Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Kids Tux's, and a Surprise !!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I had Cody meet me at the Men's Warehouse to pick out his tux. The prom is in 2 weeks and we needed to get that done. It's his senior year and this will be his last prom. I was kinda excited to take him, I am well aware my father son time is gonna come to close sooner than I would like. I wish they could stay 12 years old forever, instead of grow up!

Of course we will always be best friends but he is growing into his own life and so mom and dad start to take a back seat. Again, of course that's what you want them to do, grow up and be a responsible adult but I still hate to loose my kid! It seems like it happens way to fast!

Anyway back to the tux'. He meets me there and we go and check in. He starts to fill out the paperwork and I am kinda just there for support when she asks what color he wants. His reply, "white"! My reply was "what did you just say?" White! No way! Not on my dime! He gives me this look like, why not.

I point out the fact that they have 12 mannequins set up with 12 different color suits and not a one has a white tux'. The reason, "they look like shit". He is going to the prom not a pimp convention! We argue for a few minutes and I point out the fact he had a friend last year who wore a white tux and remember how tacky it looked. Then he laughed and thought about it.

We ended up getting a nice dark grey fitted tux and his girl friend is wearing a black dress. They are gonna look good and we avoided the "white tux' bullet". Another life lesson learned, I hope! Never wear a white tux!

Now for the surprise! Karen decided to go with her mom out to Kinston Sunday for her nephew's birthday. They are gonna leave Saturday evening and will be back Sunday afternoon. It looks like a trip to the mountains will be in order! I might be burned out on mountain biking down here but riding up there sounds like a great ideal! I am gonna service my bike tonight and get everything ready for a full day Sunday.

I am excited............

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Now We Are Thinking ,,,,,,,,,,,

That can be dangerous! I know I have no intentions of racing on a regular basis and as I have said before, I am doing these longer races more for the fun factor than I am the I "want to kick ass" factor. But,, at the same time I want to be stronger!

Every time I say that I start thinking about training! That is when the fun factor goes out the window! I am fighting it this time, I am not gonna ruin this race. I am gonna continue riding and enjoying it and I will not train!

So now that we have that out of the way it's time to move on. We are supposed to get a few storms over the next few days so that will limit my riding but I still plan to ride. Last week I ended up with a 40 on Thursday night and I really enjoyed it.

Tonight I have to take the kid to get fitted for his tux', the prom is a few weeks away. So that kills tonight, but I am not complaining. It's his last year in school so I better enjoy it now. It won't be long he will out grow the rest of us.......

Damn life happens fast...............

Monday, April 28, 2014

Totally !!!!!!!!!!

That's the way I like to start Monday. "Totally", worn out! When I come to work on Monday and at 7 am I am already thinking about spending the evening on the couch! That's when you know you got all you could out of the weekend.

I got a 30 mile ride in Saturday and then came home and did yard work all afternoon. By the time I stopped it was dark. Then  I got up Sunday and finally got moving about 11 and I was gone for a little over 3 hours. I went from Monroe to Wingate to Marshville to Peachland. From there I went south and got lost! I missed my turn and by the time I figured it out I was lost!

That's the first time in awhile I have been lost on the bicycle and it was fun! I like getting lost once in awhile it's a new adventure every time. I have been trying to go new directions and that's part of it. I found a new way to Wingate yesterday, I have been riding the same route to Wingate for the last 10 years so that was neat. The road I took didn't even look like a regular road, I have pedaled by it a thousand times and never paid any attention to it. It actually looked like it was abandoned, but then it opened up into the back side of a neighborhood.

That was neat, if I hadn't sat down and played around on google maps I would have never found it. I will be using it again for sure. As far as the south side of 74 outside of Peachland I will definitely be back down that way. I can see Cody dropping me off down that way and me going out from there. I have already found a route to take me to Polkton  from Peachland. From there I could work my way to Ansonville then back through the country and end up with a nice 50 plus mile loops.

It's gonna be a great summer........

Friday, April 25, 2014

Gonna Be Good...............

That's right, after being in the mountains last week and the weather being kinda tough it's good to be back! I got my ride in Sunday, of course we have talked about that this week. Then I haven't been able to get out till last night. It was perfect! The weather was spot on, the wind was down it was just what I have been waiting for!

