Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Like Snow...........

But I love this weather! Got the bike in the back of the truck and Sherman on my mind!

Also got the camera!

I plan on upsetting the natives today! I am gonna pull a Scott-T!!

That's right I am gonna ride the place backwards.. In reverse::: THE WRONG WAY!!!!

I am such a rebel! You only live once and what the hell..

I know the consequences, public ridicule on the local trail forum?

What shame!!! I will hold my head high and face the wrath.. If you see me, don't get your feelings hurt when I am jaming out with my head phones on and pay you no attention!!

Nothing personal!!!!

Seriously, I have never ridin Sherman backwards and always wanted too! I will take my time and pay attention as to not get in any one's way but I am gonna give it try.

Hence the camera, every trail looks different from the other direction..

So tomorrow I will post up with the reverse pics...Stay tuned..

That's right big things are coming........

Monday, January 30, 2012

Twilight Zone ????????????

I think I found the "Twilight Zone".....

OK, here's a story for ya!

First off, Saturday I had plans to ride and somehow ended up cleaning the garage all day! How I got off course I am not sure, but Cody and I made a hell of a dent in the mess we call the garage.

So all was not wasted it, was just re-channeled into a job I have been avoiding...

Now the story! Yesterday (Sunday) we hit church and then Wal-Mart for some golden groceries.. From there it was home and unload the car. In the bedroom ,change and load the truck. Out the door I went!!

SC here I come! I get to Pageland and change shoes, 15 miles later I am down in the middle of nowhere, between Angelus and Jefferson!

I am on this nice long downhill and kick it up to the big chain ring in the front and promptly throw the chain off! So I do the old soft pedal trick to get it back on and it jambs up. I back pedal and try again, it goes on and I am happy,,,for 2 minutes..

Now it won't stay in gear! I mean it's jumping all over the place! I stop and concentrate on the barrel adjuster and get nothing!

This carries on for about 10 minutes and I am pissed! I can't even ride the damn thing it's so bad!

So I start walking! Nearest I can remember I am about 3 miles back to a store, I figure if I can make it there somebody will feel sorry for me and give me a ride back to Pageland. If they don't feel sorry for me at least I can give them a 10 for a ride!

So I am about a mile into my walk and thinking about taking my shoes off. Have you ever tried to walk in road bike shoes, it ain't easy!

So far not one single car has passed me yet! Well that's about to change! I hear this rattle trap coming up behind me and I am about to put my thumb out when I hear it start to slow down, things might be changing!

Yep he stops and gets out. When I say "he" I don't want to sound to cliche, but this dude was every bit of 300 pounds and dirty! I am being nice when I just say "dirty".. He was nasty...

Well he pipes up and says "what's wrong",  I politely say " I think I bent my derailleur" then I say "think I can get a ride to Pageland".

I ain't to picky when it comes to a ride, and I need one!

Well he pipes up and says "let me look at it, it's just a damn bicycle". This catches me off guard! The last thing I am thinking is this redneck knows anything about my high end bicycle!

Guess what, he looks at it for all of 10 seconds and says "hell you bent the chain"! With this statement comes a look, you know the look. "Like I am a dumb ass"

The whole time I was looking at it I never even looked at the chain! I was too busy trying to adjust the derailleur!

So as I am sitting there still kinda in shock! He goes to his truck and gets a pair of channel locks and an adjustable wrench.

Before I even realize he is about to fix it he has already twisted the chain back straight! So now I really have a "dumb ass" look on my face!

He fixed it in about 10 seconds!! Alright, I am in business!!

This is where it gets crazy!

As we are standing there talking and all this is going on, he never turned his truck off. Well all of a sudden his truck cuts off!

He starts raising hell! "You know how long it took me to start this piece of s..." "GD this GD that". I ain't sure if it's my fault or not, he is just pissed...

Next thing I know he says "your gonna help me get this s...pile started". OK, I am thinking how the hell is this gonna work?

I got my answer pretty quick! He has already popped the hood and used his broom stick to hold the hood open!

Now he has a hammer in his hand and is telling me to "climb under the hood and hit the starter while he tries to start it"! What the hell, I am in my spandex riding kit and now I am climbing under the hood of a POS truck with the hood held open by a broom stick!

This can't end good!!!!!

Well I do what I am told, like I have a choice! The only option I can see is I refuse and get my ass kicked by a 300 pound redneck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere SC!

