Friday, December 6, 2013

I Can See Again ,,,,,,,,

From my desk I have a full glass window to lookout. It just happens to face du-east, so I get the sunrise every morning this time of year. For the last several days it's been rainy and cloudy all day. So to look up and see the sun today is great! A perfect way to start the weekend. They are calling for the temps to drop a lot over the next day so it's gonna be windy tomorrow.

That means it's time to ride the mountain bike. The road sucks if the wind is kicking, so the woods will work. Only problem is I need to fix one of them. One has a flat and the other needs brakes. So a little maintenance is in order before we go play. My main riding partner is stuck out of town so it will probably be me only.

We did most of our shopping last weekend so that's not gonna happen. We do need to do the grocery shopping but that's all the shopping I have planned. Besides we now have 19 days until Christmas. There's a little time left, why have all the fun now, we need to spread it out.

Since I am kinda all over the place, let's talk about last night. No I didn't make the meeting for our local club. Yes I am gonna join I just live so far from where they have the meeting I didn't go. It was raining and it doesn't start until 7:30. It would take me every bit of an hour to get there and then I wouldn't have gotten home until like 10pm. So I passed on this one. Hopefully I can make the next one.

Or I could always just join over the website.. You don't have to be there to join, I would just like to go and see what it's all about.

Again moving on, I made a lot of progress on the garage this week. It's amazing how much crap you keep and why would you keep some of the stuff you do keep. More than once I have stood there staring at something and wondered why I kept it. Plus I have tried to use the old adage, "if you haven't used it in the last year, chunk it"! That helps clear space fast.

Another week of this and I should have it really nice.............

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