I didn't have to wear any arm warmers or legging's I knew the temps would stay up for me to get in a good ride! I left a little after 5 and got home right at dark. 40 miles and a perfect evening, those are the rides I have been waiting for all winter. I made my way out of the area without much traffic and then I pretty much had the roads all to myself. It's funny how if you know where to go you can get out right at 5 and never see any cars.

I made my way over through Unionville and then headed towards Wingate. From there I went south and crossed over 601 down at mountain view. That's the big hill you go over south of Monroe going toward Pageland, the one where you go over it and see all the way to the state line. From there I worked my way over to Medlin Rd and started back toward Monroe.

I knew I would be pushing daylight a little bit but I wasn't to worried. I have my taillight and as long as the car behind me can see me I feel safe. Yea, even after Sunday I still say that! Move on, you only live once! Point is I had a great ride and never even thought about the cars behind me.

40 miles later I had enjoyed the best ride so far of this year. I look forward to things heating on up and the spring winds dying down. That's when the road riding starts to be fun........

Yes, I plan to ride this weekend, road ride. I still can't seem to get motivated to ride the mountain bike around here. Unless I slip over to Uhwarrie road it is..............

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Here Ya Go !!!!!!!

I guess I left out a few details yesterday because I got a few emails telling me that. Grandma is 87 years old, she panicked when she came up behind me. We met at the bottom of a small valley on a really narrow road and she was worried someone was gonna come over the hill and rear end her.

She was laying on the horn and then slipped up beside me. Of course there wasn't enough room at that moment but she came anyway! When she was beside me another car came over the hill coming at her. That's when she just came on over and hit me! Knocking me in the ditch, then she kept going. She says she didn't realize she hit me.

I was there and the way it happened, I believe her. I can see her getting upset and panicking, not knowing what to do. Did she do right, no! But she meant no harm. It could have been worse but it wasn't. Why would I drag an 87 year old woman to court and put her through that, not my style!

Like I said I feel bad enough as it is with them going ahead and starting the process to revoke her license. Nobody wants to give up the privilege of driving. She lives next door to her son and he was there when the state trooper came by. Even the state trooper said he was glad the son was there, she was that upset. The son signed the paperwork to get this started and he understood. He even said they (the kids) had talked about doing this but just didn't have the heart to do it. But yes this was kinda the warning they needed to go ahead and do it.

                                    Again, I feel sorry for the woman.....

So life moves on! Not many people can say they got hit by a car and then rode home so I kinda like the story! Makes me look tougher!!! Besides what would you do, are you really mean enough to stress out a little old lady..... I have been surprised by the people who have said they would..................

                                                 Be nice!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back, and Caught Up !!!!!!!!!!

I came back and Monday was kinda slow. I thought "man I must have done a good job before I left, everything is rolling really well". Then yesterday the bottom fell out! I was fixing all kinda crap! Nothing major but damn I was busy. A few things could have been taken care of last week but around my office people tend to steer clear of projects they haven't been involved in.

Partly because of the complexity of some projects and partly because they are a bunch of lazy ass's! You know the type of co-worker, the one who isn't gonna do anymore than required! You gotta love'em all though, when you spend 40 hours a week with someone you better get along or you'll drive yourself nuts!

So back to life. I worked hard yesterday and stared out the window all day at a beautiful sky and had plans to ride as soon as I got home. About 30 minutes before I got out of here the sky got dark and it was raining when I left! I thought no worries, as soon as it's over I am gonna hit the road. That never happened! It rained forever, I never did get out the door. It rained all evening.

So now I sit here looking at a beautiful day and hope to make it out tonight. I already have my route planned in my head, I just need the weather to cooperate.....

Now to tell a story! First of all, cyclist never win when it comes to crazy motorist! We (as cyclist) can call the cops and press charges, and go to court 5 times and in the end whoever did a wrong toward the cyclist will get a slap on the wrist (if that). It's just the way it is and the way it will always be! Just except it and move on.

If you get hit by a car or shot in the back or something thrown at you and it hits you in the back of the head at 55 miles an hour, all of that is your fault! Suck it up and get over it!!!!!

                              Why am I telling you this? Because it's true...

I got hit in the back of the head with a drink one time and went to court 5 times and they threw it out! My buddy got shot in the back with a BB gun and the kids got a slap on the wrist! I got side swiped by a car Saturday and the cops found the lady and I am not gonna press charges. Been there done that......

