Friday, October 11, 2013

So I Feel Bad ,,,,,

Big deal, it is what it is. I accept it and now I will deal with it. I plan to ride all weekend, it might be slow but I am gonna ride. I need the miles and the fresh air. Maybe I will feel better.

I haven't ridden all week and sleep has been elusive! So I plan to hit it nice and slow tomorrow. Although I did sleep well last night I managed to mess that up this morning.

This morning the alarm went off and I got up got ready and headed out the door. I get to the store and all the lights are out and nobody is there! What the hell! I finally look at my clock and realize I got up an hour early! I set my alarm to go off an hour early.

Damn it! I had gotten up and never even looked at the clock, to go out the side door I walked by 3 different clocks and never even noticed. What a way to start the day. At least I was early to work.....

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