I can only imagine what this looks like! Me in my spandex, hanging out from under the hood of a 5 color dirt covered POS Chevy truck and this 300 pound guy sitting there telling me what to do!

It starts! As it starts he gets in and slams the door, he is working the gas pedal to keep it running! "Take down the GD stick and slam the hood" he yells at me!

I do as I am told, "throw that GD hammer and stick in the back I got to go"

Again, I do as I am told!

Next thing I know I am watching this ragged ass truck drive down the road with smoke coming out the back!

I am all by myself again!

What the hell just happened!!!!!!

Nothing left to do but ride my bike! 18 miles later I am back at my truck going home..

Welcome to the "Twilight Zone"........................

Friday, January 27, 2012


I think that is my favorite title for a post! The reason is obvious.. Who doesn't love Friday!!!!!!!

How could you not? I work all week for this and am always glad when it gets here!!

On to the party! Wine was drank and food was had, although I drank beer! My original plan was to go to the bar and watch the game, I ended up staying home and hiding in the garage.

I was gonna take the kid and go to Big Bob's restaurant and watch the game, but one of the mom's brought her son and he wanted to play at the house.

Plans change! Besides I wouldn't have been able to drink if that had worked out!

So I worked on bikes and drank beer in hiding. I really didn't care about the game anyway, and it was a crappy game anyway! Nobody cares about Carolina and NC State! At least not in my house..

Now for the weekend! I have one thing left to do before I get rid of the "boomerang bike". The parts came in yesterday and I will finish it tonight.

Yea that's right, I am paying money to fix a bike I am giving way! No, that doesn't make any since but most of what I do doesn't make any since anyway, so it is what it is!!!

Of course I will still to the fat man riding thing.......Have a good weekend............

Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 Posts Ago................

Yea, 3 posts ago I said "It's Got To Get Better"! I was referring to the rainy weather!

Here comes from the rain, AGAIN...

I can't even walk across the yard without sinking up to my shoe laces! Well maybe not that deep, but I was in the yard last night and ended up with with wet socks! Yea my shoes already had holes in them but that is beside the point!

They were my yard shoes, so yea they are supposed to have holes in them! But I still would not have thought about getting wet..

Are you wondering why I was all over the yard! Good question? Well for one I live in a little valley way off the road. Actually off a well used country road!

My tree line goes all the way up to that road, guess what?

People are trashy!! Yea we have trash in the country too!! On my road, everything everybody throws out the window seems to end up in my woods! Yea MY woods...

I just picked it up about 2 weeks ago and here I am doing it again! One full kitchen trash bag!

I know we have had a few windy days here lately, hence the reason for the need to do it again but DAMN..

I feel like I work at the city dump!!!! For free..

I wonder if I put one these out by the road if anybody would use it! They would... You know how I know? look closely at the picture, on the corner of the dumpster it says "no public dumping"!

John Q Public reads that as a sign that says "IT'S OK FOR ME TO USE IT"..........

Oh yea, my wife made me clean the yard! She is having a Pampered Chef party tonight....... It was one of those nights, all I said was "yes dear"....................

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Man, this is the first time in forever, I actually forgot all about the blog today! I wasn't even that busy here today at work!

First time that has happened!

I will get back at it in the AM....Hang with me folks!!!!!!

You know I have something worthless to write about tomorrow! Maybe I will write about the fact I have been miss-spelling the word write..

That would be a big hit in the world of hit counting....

You know it's all about the satisfaction of watching the "hit count" grow with my useless words of wisdom!!!!

Why else would I spend so much of my time trying to spell correctly......

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still Raining...........

I went to bed thinking I was gonna wake up and see the sunshine. NOT....

Instead I woke up to the same crap I went to bed with, that's not what I wanted! If I wanted to live in Ohio I would move to Ohio. (no offense to Ohio) But the weather looks like this all winter in OHIO..

Oh well, last night I spent the evening taking apart and servicing a bike. Why am I mentioning this you ask?

Because no good deed goes unpunished! Why do I say that, because it's true. A few posts ago I made mention I had given away a few bikes. Well I did, trying to be nice! The mtn bike went out the door no problem!

The road bike, different story! I figured I would give it away and it would disapear and never come back! That might have worked if I had given it to a bike mechanic. I sent it out the door and didn't really even give it the once over.

Not to good.... Now that I have taken the time to do what I should have done to begin with I have realized how bad I neglected it to begin with! Man, everything needed some love!

