Thursday, November 14, 2013

It Takes Time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

When it's 23 degrees outside it takes time to get dressed. At least it takes time to put on 3 layers of riding clothes if your gonna ride a motorcycle to work. This not being my first rodeo I even set the alarm for 10 minutes sooner because I knew this. You have to pace yourself!

You start with the legs and then work your way up. If you try to rush it you start sweating, that doesn't work when you are fixing to move along at 60 miles an hour and it in the 20's. Do the math, at 60 it feels like it's 30-40 below! That damn wind chill shit is real..

I actually start the night before, I bring all my riding gear in the house so it's not bone cold when I put it on. I put on the leather chaps and then carry the rest outside to the garage. Next is the base layer (sweatshirt) on top of my dress shirt and tee shirt. Followed by the head wear then the winter ski coat. Take my word for it leather coats don't work as good as a high end ski coat. Then the helmet before the gloves.

My gloves are so thick there's no way to fix the chin strap for the helmet after you put them on. Once it's all on your good to go. Believe it or not with all the stuff on you stay warm! Nobody really believes that, but it's true.

So anyway, no I haven't bought the new bike yet. I have given myself 2 days to make a decision. Counting yesterday I have 1 day left! The pressure is on, the kid wants it, but what the hell he's a kid! Of course he wants it, what kid wouldn't! I am gonna take him the first of next week to get his license (permit).

It would be nice to have a small bike to ride back and forth to work. No I don't have a car payment so I can always say I have a bike payment instead of a car payment. Blah, Blah, Blah.....

I need to make my mind up!

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