Monday, November 18, 2013

If Ya Don't Like The Weather ,,,,,,,,,,,

Wait 5 minutes! If your from the mid-west or any mountainous area you've heard that before. Right now it seems to be the new norm for Charlotte-Monroe. Last week I had my long johns on one day and was wearing 3 layers of clothes on the street bike. Yesterday it was about as humid as it can get without raining.

I will get out this week and ride. I don't mind the temps being in the50's to 60's. I just turn into a big-ass wuss when the temps get below 40. Right now it's about right.

So Saturday I headed down to Cane Creek. Kelly was riding but our schedules just didn't match. So I went down there and spent the morning. I rode everything twice and some of it 3 times. Everything on the campground side got the triple ride. If my figuring is right I had about 30 miles total. Not a bad way to start the weekend. I also met the park ranger while I was there. He rides mountain bikes also, I knew the guy was working there but that's the first time I had meet him. Nice guy. He does the night ride at Beatty every Wednesday night.

Back to Cane Creek, of course I never saw another cyclist and I only ran into 2 horses. When I came through the horse trailer parking area there must have been 10 trailers there. But I only saw 2, kinda weird. Especially since I rode everything 2 and 3 times. Sometimes I will see the same people 2 and 3 times when I do loops like that. Then some days are like Saturday, I see nobody. It's like I have my own personal playground.

Yesterday I got up early and headed to Anne Springs down in Ft. Mill. I was meeting a few people there and was looking forward to it. I get there and we realize Rob had forgotten his riding shoes. Round trip back to his house is gonna take him an hour so off I went. Lap one will be by myself.

So I am riding and feeling good, the miles are going by. When all off a sudden I am going over the bars head first! Somehow I managed to catch a vine that was hanging down with the left side handlebars! Guess what, that's the side with the front brakes! Of course the next thought going through my head is the mental check list of all my needed body parts.

As I get up I realize nothing is broken! That's always a relief, then the bonus. Nothing is bleeding, even better! After the initial high from realizing I have no broken bones and no visible blood I start to realize I am gonna be hurting later. I have a bruised and swollen thigh. I guess I got tangled up with the handlebars as I went sailing.

Of course I did what any good mountain biker does. I got right back on and took off. I knew the swelling was gonna come and the nice purple and blue spot would grow but I knew that would come later. I still had a lot of riding to go. As I predicted Rob got back about the time I finished lap one. Lap 2 was a little slower, not that I minded. My leg needed a break!

By the time I spent 30 minutes sitting behind the wheel driving home it was all I could do to get out of the car! A nice hot shower and a nap and I was ready for football. I knew when I went to bed last night I would wake up with a sore side but the tossing and turning all night from the throbbing was a bonus! Of course I have a limp today, but it rained last night so I have a good excuse for not riding today.

I might need at least a day off the bike...... Tomorrow is another story.....

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