!!! Every trail in Charlotte was open so why wasn't Cane Creek! Used to they never closed the trails you could ride there in the rain, now they close the trails when it sprinkles! That pissed me off...

Nobody even rides there anymore and they are gonna turn away one of the few people who even care about the stupid place! I was not a happy camper! From there I came home and had another lunch and then  felt guilty about not riding so I went ahead and went to Sherman. Once I was there and riding all was well. I got in 2 full laps and enjoyed the afternoon.

Sunday came around and the wife wasn't really feeling well so I went down to Ft. Mill and rode Ann Springs Park. We had planned to ride the street bike up to Statesville to the camping store. I need a few things for the camper and all I need is any reason really to spend the day on the bike. Maybe next week..

Although we have Cody's 18th birthday this Sunday. So not sure if I will get out or not. At least not out and gone all day. I know I will still ride just can't be gone all day. Besides I still can't believe he will be 18!

Anyway, we have been busy today and I just know found time to write. See ya tomorrow.....

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