Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sometimes ,,,,,,,,,,,

Sometimes nothing can be so exhausting. I got home yesterday and made myself walk to the mailbox. After all that excitement I went with the wife to her mom's for a few and then came home and pretty much hit the couch. Not sure why I was so tired but I was.

I managed to put down a good hour of sleep. Then I got up fixed Chase and I something for dinner and about the time we got through Karen and Cody walked in. She had stayed at her mom's all evening and Cody had been at soccer, he stopped by to pick her up on the way home. They ate and we ended up on the couch for the first few innings of the world series.

No ride no walk no nothin', that was the whole evening. I did manage to get the car packed and ready to ride after work today. I plan to ride on the way to Cody's last soccer game. We have to get everything packed tonight so we can leave from the game for the mountains tomorrow night. I say "we" like I am gonna help pack but actually I am gonna stay gone all evening and outta the way! I won't get home till around 8:30......

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