Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No Answer Yet ??????????

I asked again last night and she isn't really responding. I take that as a "no she doesn't want to go the mountains" response. Not what I was looking for. So now it looks like I will be here all weekend. That sucks. You look forward to something and then it falls apart at the last minute.

Is what it is.... Move on and find something else to do. But we are gonna go, she just doesn't want to go now. So now I wait...

I did bring all my lights today, I have everything charging now. With the new temp change and it really feeling like fall now I am ready for a night ride. Yes it was 88 Saturday and Sunday but now we are in the mid 60's. Fall has arrived!!!

Not much else been going on we only have one soccer game this week and that's tonight. Chase has church and Cody has soccer. The schedule is Karen is gonna take Chase to church and I am gonna go to the soccer game. I will get to see the first half and a little of the second half. She will see a little of the first half and all of the second half.

Between the two of us the kids are covered!

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