Wednesday, October 16, 2013

After Ride ,,,,, After Post ..........

I am on a roll with my titles this week. Pretty straight forward and to the point. Although it might become redundant by the weekend.

So yesterday I did exactly what I said I was gonna do. I hit the woods and didn't even look at the clock when I was ready to go. I left the computer in the truck and I even took my camera with me. Back when I used to post pictures on my blog I always had my camera with me, I never knew when I might need to take a picture. Maybe I need to start posting pictures again, that seemed to give me a reason to slow down.

I didn't stop to take any but at least I had it with me. Anyway I had a great ride and it felt like I was going fast. I passed at least 10 people and never got passed. Although the last person I passed made me work for it. But once I was by him and put a corner between us he fell of pace really quick. Yes I went to Sherman and did my super loop, all the options twice. I have ridden there so many times It just seems more fun instead of riding 2 full laps.

The point is though I had a great ride! I can't tell you when the last time was I took the camera and even thought about taking pictures. I know I got there by 4:20 so I can only guess I was ready in 10 minutes. I loaded up and was at the store at 6 so I figure I rode for an hour and half. That's how I am gonna start tracking my rides, by time. No miles, just time. And by time I mean yesterday counted for an hour and a half.

Not that I rode a "time of" an hour and a half for a lap at Sherman. I did my version of a loop not a regular loop. I "just spent" an hour and a half on my bike that's the way I am gonna look at it from now on. It's just fun, all for play. That's why we ride, enjoyment!

I don't see a pay check just because I ride a bike in my future So I better enjoy it.

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