Monday, November 25, 2013

Short Week ...........

First off, I forgot all about posting Friday. We were busy here at work and it just slipped my mind. Sometimes it happens, I do have a simple mind ya' know.

Yes we rode last Thursday night, we did Steve's again. The place kicks my ass! Every time, although we did ride it faster Thursday night compared to Wednesday. It still whips me every time, the climbs are relentless! The weather was perfect though, I think it was in the high 50's. Compared to the night before when my feet actually got cold!

Then Friday night we went to Concord for the playoff game. It wasn't that cold but it did rain on us. Between the cold Wednesday night and the warm Thursday night and the rain Friday night you'd think I would be sick by now. But so far so good. I guess just being out and about everyday helps keep you used to it.

As far as the game Friday night we lost! Football season is over! I won't go into all the details but there needs to be a rule about "dad's" coaching their sons team. It might work in pee wee football but once you get to the high school level it's not fair to the rest of the team. For that very reason the coaches of Piedmont High School owe the whole team an apology! They could have won that game if not for "daddy ball". Enough said...

Then Saturday rolled around and I did a road ride with Kelly and Chris, they also brought another guy who was really strong. I met them in Unionville and we rode over to Stanfield, that was about as far as I could hang. You see Kelly is really strong and Chris is a pro mountain biker, there buddy was no slouch either! At there pace I hung on for 20 miles and then made a left for the house. When I made my left I still had 20 more miles to get home. My total for the ride was 42 and they stayed with it for 72.

Here's the kicker! Chris doesn't even have a road bike right now! He is riding a 29in mountain bike! He locked out the fork and pumped up the tires. It is amazing how strong he is! It's at least twice as hard to ride a mountain bike at 20 miles an hour than a rode bike and he was kicking it! I couldn't believe how strong he rode. Needless to say when I made my left I was ready to ease up and do my pace.

Plus the whole time I rode with them we had a headwind right in our face. When I turned it was amazing how easy it was with the wind to my side. By the time I made the next left to come home I had the wind to my back. My pace clicked up to 21-22mph with no effort at all.

After I got back in my groove and was headed toward the house I couldn't help but realize how it was a perfect day! The weather was spot on, not to hot not to cold. I had the wind to my back and it was overcast. I hadn't been on the road bike in several weeks and I had forgotten just how enjoyable it can be.

Some times you just have those perfect days......

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