Right now it's in about 20 pieces! The brake calipers had to be completely disassembled and the bottom bracket same thing! New bar tape, and the wheels are so whacked up I need to take them to the shop and have them straightened out.

I swear the kid must have been riding it on a half pipe! You know what's funny about this, Cody never even mentioned how crappy the bike was to ride! I would have been bitching about it from the start! So I will get the wheels back in a few days and out the door it will go.

Never to be seen again!!!!!!! I hope...............

Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Got To Get Better.................

I earned every mile I put down this weekend! Saturday I woke up to rain, with the chance of a lot of rain!
Perfect start to the weekend! So what did I do? Watched the weather forecast and decided to head south.

Cheraw SC was calling my name!

heading south....
It looked like they had less of a chance for rain so I went. I got 3 laps in and only got a few sprinkles! I would call that a good ride. With all the rain the trails were absolutely perfect! It was as fast as it has ever been.

start of the trail....

end of the trail....
Usually I see nobody down there, Saturday was the exception. I passed two trail runners and when I was about to leave 2 guys from Florence pulled up. For Cheraw that was damn near a traffic jam on the trails!
Perfect pine forest single track at it's best!

Then we have Sunday. Saturday I am riding in a jersey and shorts, then Sunday I am digging out all the riding gear I have. The temp. dropped and it was cold! I was hoping it would warm up while we went to church, not!! When I got in the car at 12:30 the car said 37 degrees. Not what I was hoping for!

20 pounds of clothes...

Home I went, I already had it in my head that I wasn't gonna ride. But the games didn't start till 3 so I had time to kill. After whining for a little while I got all my stuff out and promptly over dressed!

Here is the list of what not to wear,starting from the bottom to the top:
                                            wool socks
                                            shoe covers
                                            wool lined leggings
                                            my bib short
                                            under armor top ( long sleeve )
                                            wool jersey
                                            my new wind stopper jacket
                                            wind stopper gloves
                                            and last of all a wind block jacket

I earned that 26.39miles
Yea, that's a lot of crap! Ten miles in I was sweating like a pig! 15 miles in and I was now a Popsicle, and heading to the house! Only problem was I was still 11 from the house! After a 30 minute shower I was warm again!

To recap, I should not have worn 2 layers I had on. I didn't need the wool and damn sure didn't need the wind break jacket. I already had the wind stopper jacket on. If I had left those 2 items off I think I would have been fine....Live and learn....

I go through this every winter.. You would think I knew how to dress by now!!!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


This has been a long week for me! I can't really put my finger on the reason "why", but it's just felt that way!

It started out good and ended good, but just drug along forever! Some weeks come and go and some just hang around forever.

Looks like I will be dodging rain showers this weekend, or at least Saturday. But checkout the temp. it doesn't get any better than that in January! My plan is to hit the road bike this weekend.

I go through spells, sometimes it's the mtn bike other times its the road bike. This time of the year I always seem to end up on the road, I get tired of the wet woods. It makes a mess of your clothes and ruins your drive train!

You know what, it's gonna be warm and I got a new toy I wanted to try ! Yea, I was hoping it was gonna be cold!

I got the Wind Stopper fleece pull over for riding. This thing is sweet, I wore it around the house last night just for the hell of it!

I have had the gloves for a long time and they are the shizzle! My hands never get cold! I have ridin on a 32 degree day in the rain and my hands stayed warm! I figured if the gloves work that well the pullover has to be the bomb!!!! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold and Fun................

I have finally snapped! Last night I couldn't handle it anymore, time to hit the road!

I waited till the sun went down, put the lights on the road bike and hit the road! 30 miles later I had a big smile on my face and was back at the house.

Yea the temp. was dropping, but I was decked out in all my cold riding gear, I was actually warm! The air was nice and crisp, the lights were working fine and I was happy!

I know I say this every time I ride at night on the road, but I swear it's true! People don't know what that light flashing up in front of them is. They slow down and pass you with plenty of room!

I know they are thinking "what the hell is he doing"! It's dark and cold and this idiot is riding his bicycle.
with camera flash

without camera flash

I even get the friendly "honk" too. Not the mean get out of the way "honk". The only complaint I have about riding at night would be the dogs!

They scare the hell out of you when they chase you at night! Even with the helmet light you just can't follow them. When you hear them start barking you just don't know where they are coming from!

Don't be scared, put your lights on and hit the road! I swear you will have a blast!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hump day...

