Thursday, November 21, 2013

That's Why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was my official first night ride of the year! I met Kelly at 4:30, we started in the day light and finished in the dark. It was cool and crisp, but not to cold. Jerry had been there earlier in the day and done a little leaf blowing, he hit the majority of the trail so it was sweet. We where at Rocky River trail, aka Steve's and yes the climbs are still there, and no there no easier than the last time I was there.

If  everything goes right I plan to be back there tonight. Yes it's dark and can be cold. But learning to enjoy the dark instead of being scared by it is so rewarding. It seems like a whole different world! It took me a long time to finally get used to it and just within the last couple years have I started to go out by myself. For a long time I would never have went riding without someone else. Now I will go all by my lonesome!

Even at 45 I will admit I was (still am somewhat) scared of the dark. It's the "unknown" that makes it so much fun. You learn to go with it, life is to short to worry about what's hiding in the dark. As I said yesterday, just because the sun goes down doesn't mean the day is over! It was pitch dark at 6pm last night. By the time I went home unpacked and repacked had a shower ate and sat down it was 9pm.

After I relaxed for a few it was bed time, the usual 10:30. Not to be to cliche' but hell you can sleep when your dead! I sure as hell ain't gonna be 90 talking about I wish I would have slept more when I was capable of being outside and playing!

Point is, you better enjoy it while you can. That old saying, "a body in motion tends to stay in motion", is a fact jack.

                                 "That's Why"....

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