Monday, December 9, 2013

Ooop's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Maybe I shouldn't have bragged about being able to see the sunshine, that was Friday. After that the rain came and it's been sukey every since! My knee has been killing me so it came at a good time, I needed the rest. But damn it puts me in a foul mood. I may not be able to pedal because of my knee but I still like options.

I sat around all day Saturday and accomplished nothing. I say that but I did go to the bike shop and got brakes to fix my 29er, it's back in action. We did go to a nice Christmas program Saturday night and then out to eat. We had the grandmas along and it was fun. It was at a local church and I had no ideal what to expect. Turns out it was really nice, I look forward to next year.

Then I finally snapped yesterday and headed to Steve's trail for a lap. It was in great shape, I got my ride in before the rain came. I didn't kill it but at least I got out for one ride. I talked to Kelly last night and we are planning a night road ride in the next day or two. It doesn't look like the woods are gonna be an option for a few days. If we get the rain today and tomorrow like they are calling for it's gonna be the weekend before the trails dry.

I would like to get back over to Uhwarrie so this might give me a good reason to travel come Saturday. That might be the only option to ride. Although the mountains aren't to far away! Something to think about.

Not that I am counting but Christmas is coming..............

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