That's about it! Slow at work and rained last night at the house. We went grocery shopping and came home.

Very exciting evening! Although we got home and I rode the bike to the store, needed beer. When I got back to the house the bottom fell out!

I mean at the moment I walked into the garage it started pouring! If I had been 5 seconds later I would have been drenched!

So things have a way of working out! Every once in awhile the stars line up in your favor. Better mark my calender and next year at this given time I need to buy a lottery ticket!

If that is my luckiest day of the year I want to take advantage of it!
view from the top!

No, I didn't take these shots. I found them and they reminded me of a tower I used to climb when I was younger. There used to be a forest tower down near Lake Wylie. We would spend the day on the lake and head to the tower in the evening. It was cool to watch the sunset from up there.

They tore it down several years ago so it is no longer. If it was I would take the kids down there in a heart beat. They would love it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh Yea .......................

As I mentioned last week, I lost my camera! We'll guess what I found it!

It was in the little truck, it had fallen down between the seats. I thought I might find it there, I have looked more than once and it finally showed up!

I like this camera/video thing-a-ma-gig, I have had it for a year now and it works great! Obviously it's on the small side (hence the reason I miss place it so much) and fits in my back pocket so easy.. It's called a Bloggie, got it for Christmas last year. Mine has a few dents in it, from droping it a few too many times!

But no cracks in the screen! When I say it's "sweet" keep in mind it will do more than I can make it do! I need simple, point and shoot.. Works great when I can do that!

bloggie touch rolls again!!
That makes me happy, now I can blow my hard earned money elsewhere! Some where it's really needed!

I want a new set of wheels for my 29er! I was gonna get a set before the shop closed, I would have gotten a better deal. Now I don't know what it will cost me.. Dammit...

Speaking of the shop, it's open again, one of the owners is working the front and my buddy is working the back. The only problem is my buddy who lost his job is mad at me for the fact my other buddy went up there and got a job. My one buddy wants to buy the place and the other buddy was looking at it....

Confused???? So am I, I just want a deal on bike crap, and have a few friends. Why the hell am I the one people are mad at.......

Monday, January 16, 2012

Road It Was........................

All weekend, Saturday Glen came down and we meet at Rock Rest. The road is blocked the way I like to head out from there.

Even though they are redoing the bridge! I still like to meet there and go. The traffic down that way is like non existent! I always like low traffic volume. So we went out and did 41 miles total.

From Rock Rest to Marshville, halfway to Peachland, from there we headed back to Marshville , then headed out Landsford Rd. Went down to the Old Hargett store got a drink and snack. Then headed back to Camden rd and came all the way back to Gilboa. Then straight shot to Rock Rest.
Union county cows !!!!!!

Yep, we saw buffalo! You never know what you will see in Union county!

Right on the side of the road, there they where. Just 4 strands of electric fence between us and them! If they wanted out they could come out no problem!

About the only other thing I shot a picture of was Cody and Katie Saturday night.Maggie had her 16th birthday and it was a semi-formal. So the kids got dressed up and headed out.

Cody and Katie.....
That was about it for my weekend, I didn't let the weather keep me from having a good time.

The temp was cold but not to bad. People thought we where crazy when we stopped at the store.

No, we didn't make it out to the Short Track Series. My buddy Kelly went and finished....That's about all he had to say!!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took Cody to the doctor this morning and got some good news! We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Doc said he can start riding the bike again!

I have been waiting to hear that for months! Really, month's and month's. The kids are my favorite riding partners, and Cody has been down forever! At least it seems like forever to me!

He can only ride 10 miles at a clip for the next month, then we can start ramping it up from there.

Of course he is still under the "no contact" sports rule; ie no soccer, basketball and of course football.

But at least he can ride!!!

That's all I wanted anyway! I hope it goes well and we make good strides so he can get back to racing!

Speaking of that, the winter short track series starts Sunday! If you want to see some good racing and have a good time head out to Renaissance park this weekend.

Oh yea, I will have a new camera Monday! Going shopping this weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bike Talk..........

Lately I have been rambling on about everything, with the bikes taking up little space in my posts. But today we are going to get back to bikes!

Somebody here at work asked me yesterday where I was on the touring bike.

Well after a little thought I realized I am further along than I thought! At the present time I have managed to get everything I need to take a short 1-2 night trip!

I managed to get all my gear together and haven't even realized it! That's a good thing!

As you can see, I have the back bags and lights. This has been the beer run set up for awhile! I also have my top tube bag.

