Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gettin' Old ...............

At least that's what I have been told! This morning, by one of my co-workers. Yep I was sitting here at my desk, I had just arrived and someone else asked me if I went swimming this morning.

"Yep", I replied!

That's when the other person piped up, "your getting old, why do you keep doing all this stuff".

Because it's fun! Was my reply.

"Really, riding 50 miles or swimming or running, you call that fun"

"Yep", my reply....again.

"Bullshit", his reply. "Maybe when you were a kid, now your an adult".

"Why would that make a difference" I said?

"You need to grow up", he said.

"You just said I was an adult now, and now your saying I'm not", make up your mind!

Now he's kinda of tired of the whole conversation, I am not. He's trying to look the other way and ignore me. It ain't gonna work.

"So your saying only kids do all that stuff and adults don't", he can't ignore that and I get a reply.

"Yea", he says.

"Only fat lazy people think that way", is my reply!

"I walk everyday!" he says.

To which I point out "it ain't helping much, your still over weight".

"Maybe you need to try running or something else".

I really can't type what he said after that comment. My mom doesn't like when I use a lot of foul language in here.

Now I am amused though, I can't help but keep talking.

"When you where a kid you ran and played and swam, the only reason you don't now is your to heavy to enjoy these things"

"Loose weight and you can play too". My latest jab!

"Grow up", that's all he's got.

Now I am bored with the conversation!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting More Used To It.....

"It", being riding my bike in the woods all by myself! In the dark! Yea I go night riding at night quit a bit. But it's always with a group! Sometimes they leave me and I end up riding by myself anyway but at least knowing they are out there, I am alright.

So lately I have been going a lot more by myself, reason being I need to. Why? Because I am 44 years old, I know there is no "boogie man" and I want to do a solo mountain ride one of these days. Which would require sleeping in the mountains by myself. In the dark!

So I swam yesterday and went home last night. Karen and I went to K-mart and put some more camping stuff on lay-away. Our trip to camp on the beach isn't till June but we like to be ready and by being ready that means not waiting till the last minute to acquire all the gear we need. It's called budgeting!

We'll I hadn't planned on riding last night but the weather was perfect! Plus the rain is on the way and it will probably be awhile before we can get back in the woods again. So I loaded up and headed across the county to Beatty Park. Knocked out a couple of laps and headed home.

In the dark by myself...... Nope the "boogie man" didn't get me either!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Now We Have 3 !!!!!!!!!!

I guess it all started to go down hill at 4:45am yesterday, that's when Kelly texted me and said he was staying home in bed. He had to fly yesterday and is out of town till Thursday so he wanted to stay home a little longer.

With that text I rolled over and knew my day was shot. I told myself I would run when I got home, but I knew better. I came home and we fixed dinner. I worked on my bike a little and read the ending of my book. Went to bed at 9:30 and never did any exercise.

Damn I hate that! I know I am doing good and it's hardly anything to get upset about, but I really want to see where I am at the end of the year as far as days of exercise. My perfect goal would be to have exercised like 300 of 365, but when you figure in a few weeks vacation and a few long weekends. Plus my average so far is 3 days for the first month. Take that average and I will miss 36 days right there. Then throw in 18 days for 2 weeks vacation and that is 54 right out of the gate.

"IF" I stick with the 3 days a month. Which you know I will have a few months with more days than that, I would be over anyway. No I am not gonna beat myself up over this figure all year, but I just want it as low as I can go, and yes I did go swim this morning. I got in a 1000 yards so I am back on track.

I hope to get in the woods tonight for a night ride. Maybe that would make up for yesterday!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Pressure Is On...........

It may be self imposed but it's still "on". Yes, yesterday came and went, I rode the bike down at Cheraw for a few laps and came home that was about the highlight of the day. I just didn't feel like doing the gym game again.

Saturday was a great day at the gym and I look forward to doing a routine like that again. Then today I got up and just didn't feel like going swimming. I have been everyday for the last two weeks and I just didn't feel like going. So roll over I did!

"Now the pressure is on" I have to go home and do something! If not I will have a total of three days no exercise for the year. To early for that, I think I might run again. As long as I do something my streak will stay intact. Plus we have the 5k this Saturday. I need to run a few more times just so I can be prepared.

Last time I did nothing to prepare, so I need to make up for that. Chase is happy and looking forward to it. So it should be a good day. The next race coming up might just be at the beach. Steve is running a marathon down at Myrtle Beach in 3 weeks and they have a 5k the day before. Sounds like a good reason to go to the beach!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

That Was A First !!!!!!!!

