Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Been Awhile ,,,,,,,,,

Awhile since I rode at Beatty Park. Yesterday I left work a little early, I had to meet a plumber service at the house. Long story short, the state of NC now feels that I should pay a plumbing company 250 bucks a year to inspect my septic system. I guess they feel I don't have enough sense to notice if I have sewage in my yard. If you ask me it's a total ripoff!

Anyway I thought I would end up with a nice free afternoon, not! The guy was there for almost 2 hours. By the time he left it was almost 5 pm. By the time I got to the trail and ready it was gonna be 5:30. So I went to Beatty, the closest place I could think of. I figured I would just go and ride a few easy laps and enjoy the evening. It seems like that philosophy has worked good lately.

One problem! I pull up and I see a guy I meet a few weeks ago. We have a mutual friend and we rode together then. So he comes over and says high! We get ready and my nice easy ride is out the window! We hit the woods and it's wide open, we knock out 3 laps really fast. A lot faster than I had planned! It's funny how fast you can change plans when the time arrives. When it was over I was glad I ran into him. I got in a lot better ride than I would have if I had been by myself. We even swapped numbers and plan to ride next week.

After that I headed home and slept like a baby last night! After my late night the night before I had no problem sleeping last night. Yes the kid played his new game and had a blast last night. He even said thank you again last night. I love my boys! Now we are getting ready for the tailgate party Friday and senior night at football.

I have Saturday and Sunday open so we'll see what happens then.......

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