Now that Christmas came, I have a stove and thermarest. I already have the tent and sleeping bag! All I need now is the little things. The stuff I would take anyway.

About the only thing I need to do now is research my food options! I like to eat and if I ride 70-80miles in a day I sure ain't gonna eat beeny weenie's...

I do need the little light weight camp pot and pan but that's it!

I will be able to hit the road!!!!

Now, where the hell do I want to go?????

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where ??????????????

Where do I live? The last few days the weather has sucked. Monday was alright but yesterday and today have been a wash! I might go out to the truck and just cover it with soap! By this afternoon it would all be washed off! Then my truck would be clean and I won't have to do the work. Maybe I need to invent rainy day soap in a spray bottle . Spray on, leave it, clean car!

We are going to have rain all day today! I feel like I am in Ohio? The five day forecast says it's gonna get cold and stay cool throughout the day the rest of the week. At least we will have the sunshine tomorrow!!

By the time the weekend comes it will be cold and perfect! I can wait till about noon and hit the road, I like riding in that temperature zone.

I think I want to hit the road bike this weekend. I had such a good time on it the other day, I kinda miss it! I went for awhile without even touching it. It has been hanging on a hook in the rafters of the garage for weeks. I went out Sunday and just moved along in no hurry, just pedaling. It reminds you just how much ground you can cover on a road bike.

I can't even remember the last ride I took. The computer says 21 miles so I know how far I went last time! I just don't know where I went.

So "where" do I live?

"Where" have I been?

"Where is the sunshine"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Medical miracle!!!! Z-pack to the rescue! Today is my last day on the z-pack and I swear I am back to being me!

I feel better, and life is good! You never know what's gonna happen next but at least I feel better about what might happen next!

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get"

Just ask Forrest! He's the man!

Hopefully I can get out tonight and ride, that's my plan anyway! Then I might have a picture or two for ya! I know you get tired of just reading my ramblings. But that's all I have had for the last week!

Besides that I lost my camera! I spent the better part of yesterday surfing the web for a replacement, but nothin struck my fancy on E-bay.

I need something small that will survive a drop of at least 3-4ft! My Bloogie survived that same scenario more than once!

I have my big ass camera, the one I am not smart enough to know how to use! All I ever do with it is use the "automatic setting" and hope for the best!

What a waste!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Now What ?????????????

I think my fight with the death virus of 2012 is coming to an end! I have one day left of my Z-pack and my head has since stopped hurting!

Things are looking up!

Saturday I went out and played with all the fast kids at Sherman Branch, Kelly Charles and Dane showed up.

First lap was fun, second lap was even more fun! I was a little weak from my sickness, but I managed to put in a decent ride! You always put in the extra effort when you have company!

Sunday I got the road bike down from the ceiling and pumped up the tires. I haven't ridin it in months! At first it was a little weird but then I got back into the swing of things. Then I had a ball! I forgot how much ground you can cover in a short period of time on them.

I am finally ready to get with the training program now, today I am going to rest but tomorrow I will be back at it.

The wife and I also went out for a walk last night! In the rain and dark, it was fun! We got wet and worked up a sweat! What else would you do on a rainy Sunday evening! Yes, I watched football!!!!

bike east no more!!!!!!
Now for the "Now What"...........Or more like "what the hell"........

For the last 3 years Bikes East has been my "sponsor" for the kids and I as far as racing goes. They have gone above and beyond helping us with our racing. They have been a great shop and I have enjoyed the guys and like being seen in our fancy uniforms.

Well guess what? Saturday the owners showed up at 5pm (closing time) and let all the guys go and closed the doors! Said they might reopen at a later date but were closing up!

Was that very nice, NO...I am a little upset, it's a little late for me to start looking for any other help for the year, although I guess I better start now!

But what about the guys who work there day in day out! Now they have no job! I don't know all the details but something just ain't adding up...........

As far as Iowa goes; This is a slight set back..I need to look at things and see if I can still make it happen. They were a big help in that plan... Now they are no help....

Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting There ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From here, the depth's of despair! Yes, I said despair! When it comes to being sick I am a big WUSS!

I lay around and whine and cry, Oh' I hurt please help little ol' me! Can I have any more meds yet! What do you mean I just had them!

I sure don't feel any better yet! I must need more med's!!

Believe me that's just a small sample of what the wife has put up with for the last few days! If anything I have whined a lot worse than that! LOL.....