All the way around! It's Saturday and we did get the ice and no snow. It's way to wet to ride the bike anywhere. Plus the roads are so wet you would get covered with spray if you tried to ride the road. 

Well Kelly called and I met him at the aquatic center, we swam we ran and I rode the spin bike.

I swam 1200 yards in the least amount of time I ever have!

I ran on the track for 2 and a quarter miles!

Then finished it off with a 20 minute effort on the spin bike!

Now for tomorrow,,,,,more of the same????

Friday, January 25, 2013

Your Kidding Right !!!!!!!!!!!

And he wondered why I started laughing! OK, so I have complained all week about my sore as hell legs. Then this morning the guy who sits in the desk beside me tells me his neck is sore. He tells me, and wants me to understand that I am not the only one around the office with pains.

Now for the reason I laughed. I ask him how he hurt his neck and he says " the wife and I rearranged the living room and I am watching TV from a different angle"....... Hell I am laughing as I type this.

In his eye's that's just as good as me being sore from running! I am outside in the outdoors and running, he is sitting on the couch doing nothing, and he is hurting.

Damn right I laughed...

Oh well, as he watches TV this weekend I am gonna be outside playing, hopefully in the snow! Or at least the ice. I plan to run tomorrow, Chase says he will go with me. We want to get ready for next weekend. Then if the weather doesn't come I will be riding. The cold is just part of it, you adjust and keep going. I have no plans to sit in the house all weekend.

Yes I did go swim this morning, that makes 2 weeks in a row I have swam everyday. Now that I can move my legs again I am gonna add the running to my routine. Stay tuned, I am gonna get the weight down one way or another.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Base Line.......... 204lbs ........

OK, I have to admit we have no scales in our house. The last one we had broke about a year ago and we never replaced it. That's probably not a good ideal, everybody should have a scale in the bathroom. Help keep you honest!

So with that being said I really had no ideal how much (if any) weight I had managed to loose. The last time I was at the doctor was about 6-7 weeks ago and the scale said 218. That was kinda like my eye opener! I was there because I was sick and I decided right then it was time to get real about loosing some weight.

I knew I was feeling a little better and clothes where fitting a little better so I knew I was doing something. But just how much I wasn't quit sure. Of course I started by riding my bike more and then I finally started swimming. Then to top it off I did the trail race Saturday. I can almost walk and I think I might be able to run tomorrow.

All that said, Kelly told me where the scale was at the aquatic center. I climbed aboard and sure enough it confirmed what I thought.


Now I have a base line! AND a long way to go..... Target weight 175...

As of right now I have exercised everyday except two so far this new year, 22/24. Not a bad average! I am slipping some two a day, days in and as soon as my legs are back I will be running on a regular schedule. Yesterday I swam and then went night riding last night. Then this morning I swam again. If everything works out I will be in the woods again tonight.

Top it off with a swim in the AM and my week will be complete. Now for the weekend, I want to run and ride. We are registered for a 5k next weekend in Waxhaw and I want to prepare a little better for it.  That way I can use my time from that and get an ideal how much faster I will get as I loose weight. I got a feeling there will be a lot of running in my future this year.......

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That Normal Is Pretty Lame !!!!!!

The normal for last night sucked I am on my way home when I get a text. "It's cold nobody wants to go", Bunch of pansy's! First cold night of the year and they all bail!

So what do I do? Same thing! I decide to let the legs have a day off, I got my swim in first thing yesterday so I didn't feel that bad. Then I made a chef salad for dinner and read a book for the rest of the night. Now that's exciting! 

I guess I could tell ya about the exciting nap that occurred. Oh well anyway you look at it, the night was a bust. I will call it a rest day and move on. It could start raining again tonight so I am really thinking about trying to make a ride some where.

I did hit the pool for a 1000 yards this morning, so at least I got started right. Now just to keep my stride. If I don't make it tonight it might be a few days before we can make it out again.  Sometimes you just need a little down time.......

By the way I really can "almost" walk. It's been 3 days since the race so I might be able to run by the weekend........

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Is Your Normal ??????

Sometimes mine almost seems boring. Maybe it is, I don't know. But from what I see and hear most of the people I know are pretty lazy and do little! A few try to maintain and put forth a little exercise effort. But most don't!

