Monday, December 23, 2013

Break Time,,,,,

Equals ride time! After today I have until the 6th before I return to work. We have a short trip to the mountains planned but besides that. It's just gonna be relaxing! Karen is off all next week but has to work this week. We are on the down side of the Christmas count down. So tomorrow is the big start!

Tomorrow we do my moms and then we do our thing Christmas morning. Followed by Karen's family get together on Christmas day. So the next 2 days are pretty full. Then the break comes, I plan to ride and then ride some more. I have my new buddy "Strava". We are gonna lay down some miles.

The highlight of the next few days will occur Christmas morning. I can finally let the cat out of the bag and tell everyone what I did for the wife. I keep telling her I have purchased the worlds greatest Christmas gift and she is the recipient. I can't, it's gonna be a great Christmas.

Followed by the time off and I might even stay awake for the ball drop new years eve. I have slept through that the last few years. Going out and partying on new years is for the amature's! The pros stay home and out of the way! I learned that several years ago. Stay home and stay out of trouble!!

Yes I did ride Saturday, I got 40 miles in and then sat home yesterday and watched it rain. That makes for a long day! Then to top it off it's still raining! It's a good thing I am on a road bike kick because it's gonna be days before we can get in the woods again.

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