Monday, October 31, 2016

Still Here,,

I know it's been awhile, yes we are still around. I doubt I will ever update the blog like I used too. I have kinda lost interest. I still stay as active as ever but the whole blog thing has lost it's "in" status. It's not just me, but across the board. Blogs have started to drop off. Is that an excuse for me to stop, not really but I just haven't had the motivation lately.

Over the last 6 years I have had upwards of 40,0000 hits! Not a lot in the blog world but to me and my little world that number seems huge! considering I haven't even put pictures on here in the last 4 years I am very humbled by the visits.

I don't lead the most exciting life on the plant but I try to stay active and do different things constantly. I know I have said it before but life is to short to stay inside and watch TV. Get outside and play, play early, play hard! Your never to old to start if your already a couch potato! If you ever got anything out of reading this I hope that's it.

Right now I am actually doing more camping just so I can go more! A campground is a whole lot cheaper than a motel or dragging my camper somewhere. I get 35 miles to the gallon in my car and I have a ther-ma-rest! Take the heater and we are snug and warm in the tent. If that's what I have to do then that's what I will do. It ain't the Hampton!

I can take a dirt nap with the best of them! If you sit around waiting till you have the money to book a motel before you plan you next trip, I will have at least 1 more trip than you in the same amount of time. My desire to be in cool places and do cool things and see new things has started to out weight my desire to be comfy in a motel.

For the price of 2 nights at the Hampton I can go two weeks in a row. At 35 miles to the gallon I can go far too! In the last 3 weeks I have slept in a tent in NC and TN. I will be in the mountains of NC this coming weekend and 2 weeks after I will be in West Virginia! The new river gorge has a lot of premier mountain bike trails that are calling my name.

We found a camp ground up there that we can ride from and hit the trails. My youngest son and I are going and I can't wait! Maybe I will update shortly after..

                                                              Thanks for checking in.....