Then they look at me like I am crazy. I tell them I get up and go swimming before work, they look at me like I am crazy. I tell them about the foot race Saturday. They look at me like I am stupid! Yea, a look like I am really stupid, they stop laughing and literally say "why would you do that".

If you saw the pictures of me from the finish line, the look on my face says the same thing! I haven't decided if I want to purchase the pic yet. I will definitely get the one of Chase, he doesn't look as bad as I do! At that moment I was wondering "what the hell was I thinking".

Now for the funny part, that was Saturday, today is Tuesday. I can almost walk again and the memory has already faded! In my mind it wasn't that bad! It only lasted for 47 minutes and it seemed like it was a lot faster than that. I have swam for the last 2 days and we are night riding tonight. I should be able to run by Thursday and it won't hurt as bad.

That, my friends is "normal".

Monday, January 21, 2013

Now "That" Was A Good Weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Monday and I am at work, holiday or not we are here. I park on the other side of the building and it took me about 10 minutes to get to my desk this morning!

It's all I can do to walk........

When I show up on a Monday and can't walk I know I got all there was to be had out of that time period. Recap....

Saturday am Chase and I went to the White Water Center and did our first off road foot race. It was four miles and I think I will need a leg transplant! I made to mistakes in this race: 1st one, I wore way to many clothes! It was cold and thought I might get cold. NOT! I was sweating like a pig. I wore sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Yes it was about 38 degrees when we started. I thought I would need more..... Big mistake!

2nd, I started way to far in the back. It being my first race in 20 years I thought I would stay in the back and out of every one's way. Well with so many people, when we got to the woods it was a jamb! You ended up walking before it finally really got moving. Don't worry I wasn't really bitching about it.

I ended up doing the 4 miles in 47min, Chase did it in 46min! I was proud of him! It was a muddy mess and slick. You had to really be careful and he did great. When I came out of the woods and heard them announce him at the finish I was proud!

That's my boy!

If he wants to run so do I. Whatever it takes, besides it's just another exercise. So anyhow that was Saturday. Sunday rolled around and after church I had to do something. It's all I can do to get up the steps into the house but I still had to get in something. So I loaded up and headed to Sherman for a lap. I was so sore I couldn't even stand up to pedal! I had to ride the whole lap sitting down. I ended up with a lap time of 56 minutes so I wasn't dragging I just couldn't stand up.

Then I hit the pool for 800 yards this morning so I am still on my routine. You don't really need your legs for swimming, it just sucked when it came time to get out of the pool. I thought I was gonna need help!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The 24 Hour Letdown............

As I posted last night at 9:40, I am done with the Lance story. What goes around comes around! Another perfect example of that fact. Watching him last night made me want to puke! When he started that crap about he and his mom where always the under dogs and he had it so rough growing up. That was the exact moment I turned off the TV and went to bed. No chance in hell will I watch tonight!!!!!!

So the last thing I did before I went to bed was look outside to see what the weather was doing, I hoped to wake up to snow! I wanted to see 3-6in of the stuff. The alarm went off and I looked outside to find nothing. Not even a dusting at my house! I get to the pool and I see cars in the lot covered in snow but not a flake in my yard!

Let down number two!!

I just knew with the weather coming from the south we where gonna get it. Maybe next time, I can only hope!

So to summarize the week, I have swam every day for a total of 4600 yards! The most yet! I am proud of that. But I haven't put a mile on the bike, the rain has made sure that wasn't gonna. But we do have our foot race tomorrow. I am looking forward to that. Chase seems to be excited so it's gonna be a good start to the weekend!

Updates will follow.....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am DONE...........

It's 9:45, I have watched all of the Lance the looser show I care to watch! I wanted to believe right up till 9:10 tonight...... I will not waste my time tomorrow night.........

Straight from his mouth   "I did it"..........

I Miss It.................

This morning I found myself swimming away and thinking about my bike! I feel like I haven't had a ride in about a month.. Yes I rode Sunday, but the weather has been totally screwed up since. The temp has been perfect for riding but it's so wet it will probably be a month before we can get in the woods.

Then they claim it's gonna possibly snow this evening. I doubt that, but it would be cool! That means it's gonna get cold again. Then the sun will come out and we can ride in the cold sunshine! Oh well, if I can ride again I will be happy.

I will swim tomorrow, I swam all week. I have to go tomorrow just so I can say I went all week. I had 800 yards this morning so that plus yesterday and the rest of the week gives me a total of 3600 yards so far. Add another 800 tomorrow and I will have like 4400 yards! That is like two and a half miles!

