Monday, October 14, 2013

It Made me Laugh,,,,,,

So yesterday I had said I was gonna hit the road bike. When the time came I just didn't have the gumption to hit the road. I decided to head to the woods for another mountain bike ride. I guess I am back in the habit of the woods.

Well I headed to the trail and started riding, I decided to do what I call the super loop. That means I ride the options twice. Sherman has a main loop and 2 options if you ride all the trail you end up with a little over eleven miles. If you do the options twice you end up with a total of about 16 miles. I prefer to do it that way instead of riding a full 2 laps. The middle section is just really boring to me.

So yesterday I am there and doing my thing. I have already done the first option twice and and I start the second option for my first lap of it. I get about a mile in and come upon two kids. They are probably around 12 or 13 years old. They say hi and I ask how they are doing, we exchange pleasantries and I head on.

It made me smile! They where there riding but they were not your regular cyclist type kids. They had on blue jeans and riding Wal-Mart type bicycles. Both of them had these big backpacks with the water in them. They did have helmets on but you could tell they had nobody in there family who rode. If they did who ever that might have been would never let them out looking like they did.

It was that obvious they were not cyclist.

So anyway it made me smile! So of course as I came around for my second loop I came upon them again. This time I decided to stop and chat a little. They had their mom drop them off and they try to come at least once a week. It takes them about 2 hours to ride a lap and they stop and take breaks and bring their own snacks and stuff. They were really good kids just having a good time riding their bikes.

So back to my comment about them not being cyclist. If anything they are probably the closest thing to real cyclist having a good time riding their bikes than I have seen in a long time. They have down to the simplest form of riding. They don't care how many breaks they take and they sure aren't trying to set any records. The sole purpose of their ride is to have a good time.

Nothing else!

Myself included, I think way to many of us forget about that part of cycling. In it's simplest form it's all about having fun and riding your bike.

Those two kids taught me a lot yesterday....

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