Friday, December 13, 2013

Yea' That Makes Sense !!!!!!!!!!

“You hear so many cyclists gushing about their daily rides that it might be a bit bewildering to imagine how biking could make so many people so happy. As it turns out, the reasons why are firmly grounded in science. Many people don’t realize that happiness emerges from the state of the body as a whole – how well we sleep, our energy levels, the stress hormones coursing throughout our systems all play a role in determining how happy we feel. So how does cycling affect all these different areas of life?”

Last night I met Scott and Kelly right after work. At ten till five we were headed into the woods, yes it was cold and yes it was a little slick. Of course by the time we came out of the woods it was way dark! We rode chatted, talked and had a good time. I haven't seen Scott in awhile so it was good to catch up.

After that I headed home and Karen had dinner ready. I ate and then pitched up on the couch with her for awhile to watch TV. As I was laying there I just felt good. It's hard to explain, I was tired but not beat. More relaxed than anything, it's a state of mind. If you exercise on a regular basis you probably understand. It's not just about pushing yourself till you hurt it's just the fact that you are out and about and living!

I could go on and on, I always feel better and more relaxed after a ride. I get the same feeling when I run too! I just choose not to run very often. My knees can't take it, but when I do it feels great. Last night as I watched TV I was thinking about this and how it's hard to explain. Then I went to bed and slept like a baby, I woke up this morning and still felt great. Now I need another ride!

It's like a drug, I just can't get enough!

I came to work and flipped on the computer and started strolling through a couple of blogs then found the above statement. I thought "damn, that's true", no wonder I love to ride! Point is I wish everybody would get out and ride a bike, run, walk anything! Think about how much better everyone would feel, and because they feel better they would have better attitudes! 

As I have said before, just because the sun goes down at 6pm doesn't mean the day is over. Unless you've faced your fear of the dark and learned to enjoy it your missing out! You never feel so alive until you are in the middle of the woods in the dark with a head light flying down a trail and you pass a set of eyes that catch your light! Or you startle a deer and he jumps up and takes off crashing through the woods.

That's why it's so relaxing when you get home and finally breath in and take a break............

Go play this weekend, remember how much fun it was to ride your bike as a kid. Just because you grow up doesn't mean your to old to play......

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