Again I have only been doing this for a month now! I start running this weekend so that will start another chapter. I love opening new books and seeing what's on the other side. I look forward to running the trails before long. It's gonna be fun! I hope to get up to at least 10 miles a week before very long.

That would have me swimming 3 days a week, riding 2 nights a week plus weekends and running a couple of times. All ya got to do is get off your ass and do it........

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You Learn Something Everyday.......

Then some days you learn a lot. Kelly showed up and swam with me this morning. 4:40am he was texting me, get up lets go. So I went ahead and got up. Did my routine and out the door I went. 5:20am I was in the pool, by the time he got there I had already done 200 yards.

Well Kelly has done a few triathlons and has a lot more experience with swimming than I do. So I listen when he has something to say about my technique. I learned more today than I have yet. The first time I went he meet me and gave me some good pointers to start with. Today he kinda gave me some updates and pointers. Being I have been swimming for a month now what he had to say made a lot more sense.

I actually understand what he means and can kind of apply it to my stroke. Long story short I felt like I got a lot more done this morning, I only took 2 lengths for a break today. Usually I do a lap or 2 and need to float back for a rest. Today I swam 1050 yards and only had 2 rest lengths! For me that's damn good!

With him there it pushed me to do more and he even had me doing sprints! My best time for a lap was 45 seconds! Michael Phelps would be proud! Or at least he would get a good laugh out of it.. Point is I have now swam for 4 out of the last five days! Not bad for one month in...

On a side note I signed up my youngest son Chase for the foot race this weekend! Chase doesn't really care to mountain bike very often and he has expressed an interest in running so I thought this would be fun for both of us. When I got home and told him he was going he seemed to be pretty excited! That kind of surprised me, maybe this will be the sport that he and I connect on and do together. I will see how things go this weekend and then we will go from there. I have already found another race for the weekend of the 2nd.

Who knows we might be there......

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Must Be Crazy............

But I am gonna look good in my new hoodie! I might need a mental checkup when Monday comes around, that's taking for granted the fact I can still walk. But what the hell I am am game.

You probably wonder what I am talking about. Yea the winter short track races started Sunday and there are 4 more of them but I don't think it's gonna workout this year.


Well first of all I hate "short track racing", you get all the roadies who have nothing else to do this time of year. They all come out and think they are the shit, they take it way to serious for a 5 dollar medal. Then you have the fact that it takes all day, I would race and then we wait for the kids to race and that means you stand around a lot.

Not counting the fact that I end up spending about a 100 bucks just on entry fee's to ride around a 1/2 mile loop. Not my favorite thing. I am ready for the cross country races to start. 

Plus we have a series on parenting that started Sunday at church and I liked the first leason. We have 4 more weeks and we want to be there. When the cross country series starts I am gonna be missing plenty of church so I might as well go while I can. Besides everybody with kids can learn a thing or too about being a good parent.

Now for the crazy part!

Since I can't stand short track racing and have church plans I decided to start running! How do you do that? I saw a flier for a trail race at the White Water Center, it is this Saturday. I looked it up and found out you get a sweet cotton hoodie sweat shirt and a free breakfast after the race. It starts at 9am Saturday morning. When I signed up there where already 580 people signed up! If that many people are doing it it must be fun! Am I ready for a race, NO, have I done any training, NO. Will it be fun YEP...

I signed up for the 4 mile race. They have 9 and 13 mile options, but I might actually need to train for that! Back 20 years ago I used to do some trail running and it was fun. So now I am gonna do more....

I might not be able to walk come Sunday but I will look good in my new hoodie !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Try Again.............

I did this one time to day! I wrote a blog post and thought I put it up. I guess I was wrong! I told the wife to read it this morning and she told me it wasn't there...

Hum.... Not sure what I did wrong...

So anyhow I did the pool again this morning and managed to squeak out another 1000yd. swim. That makes 2 times now I have swam a thousand yards. Again I would have never thought I could swim that far. Ever...

With the rain coming in for the next few days it looks like the pool will be my hangout, I plan on running some this afternoon so that should be interesting as well. I went ahead and signed up for my first trail race this weekend at the Whitewater Center. 4 miles! I know for some of you 4 miles ain't squat.

For me it's gonna be torcher. I am looking forward to it though! One way or another I am gonna lose 25 pounds!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Makin "It" Happen.............

