Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time Is Gonna Fly'''''''''

It seems like every time I turn around we have reached another hurdle. A point in time I really didn't want to reach, and each time something clicks by it makes me sad in some type of manner. Not really sad as in sad, sad. More of a sad as in I realize life is moving along.

That make sense??

Does to me!

Are you wondering where I am going with this? We had another senior thing last night at school, every time we do it just makes me realize again how close he is to graduating. Last night we had senior night for soccer. Karen and I went to the school for the afternoon early dinner with the kids and then they had a little ceremony at the start of the game for all 4 of the seniors.

She and I got to walk him out on the field and the principal gave her a flower and shook my hand. Then we had photos and it was pretty much over. Because it was senior night we had about 10 times as many people show up for the game. That was nice usually it's the same 10 parents at every game. To have that many kids and parents there was really neat! I was surprised how many students showed up. It was a lot!

Over all it was a great night! It's just that every time we have something like this it just makes you realize how fast it's coming. We have one more soccer game Thursday and the season is over. We started playing a few days before school started and here we are at the end of October. Christmas break will be here before you know it and half the school year will be over.

If the first half came and went this fast you know the second half will do the same. Even he is starting to feel like it needs to slow down........

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