Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's Ride ,,,,,,,,,,,

I might have mentioned that I was kinda burned out on the road bike lately but I am starting to get the urge again. Or I just don't feel like driving some where to ride. One of the two....

Point is I am gonna ride the road bike tonight and I am looking forward to it. I rode the motorcycle to work this morning so I didn't bring the bike or anything. The road is calling my name! Besides I need to work on my tan as long as I can, it won't be long till it's cold and you have no tan!

We did have a soccer game last night, got home about 8:30 so that pretty much killed the evening. We got home and nobody wanted to cook so it was hot dogs and chips for dinner. Then tomorrow night will be another soccer game. Before you know it the week is over........

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