                                            Nothing happens.........

Besides she was 90 years old and got scared and kinda panicked. She was scared she was gonna get hit in the back going slow and didn't know what to do. When she did get beside me she went ahead and came on over, bam I was in the ditch! No I didn't go down and I managed to get right back up on the road. Yes it could have been worse and yes she screwed up.

I got the tag number and was mad as hell at first. I was riding along mad and was trying to decide weather or not to call the cops, been there done that, remember. Nothing happens! When I saw a state trooper coming so I flagged him down. He took the info and said he would question the lady. He even asked then if I wanted to press charges and I replied that nothing happens. Of course he said he would make it happen but I was still skeptical.

I told him to check into it and let me know what her attitude was. I honestly didn't really want to pursue it, not after wasting 5 trips to court last time. Plus the kids who shot Kelly had just been to court and nothing happened so why would I think she would get anything for bumping into me.

Well he called yesterday afternoon and told me he had meet the lady and what she had said and how old she was and how upset she was to be questioned by an officer. I then felt sorry for her! All I could think about was my grandma! LOL...

Here I am, the one who just got hit by a damn car and I feel sorry the driver! They are gonna start the process to revoke her license, she has had a few bump ups in the last few years that where kinda questionable. So this was kinda the final straw....

                       Now I feel guilty! I am the reason grandma is gonna have to walk..........

                                                      The irony!!!!!!!!!! Of being a cyclist.............

Monday, April 21, 2014

Now Were' Back !!!!!

My last post said now were here, well this one says "Now Were Back". I had plans to post while we where gone but I had a crappy internet connection and I didn't have the patients for that! The one post I did last Tuesday probably took me 30 minutes to get loaded and it was my vacation!

            I didn't feel like wasting every morning doing that so Blogging got cut from the agenda!

Now I am back! We had a great week, the weather was a little cooler than we expected bur no big deal. I got to pedal 4 out of the 7 days we where there. Total for that ended up being 55 miles and 8000ft of climbing! A good foundation toward the Pisgah 55'5k I have coming up in 4 weeks. That was kinda my plan going into the week, knock out a bunch of miles and do a bunch of climbing.

We did the Biltmore house thing and of course downtown. We also did a few hikes, that was kinda fun. I have never been a big hiking person but to be honest it was neat slowing down and really looking around. Cody even got into it, he turned out to be my hiking buddy. Karen would walk around town and the campground but that was it. Chase came out and rode the mountain bike with me so overall it was a great week. Now we are gonna get ready for the the fall trip to DC. That's the next thing we have on our agenda.

So now life is back to normal! I came home Saturday and we unpacked for the most part, the rest can wait. I slipped out and did a nice 47 mile 2300ft of climbing road ride yesterday. Kind of a "I need my time and space we have been on vacation type ride"! That seemed to be the deal for all of us. Chase disappeared up stairs, Cody took off to his friends and Karen got caught up on her TV shows. We all ended up back together last night. We had dinner and talked about the day, I pointed out how everybody parted ways and we all got a laugh out of it!

Got to love your family, everybody has one enjoy it for what it's worth..........

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Big Woods ,,,,,,,,,,

So we are here and we have ridden. I took Chase the first day and we went to Bent Creek, he doesn't ride as much as he used to and I wondered how he would do. Turns out when you are a kid it must not matter that much! Yes he walked a few climbs but overall I was thoroughly impressed.

We only did a 10 mile loop but it had 1200ft of climbing! That's no joke for a kid who hasn't n lately. I was proud! We ended up cutting it a little short for a flat but overall it was great. The woods where packed with people and the weather was perfect.

Now yesterday morning I snuck out for a early morning ride and went back to Bent Creek. This time there was 3 cars in the lot including mine and that was it. I knew I would have the place all to myself and yes I liked that ideal but it also had me a little on edge. Them woods are deep and being  out by myself was a little spooky.

I toughed it out though and had a great ride! I only passed one lady way back in the woods all by herself and 2 other cyclist. I figured if that tough little lady could make it all alone so could I. The temps where perfect and I got just a few rain drops on me. By the time I got back everybody was up and moving the day was on!