I feel better! The best I have yet this week!

Things are looking up! The light is now on at the end of the tunnel!

No, I haven't fixed the Cannondale yet. I have a plan, when it breaks or I have a flat (which ever comes first) I will fix it.

If it ain't broke don't fix it! That's one I can live by.

Solution; I carry the new hanger with me and if it breaks, I fix it in the woods!

Truth to my solution; If it breaks in the woods I will push it back to the truck and go home!

Simple as that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple mind, simple solution..... Works for me!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is There A Good Time ?????????

To get sick? The answer, I would think might be there are better times than others! Point I am trying to make today would be I am sick!

I guess that's why I sucked on my ride Monday. (ref prior post) I had it coming on and just didn't want to admit it. I went out and it was like I did the classic "bonk". Meaning I ran out of energy halfway through my ride.

Then Tuesday I started aching and it got worse from there! Then no sleep came that night, along with the uncontrollable shakes and shivers!

Don't worry I damn sure didn't waste a sick day on being sick! I was here at work all day! I will need all the days off I can get this year!

The light at the end of the tunnel you ask? Karen loaded me up with the medicine last night and at least I got to sleep. I took all my meds this morning and I am wearing 3 shirts! I should make it through today.

The weather is gonna be perfect Saturday so I hate to miss out. I doubt I will be 100% but at least I want to make it out. You only get so many 62 degree days this time of year and I don't want to waste this one!

So no, I didn't get a chance to work on the Cannondale last night but hopefully I will make it out to the garage tonight. I only get sick about once a year, so I hope I am getting it over now!!!!!! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cannondale Prevails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I made mention of it the other day, but maybe I didn't. I broke the derailleur hanger on the Flash 29. Not that big of a deal right? Wrong?

We ordered 2 different aftermarket hangers and neither would work! So we call Cannondale and they say "yea we are out of them and will have them sometime in March".

March.....Are you kidding me!!! A brand new bike and can't even ride it! Well they say "let us get ahold of your area rep and maybe he has one". OK, that sounds simple, NOT...

Come to find out, he's on vacation for 2 weeks! It's the holiday's.

So what do I do? I get mad and take one of the aftermarket hangers and a Drimmel tool and get to work! Twenty minutes and I have one that will work!

Only problem is if you remove the wheel the whole thing will come apart! That ain't good. If you flat you are screwed!

So then I call Cannondale myself and talk to a nice lady named Jodie! I whine and tell her how I am very disappointed with Cannondale for letting this happen! The whole time I am nice and never raise my voice.

I was using the old adage, "you can attract more flies with honey than with s..." IT WORKED!!!!!

My new best friend "Jodie", went down to the R and D department and found one! SCORE!!!!

She dropped it in the mail, and now I have the right hanger! Tonight I will change it and the world will be right!!!!!!!!

Moral of the story; PLAY NICE...................

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back To The Grind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, it's back to the 9-5. The holidays are over and it's time to get back to normal. That sucks!

Don't worry, you still have to pony up for Valentines Day! The powers that be want to make sure they get you for every last dime they can! Just head to your local retail establishment and you will be greeted with all the Valentine junk already!

After I wrote the blog yesterday I went to the woods and did a short ride. Just to get out and enjoy the fresh air. It was fun, there where a bunch of people out and I just went for the air. Translation: air means it was an easy, easy ride!

I just had no motivation! I can't quite put my finger on the reason I was so lazy, maybe the holiday's! I just enjoyed a slow easy ride. Maybe it was all the beer on New years eve! I don't know.

Sometimes you are "on" sometimes you are "off".

Then sometimes "you just suck"..........See ya tomorrow....

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't gonna write today, but I have managed to come up with a few spare minutes this afternoon!

New Years was great, we had a bomb fire and fireworks! The kids had a great time shooting off all the noise makers. We had a party going on about a mile behind us and one right down the street.

Fireworks were every where! We even got the shotgun out at midnight! Chase had a ball shooting it, we had all the neighbors up! It's New Years , why not! We live in the country, you can get away with that out here!!

All you city folks are missing out!!! We know how to do it out here..

So besides that, the new year came and now we can get on with the new year! New Years eve I headed down to my favorite sand trail in Cheraw SC. I know every time I go down there I always heap the praise on the place. It's just a shame so few people ride down there.

The trails have had some maintenance recently and they were perfect! If you ever have the chance take the trip! It's worth it!!!