"It" Being exercise! Got plans with the wife all day today so I had to get up and get out.

"Goals are personal"

I read in another blog that statement and I think it's gonna become my new motto.....

This morning I went to the aquatic center and did my first 1000 yard swim! To top it off I was so happy I did 50 yards extra! For a total of 1050 yards....

I have been swimming for less than a month and I would have never thought I could have swam that far ever.........

You just gotta get up and make "it" happen................

Friday, January 11, 2013

That Could Have been Bad.....

I am referring to the moment when I stood up and started cranking down on the pedals, I had just started up the hill and "pow". Snapped the chain!

The resulting instantaneous shock of trying to keep from going over the bars and grabbing the grips so hard and leaning over the front end so fast has my whole upper body sore this morning. Charles and I were at Beatty and on the second lap.

He got to finish, I got to walk!

From the very back furthest point from the truck. That's always the way  it is! If it's gonna break it will happen at that point. Guaranteed every time! So Charles got to ride a full ride and I got to go home.

I did get up and get in my swim this morning, 850 yards or 16 laps. I am improving, 3 times a week is the schedule so I need to stick with it. So with that I am at 9/11 for the year, 9 out of 11 days!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Words To Live By.................

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
....Mark Twain

Swimming, Biking, Hiking, Camping....

All of the above! This week alone I have covered 2 out of 4, and tonight we are heading to night ride again. Then this weekend we are going to a camper-camping show.

Not sure if that covers the hiking and camping but I know I will do a lot of walking and I will be looking at campers! So in my mind I got it covered! No plans to buy anything, at least not yet. But I sure like to checkout all the new camping and camper equipment.

Never know what I might find. The wife likes the campers so she will be happy and I like the camping stuff. None of the kids are very interested in going but that just means we get a "date". That don't happen a lot. So when we get'em we take'em.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

That's The Way I Want To Roll ..............

On a daily basis, what I have done in the last 12 hours would be perfect. Last night Cody and I met Glen and Alex at Francis Beatty park and got in a night ride. We rode 2-1/2 laps and had a good time. I know your gonna think I am crazy, but it was actually dusty! A few damp spots but no standing water anywhere. It was great! We saw a couple out for a ride and that was it. Hence the reason I could ride a lap backwards....

Then this morning I got up and hit the pool for 800 yards. I went to bed with my stomach growling and got up, it was still growling. I am getting used to my new eating habits. I am trying to eat what I need not just because you are used to eating. I have been told 8pm is the cut off. You shouldn't eat anything after 8.

Last night after we rode I had a protein bar and came home unloaded took a shower and hit the bed. The other night Chase came down and wanted something to eat about 8:30 and we both had soup. Going to bed with a full stomach I dreamed all night and didn't sleep to well. So with that motivation I know better than to eat that late again.

If I could swim and ride everyday I would loose weight really fast, and get faster. I can already tell I am getting a little quicker on the bike, that's what I want anyway. Now I just need to drop another 20 pounds, 180 is my goal! I finally got down to 200 so I just need to keep doing what I am doing!

By the way 7/9, I have only missed 2 days of exercise this year. I wonder where I"ll be at the end of the year. I like keeping up with this figure.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Guess I Was Wrong !!!!!!

I really thought Notre Dame had a chance,,,, not!!

Now, on to the important stuff, me! I have said it before and I'll say it again. It's my blog so of course I am the most important thing happen here. My life is full of all kinda exciting things!

Not really, but I am having fun. So yesterday I went swimming and then spent the day at work. I came home and promptly took a 20 minute nap. This swimming is kicking my ass. We did dinner and watched a little TV, the whole time I wanted to go walking but never did. The game came on at 8:30 and I stayed up for the first half, 11 came and to bed I went.

What a life! Yea I got up and hit the pool, that counts as exercise. But I feel like I failed with the rest of the day. Yes I am losing a little weight and doing more now than I have in quit awhile. Yes I needed a nap, from there I could have kept moving but I didn't.

That's what I need to work on! I should have kept moving. It's like mtn biking, it's all about the momentum..... Once you lose it your screwed !!!!

Lesson of the day, don't stop moving. Once you do it's over..........

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Again...............

The best part of this week is the fact we only have one Monday this week. Last week we had two Mondays. That sucked....

So this morning my kid even got up and joined me at the pool. I told him last Friday I was gonna wake him up and I forgot. He seemed to be kinda miffed, so I made sure to wake him this morning. He got right up and came, I was impressed. You can't really chat while you swim but you can chat when you take a break.