Now for the rest of the trip!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

I Must Be Cursed,,,,,,,,

Or at least I am having a run of bad luck! First my lawn mower slung a belt and I had to order one. Then my blazer broke down and won't be fixed until I get home from vacation. Yesterday I got the new belt I ordered and it was the wrong size! I am trying to get everything ready and get the hell out of town. The yard needed mowed and 10 other things.

I ended up borrowing the neighbors mower and getting that done. The only thing is it took an extra hour to get everything done. I had to round up the neighbor go get the mower, go get gas. Blah, blah, blah.. Yes I got the yard mowed and the oil changed in the vehicles. The bikes are ready and we are just about packed.

                                               I need a break....

It's gonna be sweet,,,,,,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting Close ,,,,,,,,,,,,

The weekend and my ride time! My massive training week is fast approaching and I am making plans. Maps have been glanced at and routes thought about. I tend to be the type to "kinda" make a plan. Most times I decide which way to go within the first mile. That's one of the reasons I like to ride alone. I like to get lost once in awhile.

Plus I truly feel like a kid when I make turns and go a brand new direction I have never been. When I was a kid and had the paper route I would deliver the weekend paper and be done by 6am. Of course being a kid I was up for the day, so off I would go. I would explore all over the city!

Mom and dad had no clue where I went. I used to ride all over the campus for the college, I would sneak in the football stadium and go downtown to the arena. No wonder the Kentucky Wildcats are my favorite team! I used to sneak in and watch them practice when I was a kid. I wonder if you could do that now..

Anyhow I look forward to getting lost in Asheville! That's what vacations are for, to make you feel like a kid again! I swear I dread growing up, it's gonna suck!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It Came It Went,,, Again.............

Yesterday, we were wide open here at work! The day came and went  before I even knew what hit. It's gonna be a long summer! I can see it already, again not complaining but damn we are busy....

Yes we had the big game Monday night and no it didn't end quit the what I had hoped but at least we where there! Next year will be different! At least I hope so anyway....

Then yesterday when I got home I headed out the door as soon as I could. I got in a solid 2 hour ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's nice to see results once in a while. It seems I am getting stronger, I am hitting hills and carrying my speed really well right now. I have my trip to the mountains coming up and I plan to get in a good week of training. I hope if I can put in a solid week in the hills it should carry me well into May.

I hope it will help me with my first "race" of the year, it's about 4 weeks away so I am trying to peak at just the right time. I know that sounds kinda funny but at least I am trying to be ready. I plan to take both the mountain and road bike with me to Asheville. Plus a few hiking trips and I should come home ready to roll. It's gonna be a good summer..

Besides that life is rolling right along..........

Monday, April 7, 2014

It Came It Went ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

That's about how my weekend went. Saturday we had a planned outing, Karen changed departments at work and all her "old" co-workers wanted to give a going away party type deal. We meet at a winery over on Albemarle and had a good afternoon.

We hung out for a few hours and had a wine tasting and they all got to spend time chatting. By the time we left I had too much wine in me to try a ride so that was out. We came home and I took a nap, then the basketball started. I spent the afternoon watching the final four and my Kentucky Wildcats making the championship game!

It's tonight! I even woke up this morning to amped up to sleep. It's been an up and down year for us, they started the season ranked number 1 and finished barely making the NCAA tournament. Nobody expected them to still be playing this late in the year much less playing for the championship!!

Except me! We did a pool here at work and when I filled it out I picked my team to go all the way! Everybody laughed and said I was crazy. To me, how can you not pick your team. All these Carolina fans I work with didn't pick their own team to do very much. They were right, but still you got to stick with your team! I did and here we are!!!

                                              Go Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did try to ride yesterday but I just wasn't feeling it. I did a 10 mile loop and came straight home.. Some days it just isn't meant to be.....

Friday, April 4, 2014

Slow Day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

After the excitement the night before I decided to keep things simple last night. Meaning I never mentioned the street bike or Cody getting his motorcycle license. Instead I rode my bicycle, and I enjoyed it too. That made a perfect evening!

Except for the wind and the smell of shit it was a good ride! I had to keep an eye out over my shoulder for the next fertilizer truck but it's that time of year. Living in the country you get used to it, it's part of spring. I tend to look at it as a good sign instead of fussing about it.

I came to work this morning and a few people where fussing about the smell, I just laughed! As I said you have to keep your eye kinda peeled over your shoulder, if you see a farmer coming with a spreader truck you better ease on over far enough he has to slow way down! You don't want to get sucked up in the cloud he has behind him! Believe me I have been there... It ain't fun..

