Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The After Post ,,,,,,,,,,

That would make this the post after the post, which was yesterdays post! Follow? Good! After I wrote yesterdays post and read it myself it made me think. First off I thought about how I needed to change the grammar in a few spots to make it read a little better and then I thought who cares, I write this blog because I want to not because I care about my grammar. Big deal if I screw up once in awhile. If you are a regular reader you come to expect crappy grammar and some times boring content!

That probably covers 50 percent of my readers, the other 50 just read this to verify there life is as boring as mine!

Now to the point. After seeing the kids Sunday and chatting with them it made me think about riding. My riding in general, how I beat myself up trying to go faster and then if I skip a day I feel like I missed out. Why, I don't know, I enjoy riding and always look forward to going. Why would I put pressure on myself when I do go to try to go even faster and then judge my ride based on what a clock says when I reach the end of my ride. I can't tell you how many times I have came out of the woods and looked at my computer and said "that was a crappy ride".

Even though I had a great time and a great ride. I make that comment on the fact my computer doesn't read what I want it to. I just spent an hour riding my bicycle that cost a couple of thousand dollars around in the woods and I base weather or not it was a good ride on the fact a 50 dollar computer doesn't read what I want it too....

How stupid is that!

Today I am gonna leave my computer in the truck and see if it makes a difference. Instead of basing how much fun I have on a computer, I am gonna base it on "how much fun I have"....

Makes sense to me............

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