Plus it's nice to do something with your kid.

By the way my count for this year 5/7. Not a bad start for the year!

I am gonna get back down to 175 one way or the other............

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It Comes, It goes..............

The weekend, "It Comes It Goes".....

Met Kelly and Dane at Sherman Saturday am for some laps. None of us had been there in awhile, every since we found Steve's. So that was a nice change of pace. After spending so much time at Steve's it really does feel like a green way.

The difference is amazing, Sherman is very fast and flowing. You only have one or two climbs that really make you stand up. The rest is just doing mileage. I rode the first lap in the big front chain ring the whole lap.

At Steve's I never even try to get in the big ring. I just don't have enough strength. Sherman, you rarely even need the two small front rings.

Then today I went to Steve's and rode 2 laps. Tight, twisty, you hardly have a chance to relax! The climbs are brutal and recovery is none existence.

I love it!

It's hard work! They way it should be! Don't get me wrong, I like Sherman and will continue to use it, but there's a reason you have a hard time finding a place to park at Sherman and Steve's lot is usually half full.

Meaning 3-4 cars.......

Back to the pool in the morning......

Friday, January 4, 2013

Finally Friday...............

After the first Monday of the week, we worked half a day Monday. We came back on Wednesday for the second Monday of the week.

A week with 2 Monday's suck! I would rather have worked Tuesday and had Friday off. I have had my share of partying, so New Year's was just another day for me. I stayed home and did nothing!

Perfect evening....

I got to ride before the rain on New Year's day , and I have been to the pool twice this week. So I am on schedule with my exercise. Now I just gotta wait on the trails to come back around. The bike is ready for a ride I just gotta get out.

For the weekend I am gonna ride early tomorrow and then the wife and I are gonna hit the drive in movies over in Badin. Haven't been there in awhile so I am looking forward to that. So have a good weekend .

Get outside and play!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I guess my luck has run out! Tuesday, New Years Day I got lucky and got my ride in before the rain started. Well at least the majority of it. I did get rained on for the last half lap.

So today I wanted to go tonight, don't look good! As much as I disagree with the 24 hour rule sometimes it's needed. I work right here in Matthews so for lunch I went out to Beatty Park.

It's a mess! The new section is so wet you can't even walk it, the rest would probably be OK but as cold as it is I know it's not gonna dry very much between now and sunset. Tuesday I didn't bother to checkout the new section, they had a sign saying it was closed so I skipped it anyway. It's right beside the parking lot so I checked it out today.

I know Steve's will be wet in the bottoms so it will need another day.

The bottom line.

Rules and gates suck but it is what it is. Plus I hate doing bike maintenance so why create more for myself!!!!!!

Looks like the pool for laps..................

It's Still Wet ..................

Very wet at that! That's not good.

How am I supposed to hit the woods tonight if the trails are wetter than the day before when I poached a ride. I am in conflict with the 24 hour rule once again! I hate rules....

Rules are like locked gates, you just gotta go around them once in awhile, just to see what's on the other side! Tonight might be a locked gate kinda night......

I might be the first to see if the trails are dry or not? Somebody has to be the first. Why not me..............

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sometimes Ya' Just Gotta Do It .......

Your never gonna make all the people happy all the time so just stop trying! With that thought I decided to hit the trails yesterday. Yea it rained here and yes it's soaked out side.

Could I do it now? No.... It's rained too much.......

But yesterday I woke to a really slight drizzle. I went back to bed, they claimed it was gonna rain all day so I figured it was on the way. It was! Finally about 12 I was tired of doing nothing and it still hadn't started raining yet so I hit the road.

I saw a few walkers and that was about it. I got 21 miles in and never even broke a sweat. I went with the plan of taking my time and enjoying the day. That worked for the first 2 laps but lap 3 was a different story. It finally started to rain and rain hard!

I loved it! Old school.... Riding in the rain baby!!!!

That's like a cardinal sin these days. So when you do get a ride in the rain, it always feels like you snuck one in...... Nobody there just me and the deer..

Yea the deer, for some reason I saw a group of 5 and a group of 7 yesterday. I haven't seen that many all summer! So For all the people who sat on the couch yesterday, ha! I got one in!

Then this morning I hit the gym for my swim! So far so good 2 days in and 2 days worth of exercise! Maybe I need to keep up with the total this year, 2/2.........