There have been times I had to come home and take a shower as soon as I came in the door. It sucks if one comes by at 45 and your all sweaty and he doesn't slow down. LOL...... Been there done that. Believe me I was looking back as much as forward. At least you can kinda tell by the sound the flotation tires make. That's your first clue it's time to get wide..

With that in mind I hope the rain holds of tomorrow. I don't really have any plans but I plan to ride and that's good enough for me. Have a nice weekend.............

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The One Rule !!!!!!!!!

And my favorite rule! "It's easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission". With that thought in mind I let the kid take his first solo street bike ride.

                                    I damn near had to sleep in the camper last night!

She was cleaning the inside of her car and wasn't paying us any attention and I had rolled it out in the yard. Cody has long since wanted to ride a street bike and we have talked about it a few times but nothing has come of it. Usually mom speaks up and that's it.

Well yesterday I said OK, I let him take it to the store and fill up the gas. Karen heard it crank up and leave and she didn't even look up, she just asked where had I gone. When I replied that was Cody heading up the driveway she like to had a heart attack!

                                                      She was not happy!!!!!

Of course he made it back and now he wants to get his permit so bad he can't stand it. I told her I would put him in the motorcycle safety training course at the local college but that didn't seem to help. I told Cody just let it rest for now and we will start working on it. This is gonna take a while...................

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh' How Quick We Forget ,,,,,,,,,,,

As I mentioned yesterday I hadn't really ran any since last spring, I did the Charleston deal and then kinda went back to the bike. Well yesterday I had a plan to meet with Kelly and that fell through so I decided to go alone. I was gonna go over to Beatty park and had stopped at a store and ran into a buddy. He reminded me of the trail at Monroe Country Club.

I had forgotten all about it! I used to run there probably 20 years ago but hadn't even thought about it, I was even telling the wife the other day Monroe needs a trail to at least go walking on. I had forgotten all about that one. Well the dog and I headed that way. 4 miles later and I was there! 4 miles, 8 round trip! Beatty is 17 miles one way, how I forgot about the country club I'll never know.

Now back to what I forgot! I forgot how bad running can make you hurt! My legs are as sore as they have been in a long time. I only ran a lap and walked the other and I feel like a mack truck ran over me! Today will be a slow easy road ride guaranteed!

I need to spin out the legs. But I will be back down to the country club. That's a gem I had forgotten about, and it's in my backyard. Look forward to it. I am a little over a month away at the moment from the Pisgah 55.5k and I feel like I am doing pretty good as far as training. If you want to call it training, I call it just riding and enjoying the extra time on the bike.

Training would mean I had a real plan. My plan is to ride and enjoy it, then go to the mountains and ride and enjoy that. Perfect plan!

Now if I can just turn over the pedals today. My thighs are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's See How This Goes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I think I have made it pretty clear here lately that I am kinda tired of the mountain bike. It's no big deal I go through this every few years, I take a break and then I come back, it's like I never left. I still have all the skills and I just get back on and go like I never missed a beat! Right now I enjoy the road bike and that's what I want to ride. Enough said!

This time is different, I still want to play in the woods. I just don't care to ride the bike in the woods. Last week the wife and I went for a hike and we loved it. I have since picked up a few backpacking magazines and she and I have both been checking out the gear options! Of course we have no ideal what we need but a few trips to REI and maybe a class or two with a knowledgeable sales associate and we might get some where.

We have our trip to Asheville coming up and plan on doing a few hiking trips while we are there. I am excited about that,  I look forward to digging a little deeper into hiking. We hope to get in a few overnight trips by the end of summer. That will be cool!

But today I am gonna try something I haven't done in years. We are going trail running! Yep, Kelly and I are meeting at a local trail and we are gonna run. I brought my shoes and shorts and plan to be sore tomorrow! I actually look forward to it! I know this is gonna work muscles I haven't used in years. Yes I did do a few foot races last year and did the Cooper River Bridge Run but I kinda lost interest in running just to be running pretty quick.

I like doing the races because of the challenge and it's neat to run with a big group like that but as far as lacing up and heading out the door for a run. That just didn't workout to well. Maybe if I start doing the woods running I will enjoy it more. Something different, that's what I am looking for!

It's time for a change................................