Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Got Company ,,,,,,,,,,

It was kinda last minute but who cares. That's what I signed up for! The phone rang Tuesday on my way home. It's kinda funny because I have been riding my motorcycle all week and I just happened to be at the store on my way home when the phone rang. I f I hadn't answered it then, I sure wouldn't have called the number back. I didn't recognize it.

Anyhow I answered and it was a couple who are pedaling through and needed a place to stay. So I said yes, they came through last night. They got to the house at 5 and we had a good evening.

They even cooked dinner for us. That was a first! Karen sat back to watch and she did the cooking. We had a few beers and the girls had some wine. It made for a nice evening. They left this morning and are headed to Chester SC. They made arrangements to stay with another couple tonight.

They started there trip in Richmond VA and are headed to Phoenix AZ for a total of 2425 miles! They plan to be there at the end of November and are gonna stay with his sister until they get jobs. She has taken a year off from college and he is doing about the same. Right now he is a welder and learning the trade.

When he gets a job he plans to take the test to become certified. He said he is waiting till he gets to Arizona because it will be easier to just get certified there than try to transfer his certification from Virginia. He plans to work in the shipyards around Virginia Beach in a few years. Once he gets his certifications and settles down a little bit. It pays really well..

It must be nice to be that young and have no bills or commitments. To just load a bike and take a year to travel and see what's happening on the other side of the country.

I keep telling my son..... You only live once!!!

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