Tuesday, November 5, 2013

That Was Yesterday ,,,,,

Today is today! Yesterday was then this is now. I could go on and on but what's the point. Sooner than later I would just confuse myself and the whole post would be pointless. Follow?

Good... Glad you can keep up!

OK, so I was mad I wasted my gas to go ride and then couldn't. Yes I ended up driving about 50 miles before it was said and done but at least I still got to ride. I could have driven around and never got a ride in. So I guess I learned a new lesson. "Call before you haul."

Now back to Friday night, we had senior night again. All the fall sports were escorted out on the field before the game and of course Karen and I where the escorts. (I wonder how she would feel about the escort reference with her name in the same sentence) At least she hardly reads this. If she does today oh well, she will laugh.

As you know Cody is the school mascot, so in reality we ended up walking a 7ft tall kid in a panther suit across the track. It was funny, everybody got a kick out of it. He did remove his "head" about halfway through it. Then he waved and flexed his panther arms and remounted his head. It was kinda of a "reveal of the mascot thing."

After that we ended up working the concession stand for half the game and now we are pretty much done with the home football season. If they don't win this week they won't have a home playoff game. Now we wait....

We had originally planned to go the mountains this weekend. To make up for the trip we cancelled a few weeks ago. Now that the time has come everybody is kinda ready to just stay home and relax. All fall we have been going and going now we can take a break!!!

Believe me I ain't arguing with anybody, home is just fine!!!!

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